Billeder på siden

me absolution for the sin I had not resolution to renounce while it was called to-day. Oh, let me repent of it from my heart this night, and resolve against it with all my mind and with all my helps Thou givest me for repentance, lest I continue in it till that night when I cease from it too late for mercy,

because I cannot commit it any more.

I commend my spirit into thy hands for rest and sleep, in humble faith that Thou wilt raise me up again from the power of sin to a more holy life and a more perfect obedience to thy will. Thou castest down and liftest


up my heart to love Thee, and meditate upon thy mercy; and teach me how worthy Thou art of all the service which I can render to my Almighty and most gracious Benefactor; and how unworthy of regard are all the

objects of my pursuit, which can but profit me a few short years, and will leave me comfortless in the time of trouble, and vanish in a moment when I am on my dying bed. Thou only, my wise, and faithful, and merciful Creator, be my guide and guardian even to the end. Do Thou abide with me, and watch over me, when all have forsaken me, Othou Preserver of men.

Let every mercy which I have received teach me to trust more and more in thy promises. Grant that I may be able to remember some circumstance of thy loving-kindness to me this day which shall assure me of thy gracious interposition, and be a sweet comfort to me in the hour of my future distress : accept my sacrifice of unfeigned praise and thanksgiving for thy great goodness.

I am

Thou makest night that we should return from our several labours, and humbly rest in Thee: give me sweet and refreshing sleep, that I may remember no more my sin and misery, and be renewed in the forgetfulness of all my earthly cares for every fresh trial, and strengthened to seek first thy heavenly kingdom. purchased by thy most precious blood : keep watch over thy flock, and over me, a sheep of thy pasture, this night. And now my conflict is over for another day, suffer me not to faint in


weariness; drooping soul with thoughts of peace: shield my defenceless spirit with thy love; and if I wake to the conscience of my sins, make sensible

also of thy presence, through the watch of the night; let me not fail to perceive

cheer my


thy Spirit, saying, It is I; be not afraid.

Be favourable unto me, O Lord, that I may quietly take my rest under the shadow of thy wings, without fear, or care, or spiritual darkness : and when the dark end of this mortal life shall come, grant me a calm and peaceful heart to watch for the light of light, and willingly to leave these transitory nights and days, if by any


attain unto a blessed resurrection, in life everlasting.

Inspire me, whilst I rest, with new and heavenly life, that every faculty of my soul may turn more constantly to the true comforts of thy Gospel. Oh, lead me by that fountain of living waters, most merciful Father; and when all former things shall have passed away, receive me to the mansions in which there shall be no more


sleep, nor death, nor any tribulation; and be merciful unto me for the sake of thy dear and only Son, who died and rose again for my justification, my Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.



The circumstances of this life can have no power over us, except what is given them from above; for nothing is adverse, nothing prosperous, but as God makes it so. We have often reason to be most grateful for the season of grief and melancholy, in which our Heavenly Father has made himself most sensibly known to us, in which we have felt that God is our Saviour, Comforter, and Friend.

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