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of my manifold corruptions; wash away the guilt which my sins have left upon my heart and mind, and all traces of my former iniquity ; take away the bitterness of my own heart; let me have some sense of thy pardoning presence and love; let me feel some. comfort, find some joy, have some rest, and be so truly renewed by thy Holy Spirit as never again to fall away, but be brought through my own bitter remembrances to a more serious repentance, and greater fervency in prayer, and a pious carefulness to avoid every occasion of provoking thy future displea

Subdue and prepare my heart to a more perfect obedience of the Gospel, knowing that it is now high time to awake out of my great danger, and diligently enter upon every duty which I have hitherto neglected. To


this end enable me to strive with my corrupt lusts, and every sinful habit; and forasmuch as my own strength is but nothing in respect of my temptations, do Thou endue me with such fortitude and constancy to thy will, that I may

stand in the grace of my dear Saviour, who hath overcome death and him that had the power of death ; assist me in the conflict of my duty with every sinful desire, uphold and strengthen me according to my great need, and be merciful unto me.

Let the intercessions of thy beloved Son prevail for all those who stand in any relation to me, or for whom I must in anywise give account, that they may be sanctified through thy truth, and saved from the wrath to

Be with them in their temptation, and bring them out of all evil; provide for their spiritual necessities,


are con

preserve them from all spiritual dangers. Turn our captivity, O Lord ; deliver us from the sins which have most easily beset us; behold, visit, and relieve us when we demned of our own conscience, and afraid to lift up our prayer unto Thee. Give us a meek and sure confidence in thy pardoning mercy, and hear and forgive us, not for our merits, or for our cold and feeble repentance, but for the truth's sake of thy gracious promise of mercy and pardon through my only Saviour and Redeemer, sus Christ. Amen.




O Lord, who in their true peni

tence dost comfort those who mourn, I am most sorrowful that I do not sufficiently repent of my grievous trespasses; reprove me in tender mercy by thy Holy Spirit, and convince me how guilty, as well as how wretched, I have been : and then " speak peace to my dejected heart, raise up my wounded soul, bless me with the longed-for manifestation of thy love for me, and of thy full forgiveness, and of my personal interest in the compassionate Saviour of sin

Enable me to feel that I am a living branch of the true vine, to the fruitfulness of my faith and patience, and my great comfort. Enable me to enjoy sweet communion with Thee, through Christ, and so sanctify my heart that it may be my meat and drink to do thy will. Take away my hard heart, and give me a heart and conscience tender and free from every sin; call off my thoughts more and more from all vain earthly objects, and raise them to thy glorious self, and everlasting happiness in thy kingdom. May it be my ardent desire to awake up after thy likeness, and to live through a blessed eternity, devoted to thy praise and service. If Thou seest fit, O Lord, take from me all fear of death ; enable me to feel that for me its sting is taken away; and that I may regard it rather as an entrance into my glorious home, than as a dark and frightful passage out of this sinful world.


Whether it shall be thy will that I should walk on in darkness, uncheered by the visible light of thy favour, or that Thou wilt in mercy disperse the clouds that surround me, and give me to rejoice in signs of thy

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