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ingratitude. Thou hast prevented me from falling in the trials of my prosperity; Thou hast been my sure refuge in affliction, and many times sustained me beyond all hope, and delivered me beyond all human succour, and saved me when I should have perished through my own foolishness. Thou hast showed thy power in my greatest weakness; thy loving-kindness has prevailed against all my unworthiness; and when I dare least expect thy mercy, Thou hast given me thy grace, and turned and looked upon me, and made me to feel all

my guilt, and pitied my miseries. Thou hast heard the intercession of thy dear Son for me, when I was well nigh lost, and hast sent good into my

mind and heart; and to thy glory I have been enabled to improve these good thoughts, and spared to bring forth fruits for

repentance. Not for my righteousness, or for the cleanness of my hands in thy sight have I been saved, when others have resisted the strivings of thy Spirit. Not unto me, O Lord, but unto thy Name, be the praise that I found grace in that hour, when my soul must otherwise have perished.

Lord, I have been preserved, when Thou hast put many of my acquaintances into darkness : it was thy precious will that one should be taken and another left. By my creation, my preservation, and all the blessings of this life, I entreat Thee, let me not live so wholly unmindful as I have been of thy mercy and love, and of the more solemn account I must render for the years I have to answer for at thy dread tribunal. Whether in word or thought I have offended, forgive me all my sins for Jesus

Christ's sake, and deliver me from ignorance and idleness and a heart slow to believe in Thee; strengthen me when I shall be in my greatest danger of falling; assist and sanctify me when my flesh lusteth against thy Holy Spirit; give me patience for the time in which I shall be tempted to murmur and offend. Leave me not one moment of this day, most merciful Father, for without Thee I cannot but fall. Deny not to send the Comforter into my heart, to work all things in me after the counsel his own will, and lead me in the way everlasting. Give me a new heart, O God, that I may praise Thee from an unfeigned love of thy Holy Name, and for thy gracious and particular providence, so constantly ministering to all my wants and infirmities. I adore and bless Thee, that Thou hast given a longer day to thine unprofitable servant, and that thy mercies are new to me every morning; let them make me thankful in heart and mind continually ; let me testify my love towards Thee by a more dutiful and affectionate service, and more humbly and faithfully seek Thee in the duties of piety, and be more happy to glorify Thee in the trials which exercise my faith, and show my love and trust in Thee,—than in all the pleasures of the world. In the night season thy word hath been with me, and thy providence hath watched safely over me. Withdraw not thy grac from me during the greater perils and dangers of the day, in which my soul passeth through so many temptations. Cut off the branch and fruit of evil from my corrupt heart; deliver me from all denying or doubting of thy goodness; sanctify my senses and understanding, that I think that which is right, and hear and speak reason, and do that which is well pleasing in thy sight, and so prepare my heart in all my business, that I may begin it in thy name, go forward in thy fear, and finish it with thy blessing, that what I do may prosper.

Make me to be content with my lot, and according to my means contribute to the comfort of the sick and needy. As I remember them, O Lord, Lord remember and deliver me in the time of trouble. Incline me to do all in my power for the increase and glory of thy holy word, as I would have thy word to comfort me in my dying hour. And whether I have a talent, or only a poor mite, let me set aside daily some offering

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