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Crowns, sceptres, robes of state,

The palace fair and great

These are not power:

His is the sov❜reignty,

Whose is the victory

In judgment's hour.

God grant that, when he reign, He still be without stain,

Husband and wife

Guarding their wedded love,
Till they shall reign above

In the new life.



Prayer was made without ceasing unto God for him."

"God save the Prince of Wales,"
'Twas heard mid tears and wails
Through all the land;
God's chastening hand
Had prostrate laid
The royal head.

All feared the fatal hour,

Medicine had lost its power;

One hope alone

From the High Throne,
If God would spare
The kingdom's heir.

They prayed-a nation prayed; Soon was the fever stayed;

His will, who gave

Life, and can save,
Whose sovereign sway

All things obey.

Therefore, ye people, bring
Praises to God your King;
Both high and low,

Before him bow;

He sits above

Ruling in love.



"I will thank thee, for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation."

To the great Cathedral dome
See the royal cortége come,
Decked in gorgeous robes of state
Queen and Prince and Potentate;
Loud hosannas rend the air,
Loud thanksgivings everywhere:
See them now, with lowly gait,
Pass within the temple-gate;
As before the Throne they kneel,
Sounds the organ's solemn peal,
Now ten thousand voices praise
God for health and length of days.

What oblations shall he bring
To the high and heavenly King?
How most fitting thanks express
For great mercy in distress?
Ask the newly-fashioned clay
If it can the potter pay;

Gives the worm that crawls on earth

Aught to him who gave it birth?

Princes on their golden throne
Cannot for their souls atone;
Christ alone the ransom paid,
Christ the deadly fever stayed.

Contrite hearts, devout desires,
Holy lives, our God requires ;
Praise him for his glorious might;
Praise him for his love and light;
Praise him for salvation given;
Praise him for new life from Heaven;
Praise him, for his chastening hand.
Soon he took from off our land;
Praise him, for he heard our prayer,
Healed the sick, dispelled our fear,
Praise him, praise him, praises bring
To our great and glorious King.

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