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Enter Teresa with a taper.
Ter. It has chilled my very life---my own voice

scares me ;
Yet when I hear it not I seem to lose
The substance of my being---my strongest grasp
Sends inwards but weak witness that I am.
I seek to cheat the echo.---How the half sounds
Blend with this strangled light! Is he not here---

[looking round.
O for one human face here---but to see
One human face here to sustain me.---Courage !
It is but my own fear! The life within

It sinks and wavers like this coue of flame,
Beyond which I scarce dare look onward ! Oh!
If I faint? If this inhuman den should be
At once my death-bed and my burial vault?

[Faintly screams as Alvar emerges from

the recess. Alv. (rushes towards her, and catches her as

she is falling.) O gracious heaven! it is,

it is Teresa !
Shall I reveal myself? The sudden shock
Of rapture will blow out this spark of life,
And joy complete what terror has begun.
Oye impetuous beatings here, be still!
Teresa, best beloved ! pale, pale, and cold !
Her pulse doth flutter! Teresa ! my Teresa !

Ter. (recovering.) I heard a voice; but often in

my dreams

I hear that voice! and wake and try---and try--


To hear it wakiny! but I never could---
And 'tis so now---even so ! Well ! he is dead---
Murdered perhaps ! And I am faint, and feel
As if it were no painful thing to die !

Alv. Believe it not, sweet maid ! Believe it not,
Beloved woman! 'Twas a low imposture
Framed by a guilty wretch.

Ha! Who art thou ? Alv. Suborned by his brotherTer.

Didst thou murder him ?
And dost thou now repent ? Poor troubled man,
I do forgive thee, and may Heaven forgive thee !

Alv, Ordonio-he-

If thou didst murder him
His spirit ever at the throne of God
Asks mercy for thee,-prays for mercy for thee,
With tears in Heaven !

Alvar was not murdered. Be calm! be calm, sweet maid ! Ter. Nay, nay, but tell me !

[a pause.

O 'tis lost again! This dull confused pain

[a pause.

Mysterious man! Methinks I can not fear thee: for thine eye Doth swim with love and pity-Well! OrdonioOh

my foreboding heart! And he suborned thee, And thou didst spare his life? Blessings shower

on thee, As many as the drops twice counted o'er In the fond faithful heart of his Teresa !

Alv. I can endure no more.

The Moorish sor•


Exists but in the stain upon his face.
That picture---

Ter. Ha! speak on!

Beloved Teresa !
It told but half the truth. O let this portrait
Tell all---that Alvar lives---that he is here !
Thy much deceived but ever faithful Alvar.

(takes her portrait from his neck, and gives

it her. Ter. (receiving the portrait.) The same---it is

the same. Ah! Who art thou ? Nay, I will call thee, Alvar! [she falls on his neck Alv.

O joy unutterable ! But hark! a sound as of removing bars At the dungeon's outer door. A brief, brief while Conceal thyself, my love! It is Ordonio. For the honour of our race, for our dear father ; O for himself too (he is still my brother) Let me recall him to his nobler nature, That he may wake as from a dream of murder ! O let me reconcile him to himself, Open the sacred source of penitent tears, And be once more his own beloved Alvar.

Ter. O my all virtuous love! I fear to leave thee With that obdurate man. Alv.

Thou dost not leave me ! But a brief while retire into the darkness : O that my joy could spread its sunshine round thee!

Ter. The sound of thy voice shall be my

music! Alvar! my Alvar! am I sure I hold thee? Is it no dream? thee in my arms, my


[Exit. [A noise at the dungeon door. It opens,

Ordonio enters, with a goblet in his hand.
Ord. Hail, potent wizard ! in my gayer mood
I poured forth a libation to old Pluto,
And as I brimmed the bowl, I thought on thee.
Thou hast conspired against my life and honour,
Hast tricked me foully; yet I hate thee not.
Why should I hate thee? this same world of ours,
'Tis but a pool amid a storm of rain,
And we the air bladders that course up and down,
And joust and tilt in merry tournament;
And when one bubble runs foul of another,
The weaker needs must break.

I see thy heart !
There is a frightful glitter in thine eye
Which doth betray thee. Inly-tortured man,
This is the revelry of a drunken anguish,
Which fain would scoff away the pang of guilt,
And quell each human feeling.

Feeling! feeling! The death of a man--

---the breaking of a bubble--'Tis true I cannot sob for such misfortunes ; But faintness, cold and hunger---curses on me If willingly I e'er inflicted them ! Come, take the beverage; this chill place demands it.

[Ordonio proffers the goblet.

Alv. Yon insect on the wall,
Which moves this way and that its hundred limbs,
Were it a toy of mere mechanic craft,
It were an infinitely curious thing!
But it has life, Ordonio! life, enjoyment !
And by the power of its miraculous will
Wields all the complex movements of its frame
Unerringly to pleasurable ends !
Saw I that insect on this goblet's brim
I would remove it with an anxious pity!

Ord. What meanest thou ?

There's poison in the wine.
Ord. Thou hast guessed right; there's poison

in the wine. There's poison in't---which of us two shall drink it? For one of us must die ! Alv.

Whom dost thou think me? Ord. The accomplice and sworn friend of Isidore. Alv.

I know him not. And yet methinks, I have heard the name but lately. Means he the husband of the Moorish woman? Isidore ? Isidore ?

(restored me. Ord. Good ! good! that lie ! by heaven it has Now I am thy master! Villain! thou shalt drink it, Or die a bitterer death. Alv.

What strange solution Hast thou found out to satisfy thy fears, And drug them to unnatural sleep?

[Alvar takes the goblet, and throws it to

the ground.

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