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"Ye do shew the Lord's death till he come."

A spotless lamb, by God's command,
Was on the Jewish altar slain,
That men might know that blood alone
Could take away the sinner's stain:

But none, save Jesus, God's own Son,
Could cleanse from sin, or stop the curse;
His body broken, blood poured forth,
Redeemed the guilty Universe.

The work he finished: now no more
Jesus himself is offered up,

Yet still, in thankful memory,

We break the bread, and take the cup;

And, as in love and joy and peace

His people in communion meet,

They hail by faith that better feast,
When Christ himself with them shall eat.

O Lord, thy dying love exceeds

What men or angels can declare ;

Teach us, while here thy death we shew,
For thy bright presence to prepare.

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"He took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them."

Mother, with thy precious load,
Standing by the font of God,

Know that Jesus did of old
Infants in his arms enfold;
Know that he their surety stood,
Shedding his atoning blood :
He, who died the world to save,
Wills this little one to have.
See the water, God's own sign,
By the word, of grace divine;
Calling on the Holy Name,
For thy babe the blessing claim;
We will drop the heavenly dew,
God will form the soul anew;

Then, upon the infant's face

As the Saviour's cross we trace,
Pray we that, when called to drink
Of His cup, he may not shrink.
Heirs of glory! heirs of bliss!
Such the children who are his;
He will help them through the fight,
Crown, and give them robes of white;
When the Lord the dead shall raise,
Babes shall rise to give him praise :
Now to God the Father be,
And, Eternal Son, to thee

Blessing, glory, honour, power,
Through all

ages evermore.


"I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them."

ANGEL speaks:

"Hail, Spirit, last from earth,

But not of mortal birth,

Well hast thou run,

Thy labour now is done,

Thy life in Heaven's begun ;

Put on thee now this robe of heavenly white,
And be for ever now a child of light,

Standing in great Jehovah's sight."

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