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Taylor, E. W. 210

Taylor, H. L. 2

Thompson, J. M. 279

Tifft, W. C. 129

Tilbury, H. B. 267

Toaz, R. K. 269

Tolman, H. N. 100
Tomlinson, E. M. 29
Townsend, C. W. 341
True, W. R. 174
Truesdale, W. H. 154
Tuthill, L. H. 178

Upham, A. A. 69

Van Allen, E. K. 40
Vandegrift, C. W. 52
Van Dusen, Fred 255
Van Ingen, B. C. 252

Van Zile, F. W. 73
Vincent, H. E. 443
Vosburgh, C. D. 125

Vossler, A. B. 360

Welch, R. S. 403
Welker, W. G. 370

West, W. L. 192
Westfall, F. M. 346

Wheaton, Henry 343
Wheelock, C. F. 3
White, F. C. 107
White, Henry 23
White, N. K. 67
Whitford, B. F. 277
Whitney, C. W. 70
Whittaker, B. E. 84
Wickes, W. K. 336
Wight, P. L. 98
Wilber, T. C. 136
Wilcox, A. H. 298
Wiley, G. N. 122
William, Brother 308
Williams, C. S. 90
Williams, D. B. 138
Williams, F. B. 28
Williams, Sherman 15
Williams, W. R. 148
Wilmot, H. T. 88

Wallace, F. H. 72

Walrath, M. H. 345

Wilson, C. H. 444

[blocks in formation]

Action, summary of, 321-27.
Anderson, J. M., quoted, 341-42.
Appointments, 321.

Arithmetic, study of, 361, 363, 364.
Armstrong, T. H., address, 431-32.
Attendants, register, 433-48.
Ball, George H., on universal need of
business education, 365-66.
Banta, Joseph Edward, on manual
training in the high school, 394–96;
High School Societies, 397-402.
Belknap, Emmet, The High School in
its Relation to Commercial Educa-
tion, 339-52; on commercial subjects,
354; on examination in advanced
spelling, 378.

Bookmyer, T. W., quoted, 344-45.
Boynton, F. D., on examination in ad-
vanced spelling, 377.

Brown, F. H., on high school fraterni-
ties, 405.

Business education, see Commercial

Children, per cent entering high
schools, 358.

Chriswell, W. B., on preparation for
college and preparation for life, 373-

Clark, John Holly, on examination in
advanced spelling, 377-78.
College, preparation for, in English,
discussion, 366-79.

Commercial education, high school in
its relation to, paper by Emmet Bel-
knap, with discussion, 339–66.
Committees, appointments, 321.
Composition, 366–79.

Conant, Howard, on examination in

advanced spelling, 378-79; on man-
ual training, 391.

Crissy, I. O., quoted, 340, 347, 348-49;
on business education, 352-54.
De Garmo, Charles, quoted, 341, 349–


Educational exhibit at the St Louis
Exposition, 323, 409–10.

Eliot, Charles William, quoted, 344.
English, study of, 362; preparation for
college in, discussion, 366–79.
English education, 325.
Executive committee, 325.

Farr, D. C., resolutions presented by,
325-26; report on plan of proceed-
ings, 326; on technical education,
354-55; on examination in advanced
spelling, 377.

Fosdick, Frank S., on high school fra-
ternities, 406-9; retiring address,

Fraternities in high schools, discussion,

Gaines, C. C., on training for business
in grammar grades, 358-63; on study
of arithmetic, 361, 363, 364.
Greetings of Associated Academic Prin-
cipals to other educational bodies,

Griffith, George, quoted, 343-44, 346;
on commercial courses in the high
school, 355-57; on high school fra-
ternities, 406.

Handwriting, 361.

Herron, Schuyler F., on high school fra-
Herrick, Cheesman A., quoted, 346.

ternities, 402-4, 405.
High school, specialization in, 325; re-
lation to commercial education,
paper by Emmet Belknap, with dis-
cussion, 339-66.

High school societies, discussion, 397–

Hodge, L. F., on method of giving Re-
gents examination in reading, 374-
Hoffman, L. W., on commercial courses,
364-65; on manual training in small
high schools, 388-89.

[blocks in formation]

High School Department


Examination Department annual reports

a vol.

1894-97. O. 75c

Till 1894 these reports formed part of the general University reports, known as the Regents reports. They cover courses of study in secondary schools, examination of professional students, licensing examinations for physicians, dentists, veterinary surgeons and certified public accountants.

Continued in 1898 as reports of College and High School Departments. Examination bulletins 1895-98. O. To advance subscribers 50c a year.

B4 (Examinations 1) Regents Examinations. 82p. Nov. 1890. 10c. Historical sketch, laws, ordinances and rules pertaining to all examinations conducted by the Regents; details as to all University credentials; subjects, times and places of examinations 1891-95; notes on the reorganization of 1890. B5 (Examinations 2) Replaced by X8.

Ap. 1891.

Academic Syllabus.


BIO (Examinations 3)
Replaced by X7.

Medical Syllabus. 30p.

Oct. 1892.

B13 (Examinations 4) Law Syllabus. 120p. Mar. 1893. Out of print. Outline of ground covered by examinations for the Regents degree of bachelor of laws.

B23 (Examinations 5) Report of Examination Department 1893. 82p. Feb. 1894. 10c.

X6 Report of Examination Department 1894. 126p. Mar. 1895. 15c. X7 Medical Syllabus. 128p. Mar. 1895. 25c.

Outline of ground covered by state licensing examinations, prepared under direction of state boards of medical examiners for guidance of candidates.

Academic Syllabus. 204p. June 1895. Replaced by X24. Syllabus of Form Study and Drawing. 30p. 32pl. 25c. Reprint of p.410-34d and plates from X8.

X9 Report of Examination Department 1895. 108p. Feb. 1896. 15c. X10 Examination Papers 1896.

502p. Oct. 1896. 50c; small

size uniform with previous volumes 25c, boards 50c.

See also Question papers.

XII Davis, W: M. (Harvard) State Map of New York as an Aid to the Study of Geography. 28p. Nov. 1896. 5c.

Based on the topographic map in preparation by the United States Geological Survey.

X12 Report of Examination Department 1896. 114p. Jan. 1897. 15c. X13 College-entrance English. 148p. June 1897. 15c.

Present English entrance requirements of representative colleges and universities. Also discussions on aims and methods in teaching secondary school English. X14 Examination Papers 1897. 578p. Aug. 1897. Price, see X10. X15 Report of Examination Department 1897. 120p. Nov.

[blocks in formation]

X16 Examination Papers 1898. 512p. Sep. 1898. Price, see X10. The second edition contains only the academic papers, the professional papers being printed separately as College bulletin 3.

High School Department annual reports 1898-date. O. 75c a vol. High School Department bulletins 1898-date. To advance subcribers 50c a year.

X17 (High school 1) Director's Report 1898. Mar. 1899. 122p. 15c. X18 (High school 2) State Science Teachers Association. Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting, Dec. 1898. 202p. Nov. 1899. Out of print. X19 (High school 3) Associated Academic Principals. Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference, Dec. 1898. 236p. Dec. 1899. 25c. X20 (High school 4) Oct. 1899. 25c. X21 (High school 5) X22 (High school 6) ings of the 15th 1900. 20c.

X23 (High school 7)

Academic Examination Papers 1899. 306p. Small size 12.5 x 20 cm, 25c; boards, 50c. Director's Report 1899. 70p. Feb. 1900. 10c. Associated Academic Principals. ProceedAnnual Conference, Dec. 1899. 188p. Mar.

State Science Teachers Association. ceedings of the Fourth Annual Meeting, Dec. 1899. May 1900. 35c.

X24 (High school 8)

25c; cloth, 50c.

Academic Syllabus.



[blocks in formation]

The University declines to recommend any special textbooks, but for the guidance of teachers and students it specifies the ground covered by the preliminary and academic subjects. This syllabus is the best available outline of what should be accomplished in these subjects.

X25 (High school 9) Manual Training Syllabus. 60p. May 1900. 10c.

X26 (High school 10) Academic Examination Papers 1900. 306p.
Aug. 1900. Price, see X20.
X27 (High school 11)
X28 (High school 12)
ings of the 16th
Ap. 1901. 25c.

Director's Report 1900. 38p. Feb. 1901. 5c.
Associated Academic Principals. Proceed-
Annual Conference, Dec. 1900. 164p.

X29 (High school 13) State Science Teachers Association. Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference, Dec. 1900. 250p. May 1901. 35c.

X30 (High school 14) 322p. Aug. 1901. X31 (High school 15) X32 (High school 16) ings of the 17th 1902. 25c.

Academic Examination Papers 1901. 25c; boards, 50c.

Director's Report 1901. 34p. Jan. 1902. 10. Associated Academic Principals. ProceedAnnual Conference, Dec. 1901. 196p. Mar.

X33 (High school 17) State Science Teachers Association. Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Conference, Dec. 1901. 312p. Oct. 1902. 40c.

X34 (High school 18) Academic examination Papers 1902. 316p. July 1902. 25c; boards, 50c.

X35 (High school 19) Associated Academic Principals. Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference, Dec. 1902. 136p. June 1903. 20c.

Question papers. For the academic year 1892 (v. 1); 1893 (v.2); 1894 (v. 3); 1895 (v. 4). D. 25c; boards, 50c.

For 1896-1902 see X10, X14, X16, X20, X26, X30, X34. Till 1898 each volume contained all the Regents question papers of that year in any of the academic, professional law, medical, dental, veterinary, library and extension examinations. After the first edition of the 1898 examination papers the academic and professional papers were separated.

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