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[blocks in formation]

The Lord is still the same, Thy heart and voice prepare ; In his most holy Name

Draw near, my soul, in prayer.

Thou shalt not pray in vain,
If thus thou wilt draw near;
Have faith in him, and then
Thy way shall be made clear.

But, ere thou dost implore
Fresh blessings from above,
Forget not to adore

And thank him for his love;

For all that he has done,

For all that he has given,

But chiefly for his Son,
His precious gift from Heaven.

And count it not a task
Thus ever to draw near;
If they would have who ask,
They needs must persevere.

In sickness and in health,
In sorrow, joy, or fear,
In times of want, in wealth,
Still stedfastly draw near.

So in the solemn hour,
When prayer itself must cease,
When he, whose word is power,
Shall will the soul's release,

Though weeping they shall bear
The dead corpse to its place,
The soul, borne through the air,
Shall see God face to face.



"We know not how to pray as we ought."

O God, we are so weak,
That, even when we seek
Thy face in prayer,
We know not what to say,
We know not how to pray,
Nor when, nor where.

Fulfil, then, gracious Lord,
For us thy promised word,
That, wheresoe'er

But two or three shall meet

In thy communion sweet,

Thou wilt be there.


"Come unto me, all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

It was not those who pressed

And jostled round the Lord, who loved him best;
Not those who in the crowd

Were heard to sound his praise with voices loud;
Many were halt and blind,

Many, though sound in limb, were sick in mind;
Some shrank in holy fear,

And some in silent sorrow shed the tear:

Think you, they were unblest?

O no! He gave them rest.

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