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pardoning love ; still, o heavenly Father, enable me to trust in Thee. Even though Thou shouldest seem to cast me from Thee, still give me strength to cling to the Rock of ages; let nothing shake my firm reliance in that precious Saviour who hath said, 6. Those who come unto Him He will in nowise cast out;' and whilst I must dwell amongst the enemies of my peace, O Holy Spirit, that art my only Comforter, dwell with me, and take up thine abode deep in my mourning and broken heart, and in all

my fears give me some token of my heavenly Father's favour, and sure trust that my soul shall be saved at the last day, through the merits and atonement of Jesus Christ, my Saviour. Amen.



If it were put to our choice, amongst whom would we be found at the last day, “when all that are in the graves shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and shall come forth ' ?


May we remember, that in committing a wilful sin we are putting affliction out to usury : the longer it is delayed, the darker and heavier the sorrow will fall ; for if our minds are not occupied with affliction, the shortcoming of our hopes of happiness even in all that we attain unto, will occasion inquietude, and cause us to engage in some more venturous sin, for which the heart must be swept of every moral restraint and token of salvation, and so “ the last state shall be worse than the first?."

1 John v. 29.


It is the first step of the Christian's life and welfare to take up the cross of self-denial before the cross of distress is laid upon us; to deny ourselves that which has not been denied us ; and to render a freewill offering of our sorrow for sin unto the Lord. “ Those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice 3.”

If we would at times choose sorrow and afflict ourselves, how many a grief might be spared us, which should have been needful to the eternal welfare of the soul. He that knoweth

2 Luke xi. 26.

3 Ps. 1. 5.

how to abstain knoweth also how to endure patiently; and having laid down his own enjoyments at some seasons, would most humbly resign himself to mortification in all things appointed for him to suffer; affliction will be to him as mother and sister, whilst he hath sweet kindred with the griefs which he hath not repelled, but most lovingly invited to his bosom. If when ye do well


endure grief and suffering, this is well-pleasing unto God. “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and his cross,

and follow me.” Matt. xvi. 24.

take up


Let us never forget what is due to the image in which God has created us, and to the image in which we shall appear before God's throne hereafter; but think how unworthy it must be, if the appetites of that flesh which turns unto corruption should prevail over the temperance and purity of the soul, which should inherit a blessed immortality.

If he who provides not for his own household is worse than an infidel ; much worse is he who has no concern for the improvement of the faculties that dwell within him. No deference to that reason which tells him that his body is to be kept under, in subjection to his own spirit and the Father of Spirits, in whom it shall live eternally. Worse than an infidel must he be who seeth not to his own soul, nor careth that it should have communion with God, and receive grace from its Saviour or Comforter, or be in any way prepared for a happy state.

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