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My master!
Ord. Thou mountebank !

Mountebank and villain!
What then art thou? For shame, put up thy sword!
What boots a weapon in a wither'd arm?
I fix mine eye upon thee, and thou tremblest !
I speak, and fear and wonder crush thy rage,
And turn it to a motionless distraction !
Thou blind self-worshipper! thy pride, thy cunning,
Thy faith in universal villany,
Thy shallow sophisms, thy pretended scorn
For all thy human brethren---out upon them!
What have they done for thee? have they given
thee peace

? Cured thee of starting in thy sleep? or made The darkness pleasant when thou wak'st at mid

night? Art happy when alone ? Can'st walk by thyself With even step and quiet cheerfulness? Yet, yet thou may'st be savedOrd.

Saved ? saved ? Alv. Could I call up one pang of true remorse! Ord. He told me of the babes that prattled to

him, His fatherless little ones! remorse! remorse! Where got’st thou that fool's word ? Curse on reCan it give up the dead, or recompact [morse! A mangled body? mangled---dashed to atoms ! Not all the blessings of a host of angels

One pang!

Can blow away a desolate widow's curse!
And tho' thou spill thy heart's blood for atonement,
It will not weigh against an orphan's tear!

Alv. But Alvar -

Ord. Ha! it chokes thee in the throat, Even thee; and yet I pray thee speak it out. Still Alvar !---Alvar---howl it in mine ear! Heap it like coals of fire upon my heart, And shoot it hissing through my brain ! Alv.

That day when thou didst leap from off the rock
Into the waves, and grasped thy sinking brother,
And bore him to the strand ; then, son of Valdez,
How sweet and musical the name of Alvar!
Then, then, Ordonio, he was dear to thee,
And thou wert dear to him: Heaven only knows
How very dear thou wert! Why did'st thou hate

O heaven ! how he would fall upon thy neck,
And weep forgiveness !

Spirit of the dead ! Methinks I know thee! ha! my brain turns wild At its own dreams !---off---off, fantastic shadow ! Alv. I fain would tell thee what I am, but dare not!

[be--Ord. Cheat! villain! traitor! whatsoever thou 1 fear thee, man! Ter. (rushing out and falling on Alvar's neck.)

Ordonio! 'tis thy brother.
[Ordonio runs upon Alvar with his sword.

Teresa flings herself on Ordonio and arrests his arm.

Stop, madman, stop!
Alv. Does then this thin disguise impenetrably
Hide Alvar from thee? Toil and painful wounds
And long imprisonment in unwholesome dungeons,
Have marred perhaps all trait and lineament
Of what I was ! But chiefly, chiefly, brother,
My anguish for thy guilt!

Nay, nay, thou shalt embrace me.
Ord. (drawing back and gazing at Alvar.)

Touch me not !
Touch not pollution, Alvar! I will die.

[He attempts to fall on his sword, Alvar

and Teresa prevent him. [Live, Alv. We will find means to save your honour. Oh live, Ordonio! for our father's sake! Spare his


hairs ! Ter.

And you may yet be happy. Ord. O horror ! not a thousand years in heaven Could recompose this miserable heart, Or make it capable of one brief joy ! Live! live! Why yes! "Twere well to live with

you: For is it fit a villain should be proud ? My brother! I will kneel to you, my brother !

[kneeling. Forgive me, Alvar ! - Curse me with forgiveness !

[round thee! Alv. Call back thy soul, Ordonio, and look

Now is the time for greatness ! Think that heaven

Ter. O mark his eye! be hears not what you say.

Ord. Yes, mark his eye! there's fascination in it! Thou saidst thou didst not know him—That is he! He comes upon me! Alv.

Heal, O heal him, heaven! Ord. Nearer and nearer! and I can not stir! Will no one hear these stifledgroans, and wake me? He would have died to save me, and I killed himA husband and a father!Ter.

Some secret poison Drinks up his spirits ! Ord.

Let the eternal justice Prepare my punishment in the obscure world--I will not bear to live---to live---0 agony ! And be myself alone my own sore torment ! (the doors of the dungeon are broken open,

and in rush Alhadra, and the band of Morescoes. Alh. Seize first that man !

[Alvar presses onward to defend Ordonio. Ord. Off, ruffians! I have flung away my

Woman, my life is thine ! to thee I give it!
Off! he that touches me with his hand of flesh,
I'll rend his limbs asunder! I have strength
With this bare arm to scatter you like ashes.

Alh. My husband---
Ord. Yes, I murdered him most foully.
Alv. and Ter. O horrible !

Why didst thou leave his children?


Demon, thou should’st have sent thy dogs of hell To lap their blood. Then, then I might have

hardened My soul in misery, and have had comfort. I would have stood far off, quiet though dark, And bade the race of men raise up a mourning For a deep horror of desolation, Too great to be one soul's particular lot! Brother of Zagri ! let. me lean upon thee. The time is not yet come for woman's anguish, I have not seen his blood---Within an hour Those little ones will crowd around and ask me, Where is our father? I shall curse thee then! Wert thou in heaven, my curse would pluck thee

thence! Ter. He doth repent ! See, see, I kneel to thee! O let him live! That aged man, his father

Alh. Why had he such a son? [Shouts from the distance of, Rescue! Rescue !

Alvar! Alvar! and the voice of Valdez heard. Rescue ?---and Isidore's spirit unavenged ?The deed be mine! (suddenly stabs Ordonio.

Now take my life! Ord. (staggering from the wound.) Atonement! Alv. (while with Teresa supporting Ordonio.)

Arm of avenging Heaven, hope--Thou hast snatched from me my most cherished But go! my word was pledged to thee. Ord.

Away! Brave not my father's rage! I thank thee! Thou--

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