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6. The beasts of the field cry

algo unto thee.”

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When God ordained that men Should over all the brute creation reign,

He did not will that they Should hold a merciless and cruel sway, But the poor beasts should

And treat them with a kind and generous care,

And with a gentle hand
Accustom them to work at their command-

Either to draw the plough,
Or carry

burthens with sure foot and slow;

Or gallop o'er the plain,
Or listen to the driver's guiding rein ;

Some to give wholesome food,
Others to yield men clothing, warm and good ;

To fill the world around

With beauty, life, and motion, and sweet sound,
And by their wondrous frame

To tell abroad their great Creator's name :
Such was the heavenly plan,

Man for the beast was made, and beast for man.
Fie on our fallen race,

Which hath perverted quite God's law of grace!
To Heaven the cattle cry;

Will not the Lord avenge them from on high?
Look how the horses strain !

The brutal driver flogs them might and main !
Look at those beasts uncouth,

Footsore and weary, foaming at the mouth!
See how those way-worn sheep

Limp as they go! It almost makes one weep.
Rarer and yet more rare

The notes and plumage of the song-birds are;
For with such wanton fun

They're slain by scores with net and trap and gun!
Therefore sad plagues are rife,

The fly and worm eat up the corn of life;
Beasts perish in the field,

The earth withholds the fatness of her yield;

Lean Want and Sickness pale,

And ghastly Death come on, scourges of Hell,
And Discord waves her brand,

Ready to kindle flames thro' all the land:
Not undeserved the rod,

Wilful we sin 'gainst beast, and man, and God.



"Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out;

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I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the

high mountains of Israel shall their food be."

When Jesus came and dwelt on earth of old,
He was the Shepherd, Israel was the fold,
No ravening wolves approached the flock he kept,
They lay in safety, and in safety slept,

He led them forth where the green pastures grow,
Led them to brooks where living waters flow,
And, when the Smiter came, the sheep to save
His own most precious life the Shepherd gave.

Soon from the dead by God's Almighty power
The smitten Shepherd rose to die no more;
The scattered sheep he gathered once again,
And took away their sorrow and their pain ;
Gave, ere he left them, pastors of his choice,
And bade them follow and obey their voice,
Till he should fetch them to the heavenly shore,
In whose bright pastures they should want no more.

All ye who seek the Saviour's love to share,
Show to the Saviour's flock a shepherd's care,
Feed ye the hungry, give the thirsty drink,
Rescue the falling from the dangerous brink,
Bind up the broken, seek the lost and stray,
Be watchful lest the sheep become a prey,
For, when of old one sought his love to show,
The Saviour bade him feed his flock below.

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