Lessons with Plants: Suggestions for Seeing and Interpreting Some of the Common Forms of Vegetation

Macmillan Company, 1897 - 491 sider
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Side viii - It is wholly informal and unsystematic, the same as the objects are which one sees. It is entirely divorced from definitions, or from explanations in books. It is therefore supremely natural. It simply trains the eye and the mind to see and to comprehend the common things of life ; and the result is not directly the acquirement of science but the establishment of a living sympathy with everything that is.
Side 320 - ... came out of the seed and did not grow out of the plant itself. We must notice, too, that these leaves are much smaller when they are first drawn out of the seed than they are when the plantlet has straightened itself up. That is, these leaves increase very much in size after they reach the light and air.
Side 75 - E to 28. Flowers were borne at 4 and 5, but at 4 the fruit fell early, for the five or six scars of the flowers can be seen, showing that no one of them developed more strongly than the other ; that is, none of the flowers " set." A fairly good fruit was probably borne at 5. At the base of each, a bud started to continue the spur next year. Upon the other spur, flowers were borne both at 8 and 10. At 10 none of the flowers set fruit, but a side bud developed.
Side 318 - A day or two after the seeds are planted, we shall find a little point or root-like portion breaking out of the sharp end of the seed, as shown in Fig.

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