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And, as from these seeming discordancies in their accounts, we may conclude they did not write in concert; so, from their agreeing in the principal and most material facts, we may infer that they wrote after the truth.”*

The duration of our Saviour's ministry, whether it ex, tended to three years or longer, or only one year, has been a question of much controversy; the former opinion is . adopted by Newcome, and is implicitly followed in this Harmony, as is also his division of time, Those who wish to consult controversial writings on the former of these subjects, may peruse the printed correspondence between Newcome and Priestly, and Mann's Dissertations on the time of the birth and death of Christ.

Though the exact reference of notes and quotations to their respective writers, is generally omitted, the editor is not aware that any are wrested from the sense which the authors intended they should convey.

Several trifling alterations, unnecessary to be enumerated, have been adopted in the disposition of the text, and it is hoped, generally, to advantage.

* West's Observations on the Resurrection, Sec. 25.

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Page. Section

raised from the dead at 51. Jesus heals two demo-

niacs of Gadara. 137

39. Jesus's answer to the 52. Levi's feast. Jesus's

disciples sent by John

consequent discourse.

the Baptist.

98 The raising of Jairus's

40. Jesus's reflections in



consequence of his ap- 53. Jesus heals two blind

peal to his mighty



101 54. Jesus casts out a dumb

41. A woman, who had

Spirit. The Pharisees

been a sinner, is pub-

again blaspheme. See

licly re-assured of for-



giveness by Jesus sit- 55. Jesus revisits Naza-

ting at meat with a

reth, and is again re-


103 jected there.


42. During Jesus's second 56. The occasion of send-

circuit through Galilee

ing forth the twelve

he heals a demoniac;

apostles to preach and

and the Scribes and

work miracles.


Pharisees blaspheme 57. The twelve are instruct-

the Holy Spirit. 105 ed and sent forth. 152

43. The Scribes and the 58. Jesus continues his tour

Pharisees are reproved

through Galilee.


for seeking a sign. 109 59. The twelve preach re-

44. Who are truly blessed. 111 pentance, and work mi-

45. Jesus regards his true

racles, every where. 157

disciples as his nearest 60. The death of John the


112 Baptist.


46. Jesus, sitting at meat 61. Herod hears of Jesus's

with a Pharisee, de-

fame, and desires to see

woes against



the Pharisees, Scribes, 62. The twelve return. 161

and teachers of the law. 11363. Five thousand are fed

47. Jesus instructs his disci-

on five loaves and two

ples and the multitude. 115 fishes.


48. The calamities of cer- 64. Jesus walks the

tain Galileans, a warn-


ing to the Jews. 121 65. Jesus's discourses with

49. Parables. The reason

the multitude in Ca-

why Jesus used them.

pernaum ; in the sy-

An explanation of one. 122

nagogue of that ci-

50. Jesus gives command-

ty; and with his dis-

ment to cross the lake.

ciples. Peter's confes-

Incidents on the way.



A tempest stilled. 134


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