Adventures on Seven Continents and Other Essays

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 560 sider
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About the Book

A World within A Word is about the world in which we live now that is seen, physical, and natural and the world to come that is unseen, spiritual, and supernatural. It is an inspirational Christian book with some fictional names, characters, and places. It will show how we are accepting more and more each day what the "prince of this world" is presenting to each of us in this present world.

A Word Within A World deals with the false prophet, the rise and fall of the beast and his one world system, what happens following the destruction of the beast kingdom, the dragon that is bound, and then the world which is to come. (Rev 13 & 14:9-11, 19: 20, & 20:2-4).

The purpose of World Within A World overall is to send a strong Christian message in an interesting style. This novel deals with the more challenging aspects of Christianity and is written in an effort to enlighten and challenge readers to a deeper study of the Word of God. Prayerfully after reading A World Within A World each of us will become more aware of the end time deceiver, prophecy that is being fulfilled, and able to recognize the signs of the times in which we are living.

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