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Elect, beloved, of nobler birth Than kings or princes of the earth.


"Behold the fig tree."

The Lord once said, that, when we see
The blossoming fig and budding tree,
We know at once the time of year,
We know that Summer then is near;
So in the world, when we descry,
By vision of our mental eye,
The various changes of this life,


Plague, famine, earthquake, battle, strife,
Though human agents speak the word,
And fleshly warriors wield the sword,
And all that happens seems to be
The chances of mortality,

Yet, if we view the scene aright,
And have not dimmed our inner sight,
These are but buds and leaves which show
That God is reigning here below;
Fresh burstings of his mighty power
Are visible in that strange hour,
And they who seek him shall not fail
His glorious presence then to hail.


"The waves of the sea are mighty, and rage horribly, But yet the Lord, who dwelleth on high, is mightier."

Come, let us to the mountain flee,
Far from the wild tumultuous sea
Of nations rushing to and fro,
The saints of God to overthrow.

Standing upon the eternal Rock,
We will not fear the tempest's shock,
But calmly wait until the tide

Of furious passions shall subside.

The Word of God has mightier force
Than Ocean rolling in his course,
Than thunder echoing through the sky,
Than the fierce whirlwind sweeping by.

When God commands the storm to cease,
Straightway the Ocean is at peace,
And favouring breezes waft us o'er
Calm waters to the heavenly shore.

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