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am so miserable a sinner, let me yet learn that I have “ the seed of thy word” remaining in me, that I “cannot sin" without grief and trouble of spirit. When I cry unto Thee, hear my crying, Thou that only art able to save me; hear the voice of my daily complainings, I most earnestly and from my heart beseech Thee.

Lord, I have this day desired many things which were not after thy will, and done many things which are not to thy glory, some indeed wilfully and against the light of thy word, and some ignorantly and in unbelief; forgive me, for thy dear Son Jesus Christ's sake, every presumptuous sin, and forgive me for that hour in which I knew not what I did; and whatsoever has befallen me contrary to my humble petition before Thee, grant that I may bear it meekly and patiently; for thy will is best. Let me not be overcome of impatience in my most bitter distress, but commit myself wholly to thy keeping and disposal in all things, whether they pertain to my body or my soul, whether momentary or eternal.

Preserve me, O Lord, to-night, from every evil accident, and from sudden death; as I have always endeavoured to prepare for thy presence before I bow down in prayer, or come unto thy holy altar, give me space, if it be thy gracious will, to prepare for my appearing before the throne of thy glory; that I may be enabled to set my house in order, to recover my faith and hope in their full strength, when my outward strength is decaying; and gather up thy comforts and sweet promises in remembrance, to stay me when I go hence, and my life is no more seen. Lord, remember me when I sleep, and no longer know my thoughts of Thee ; Lord, remember me in thy kingdom.

I beseech Thee to preserve my mind from all sinful and anxious recollections, and all vain illusions, which are not after thy Spirit; restore me to the image and likeness of all heavenly affections ; let me be at peace with the world, having no restless desire of its transitory possessions; and above all, at peace, O God, with Thee; deliver me from all repining, and enmity against thy providence, and discontent with what Thou hast given me.

Let all things of this world be alike unto me, make me weary of its deceitfulness, and always willing to leave its pleasures and pursuits, to come apart and rest awhile in holy and heavenly meditations. Make me humble without fainting, and joyful in hope of thy gracious acceptance. If I have today seen an end of some of my hopes, and Thou hast taken away any thing in which I trusted, give me instead some better and more abiding mercy, that shall increase my dependence, and strengthen my hope in Thee.

Be gracious, O God, to those for whom I should watch and pray, especially those most dear to me, that dwell in my own home; let me not leave them in ignorance of any truth which I can teach them, or in want of any help or provision to which these hands can minister, or in need of religious and lowly example, whilst my life is yet spared to give Thee glory. Keep us in the security of thy children: remove from us all false aids and all false confidence, and so protect us and keep us together in thy love on earth, that together we may be partakers of thy heavenly kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



As children of fallen parents, we could not receive our life through them without inheriting their corruptions ; but God graciously offers us a second nature, in which He will bestow upon us qualities suitable to a future life in heaven. The great end of our present existence is to purify ourselves in the appointed means of grace from the sins of our birth, and prepare for an endless life, to which we are born by the word of God and of

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