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Thou hast put into my power, and for calling me to this state of salvation. Thou knowest that I was born in sin, and that I have committed transgressions without number, not only of the frailty of my sinful nature, but through my ill use and neglect of the means of thy grace, and yielding myself up to the corruption and vanities of this world. I have not feared to walk in those ways which thy Holy Word hath forbidden me, but oftentimes found pleasure in that which was evil, and in dwelling upon the delights of perishing sense, more than in meditating upon thy statutes day and night.

I have thought of myself more highly than I ought to think, and too often despised others, and been subject to shameful passions and wishes, and given way to unjust suspicions and

resentments, with all unkindness; I have been too forgetful of Thee in prosperity, and distrustful of thy help in my adversity; I spend a great part of my time in following after the things of this world, in providing for the works of this transitory existence; my studies, cares, and communications are earthly and not heavenly; I can perform no good thing perfectly, nor always consider how I ought to walk in thy presence ; I have corrupted many of thy best gifts, and lost many of my most precious opportunities.

Nor have I learned wholly to resign myself, and all the blessings which Thou hast given me, into thy hands, and be content in my present condition, and commit to Thee all my troubles. I remember not many of my offences, for which I ought to


repent most sorrowfully, that Thou mayest not bring the evil due unto them upon me: and though so full of evil and infirmities, and so near a thousand destructions, I have not thoroughly humbled myself in thy sight, nor stedfastly set myself upon a new course of life, lest iniquity should be


ruin. I slow in reforming myself, and when through thy grace I had made any advance in amendment, I have been puffed up with spiritual pride, and fallen lower in my sin, because I did not ascribe my strength to Thee, nor continue to implore thy succour, and give Thee the glory.

Therefore, according to the multitude of these sins and miseries, I fly to Thee as one guilty of offending against thy fatherly mercy, and as one that hath been wounded to everlast

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ing death, and desiring to be healed by looking to that dear Saviour, who for my

sake was lifted up upon the

O Lord, I know not any way to come unto Thee, nor any means to obtain thy pardon, but through the precious blood of Christ that was shed to make satisfaction for

my faults, and take away the sins of the world. Lord, forsake me not, for I earnestly desire to forsake my own self, and die to all that is evil in my own heart.

Receive me, O Lord, though my faith is so weak, and my repentance so imperfect, and I do not love Thee as I would, and as I ought, for thy great mercy. Accept me for the worthiness of my only Advocate and Mediator, Jesus Christ; make me a clean heart, O God, rea right spirit within me ;

let every day of my short pilgrimage


bring forth a seasonable change of heart and life, that I may daily have less love for all that is in the world, and greater love towards Thee, and do that which is acceptable in thy sight.

Forgive me, O Lord, the ingratitude with which I have answered thy loving-kindness. Thou hast invited me by thy benefits, and cheered me by thy comforts, and made me pass safely through floods which have overwhelmed others, and hast waited to be gracious. Pardon my past delays, that I have been so unwilling to hear thy gracious message, and return at the voice of thy mercy.

Grant that I may not now have returned too late; help my weak faith and trembling prayers ; let thy Word heal my troubled soul ; enable me to come unto Him, who only can recover me

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