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Seemed pointing at my feet. Provident Heaven!
Lo, I was standing on the secret door,
Which, through a long descent where all sound

perishes, Led out beyond the palace. Well I knew itBut Andreas framed it not! He was no tyrant! C. Rag. Haste, madam! Let me take this precious burden!

[he kneels as he takes the child. Zap. Take him! And if we be pursued, I

charge thee, Flee thou and leave me! Flee and save thy king!

(then as going off, she looks back on the palace. Thou tyrant's den, be called no more a palace ! The orphan's angel at the throne of heaven Stands up against thee, and there hover o'er thee A Queen's, a Mother's, and a Widow's curse. Henceforth a dragon's haunt, fear and suspicion Stand sentry at thy portals ! Faith and honour, Driven from the throne, shall leave the attainted

nation : And, for the iniquity that houses in thee, False glory, thirst of blood, and lust of rapine, (Fateful conjunction of malignant planets) Shall shoot their blastments on the land. The fathers Henceforth shall have no joy in their young men And when they cry : Lo ! a male child is born! The mother shall make answer with a groan. For bloody usurpation, like a vulture, Shall clog its beak within Illyria's heart.

Remorseless slaves of a remorseless tyrant,
They shall be mocked with sounds of liberty,
And liberty shall be proclaimed alone
To thee, O Fire ! O Pestilence ! O Sword !
Till Vengeance hath her fill.–And thou, snatched


Poor friendless fugitive! with mother's wailing,
Offspring of royal Andreas, shalt return
With trump and timbrel clang, and popular shout
In triumph to the palace of thy fathers !

[Exeunt. ZAPOLYA.





Old BATHORY, a Mountaineer.
BETHLEN BATHORY, The young Prince Andreas, supposed

son of Old BATHORY.
LORD RUDOLPH, a Courtier, but friend to the Queen's party.
LASKA, Steward to CASIMIR, betrothed to GLYCINE.
PESTALutz, an Assassin, in EMERICK's employ.
LADY SAROLTA, Wife of Lord Casimir.
Glycine, Orphan Daughter of Chef Ragozzi.

Between the flight of the Queen, and the civil war which imUSURPATION ENDED; OR, SHE

mediately followed, and in which Emerick remained the victor, a space of twenty years is supposed to have elapsed.



Scene I.---A Mountainous country. Bathory's

dwelling at the end of the stage.

Enter Lady Sarolta and Glycine.
Gly. Well then! our round of charity is

Rest, Madam! You breathe quick.

Sar. What, tired, Glycine ?
No delicate court-dame, but a mountaineer
By choice no less than birth, I gladly use
The good strength nature gave me.

That last cottage
Is built as if an eagle or a raven
Had chosen it for her nest.

So many are
The sufferings which no human aid can reach,
It needs must be a duty doubly sweet
To heal the few we can.

Well ! let us rest.
Gly. There? [Pointing to Bathory's dwelling.

Sar. Here! For on this spot Lord Casimir Took his last leave. On yonder mountain-ridge I lost the misty image which so long

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