Billeder på siden

O help us, Lord, we pray,
Help us in this our day,

That, when in glory thou appear, may that glory share.



"Trust ye in the Lord alway."

Those, only those, are truly blest,
Who in the Lord Jehovah rest,
Not seeking in a world like this
A false and transitory bliss.

Reserved for faith's triumphant band Are lasting joys in that fair land, Whither the Lord has gone before, That we may go, when life is o'er.

There let us fix our steadfast eyes
Far from all earthly vanities;
Short is our life; this evening's ray

May mark the dawn of endless day.


"Here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come."

In days of trial and distress,

When none can aid or give redress,
When hearts are cold and hopes are wan,

And fear comes over every man,

How sweet it is to know there is
A happier, holier world than this,
A world no foe, nor pain, nor pest,
Nor sin, nor sorrow can molest,
Which they who reach can never cease
To live in love and joy and peace—
To know, too, that the Lord who bore
For us the cross has gone before,
Has passed within those heavenly doors,
That we might know that world is ours-
To know that in a few short days,
If we but ponder well our ways,

We may indeed ourselves belong
To that most high, most holy throng;
Nor fable this, nor idle dream,
Nor as the things which merely seem;
This is the word which God has given,
This is the truth brought down from heaven;
When God alone with Christ shall reign,

This word of truth shall still remain.


"Even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body."

While yet on earth

To feel the throbbings of the heavenly birth—
To rise above the turmoil and the strife

Of this most troubled life—

Calmly to rest

Upon the Saviour's breast,

Submissive to the Father's wise behest

What purer bliss

To earthly saint than this?

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