The Complete Archaeology of Greece: From Hunter-Gatherers to the 20th Century A.D.

John Wiley & Sons, 19. mar. 2012 - 480 sider
The Complete Archaeology of Greece covers the incredible richness and variety of Greek culture and its central role in our understanding of European civilization, from the Palaeolithic era of 400,000 years ago to the early modern period. In a single volume, the field's traditional focus on art and architecture has been combined with a rigorous overview of the latest archaeological evidence forming a truly comprehensive work on Greek civilization.

*Extensive notes on the text are freely available online at Wiley Online Library, and include additional details and references for both the serious researcher and amateur

  • A unique single-volume exploration of the extraordinary development of human society in Greece from the earliest human traces up till the early 20th century AD
  • Provides 22 chapters and an introduction chronologically surveying the phases of Greek culture, with over 200 illustrations
  • Features over 200 images of art, architecture, and ancient texts, and integrates new archaeological discoveries for a more detailed picture of the Greece past, its landscape, and its people
  • Explains how scientific advances in archaeology have provided a broader perspective on Greek prehistory and history

Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title


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The Landscape and Aegean Prehistory
The Archaeology of Classical Hellenistic and Roman Greece
The Built Environment Symbolic Material Culture and Society in Archaic Greece
Demography Settlement Patterns and Everyday Life
Symbolic Material Culture the Built Environment and Society in Classical Greece
Symbolic Material Culture the Built Environment and Society in Hellenistic
The Archaeology of Medieval and postMedieval Greece
Symbolic Material Culture the Built Environment and Society in the Byzantine Aegean
The Archaeology of FrankishCrusader Society in Greece
Population Settlement Dynamics
Material Culture the Built Environment and Society in Ottoman andVenetian Greece
The Archaeology ofEarly Modern Greece

Symbolic Material Culture the Built Environment and Society in Middle

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John Bintliff studied Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge where he received his PhD in the landscape archaeology of prehistoric Greece. He has taught at Bradford and Durham Universities and is currently at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and has been co-director of the Boeotia Project in Central Greece since 1978. His interests include the long-term archaeology of Greece and the Mediterranean, landscape archaeology and regional field survey, and archaeological theory. He has published 18 books, including Mycenaean Geography (1977), Palaeoclimates, Palaeoenvironments (1982), European Social Evolution (1984), The Annales School and Archaeology (1991), Europe Between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (1995), Structure and Contingency (1999), The Future of Archaeological Field Survey in Europe (2000), A Companion to Archaeology (2004), Testing the Hinterland (2007), Medieval and Post-Medieval Greece (2009).

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