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The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has life and gowth in it and converts itself into practical power.

The rest hangs like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.- FROUDE.


The Medical World. a period of financial depression, but when you

consider that our readers cling to THE WORLD PUBLISHED MONTHLY, by C. F. TAYLOR, M. D.

even closer during hard times, you can see that

we can afford improvement as well now as any C. F. TAYLOR, M. D.,


other time. We strive to be the proverbial J. J. TAYLOR, M. D.,

"friend in need," and these are needy times.

It is gratifying to know that we fulfill our Subscription to any part of the United States and Canada,

chosen mission so acceptably.
ONE DOLLAR per year. To England and the British
Colonies, FIVE SHILLINGS per year. Postage free.
Single copies, Ten CENTS. These rates must be paid

Value of Efficient Sanitary Service, invariably in advance.

We wonder if the general public realizes its We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a num- great debt to the hard-working, poorly-paid,

ber fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before the end of the mouth.

self-sacrificing medical profession for that most

important and nearly always unrecognized phase Pay no money to agents for this journal unless publisher's receipt is given.

of its activity, the prevention of diseases and epi

demics. All such work is directly against the ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

financial interests of the profession, as reducing "THE MEDICAL WORLD,"

the amount of practice to be done, and is also a 1520 Chestnut Street,

very unappreciated devotion to our higher duty to our race. This is the only example in our

industrial system of a class of workers helping Vol. XII. JANUARY, 1894. No. 1.

to destroy the market for their own services in

the interests of those who would otherwise have Our New Title Design.

to employ them, and shows the medical profesWe hope you like it. The face of a maga

The face of a maga- sion to be the only truly socialistic profession in zine is like the face of an old and familiar our industrial field. The whole country has friend, and it should not be changed except for witnessed with interest the battle going on for distinct improvement. When, a few years ago, the past eighteen months in New York harbor we changed from a plain type heading to an and other exposed ports between the dreadful ornamental design, many of our readers sighed scourge of cholera and our advance sanitary for the old plain heading. Our present change picket line, in which our scientific defenders have is in the direction of plainness and distinctness, thus far maintained a victorious front. But we yet not devoid of ornament. We hope it will doubt whether the social and commercial world be received kindly by our readers. We send realizes what the profession has saved them in this issue to a number of subscribers who have health, lives and the vast commercial and innot yet renewed for 1894, that they may not

dustrial interests threatened by a great epiforget an old friend in a new guise. In more demic. Truly, he who prevents or limits the than one department we have added to our ex- spread of disease is greater than be who wins a penses, even in the face of “hard times.” It hundred battles. In view of this and other exmay seem strange to make improvement during amples of the value of preventive measures




against disease we hope soon to see the estab

A Caution in Local Applications. lishment of a complete national system of sani- It should be well known to all practicing tary service, extending down to the most remote physicians that no local applications of hamlet and township in the country, scientific

mercury in any form-calomel, ointments, ally qualified, thoroughly equipped and well powders or washes containing any of the paid, with due authority to take any necessary salts of mercury-should be made to measures to prevent the development or exten

any diseased surface of skin or mucous memsion of disease, so far as is known to sanitary brane of a patient who is taking iodine in any science. We believe that every true physician, form or any of its salts internally. The iodine those in the highest sense worthy to practice the appears in the natural secretions found on the healing art, entertains these wishes for the

membranes - tears, saliva, mucus—and in the benefit of humanity even if against the advance pathologiral secretions of sores, ulcers and inment of his own temporary interests.

flamed surfaces. Coming thus into contact with

the mercury, the very irritant and even caustic A National Medical College. We note with pleasure that an Army Medi

iodide of mercury is formed. Many a doctor cal School has been established in Washington

has been puzzled as to why the eye or the ulcer in connection with the medical department of

became suddenly so much worse when he only

Patients the United States Army, for the higher scientific applied the usually mild calomel. education of those who have in recent years

should be questioned before any local mercurial been admitted into this department. We pre

application, or even its administration by the

stomach, as to what they may have been taking dict that it will prove as great an educational

unknown to the physician. success in its sphere as the Military Academy at West Point and the Naval Academy at Annapolis. We should be very much pleased Radical Treatment of Naso-Pharyngeal Catarrh. to see established a well organized system of Dr. S. Lewis Zeigler, 1504 Walnut St., medical schools in the different sections of the Philadelphia, in a private conversation with the country, entirely under the auspices of the editor, gives the following local treatment, with

, National government, for the thorough pro- which he has had marked success fessional education of those who wish to avail The instruments required are slender nasal themselves of its advantages and



applicators and a throat applicator, with the the examination, according to its high necessary mirrors and specula for examination standard, of all those educated in other Pure compound tincture of benzoin is firs institutions, domestic or foreign, who wish painted upon the entire membrane, anterior and to begin practice in any portion of the posterior nares and pharynx, United States, and whose diploma or certificate This is followed with an application of cam. of successful examination shall be accepted as phor-menthol (camphor and menthol of each sufficient authority for practice in every State. five grains, in one ounce of liquid vaseline or Education in medical science should be con- other liquid petroleum). These applications are ducted entirely with a view to the protection of made every other day. the public and the advancement of true science As a preliminary application, to prepare the rather than to the enrichment or glorification of membrane for these remedies if the membrane self-constituted professors.

is in a state of acute inflammation, with full tis

sues and free discharge, the entire surface is In the hygiene of old age it is recommended

thoroughly painted or swabbed with first a so with high authority that the diet should consist lution of cocaine, (twenty grains to the ounce) more of the heat produs ing foods rather than to constringe the tissues and soothe the irritated those which contribute to vissue building. Also nerves, followed by a solution of antipyrine the food should be taken more frequently but (thirty grains to the ounce); whicq has a similess in amount than when in the prime of life. lar effet to cocaine. lasting several hours : in about three minutes the surface is ready for in which they are stationed and should have full the principal reatment with benzoin and cam. authority to guard against the importation of phor-menthol as given above. In acute cases diseases by means of immigration or commerce.. treat daily.

A clean bili of health from them should be reThese are all applied by the usual means of a quired of all intended immigrants or of all carmopof absorbent cotton, twisted on the applicator. goes bound for this country before they are adAfter this treatment has been followed two or missible into our ports. We would suggest that. three times a week for several months, until we already have representatives in all civilized all soft pathological enlargements have been countries, whose positions, so far as active duties entirely reduced, there may remain some carti- are concerned, are principally ornamental. To laginous or bony growths which will have to the nominal duties they now have might be removed by the chisel, under cocaine local appropriately be added this real one. A anesthesia.

measure like this, taken up by civilized nations

generally, would result in much greater attenInternational Prevention of Diseases. tion being paid to restricting epidemics to the There is a large class of diseases recognized actual points where they originate and suppressas being more or less communicable or due to ing them in their incipiency. If the authorities uncleanliness or other preventable causes.

It is of a country were convinced that they must esone of the very first duties of a government to

tablish hygienic conditions among their own protect its citizens as far as possible against ex.

people in order to maintain their commercial reposure to all forms of contagious or other pre

lations with the world they would at once see ventable diseases. We legislate carefully

the practical side of the matter, Then we might enough for the protection of our cattle, horses hope that in time those diseases that are preand bogs, and are ready to go to war for the

ventable by general public action would finally financial value of a few thousand seals on re

die out altogether, and we would have to conmote islands in the sea. Is not the health of our

tend with only those that are due to individual people of infinitely more importance than such imprudences and exposures. interests as those ? What can be more to the

For shock and Collapse. credit of a nation than to be able to show a healthy population and a low death rate ? This

Atropine is the quickest and most valuable with due attention to enlightened intelligence, a

remedy known in surgical shock and in those

conditions in disease which resemble it, as the high standard of morals and an equitable diffusion of wealth among the people make a na

stage of collapse in cholera and cholera in

fantum. It may be given hydodermically, or tion strongest in every respect-one that its subjects will love and will protect with their lives if by mouth in the form of a granule dissolved in

hot water every ten minutes until the desired necessary.

reaction occurs. The proposed establishment of a cabinet department of public health would be a practical

Mucus Our Natural Protector. step in the direction of caring for the health of Recent bacteriological experiments have the people, supplementing the work of our State demonstrated that the normal secretion, mucus, Boards and bringing the systematic direction of is an effective bactericidal agent. To be effecthe work over the entire country under one tive, however, it must be normal in quality efficient department. This is national protec- and, further, its germicidal property may be tion.

exhausted by an overwhelming supply of rapidly The next logical step must be international growing germs. protection We must have our sentinels located in all countries with which we maintain com- Hydrastine is said to possess powerful antimercial relations. These should study con- spasmodic properties and has recently been stantly the sanitary conditions of the countries recommended for the treatment of epilepsy.

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