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Abdomen, contusions of, lesions of

intestine in, 350

and pelvis, surgery of, 111

Ablominal pain, 341

Acetone and diabetes, 220

Achondroplasia in the adult, 196

Acid intoxication, sui generis, 71

Acromegaly and tumours of the hy.

pophysis, relation between, 219

Acute yellow atrophy, amino acids

in the blood, 300

Adeno-carcinomata, relation of, to

atrophic scirrhus of breast, 334

Adenoid yrowthis, 40

Adrenalin and liver glycogen, 217

tissue changes after, 217

Air, carbonic acid, estimation of, 366

liquefied, therapeutics of, 62

Albuminuria, after inhalation of

chloroform, 414

cyclical, 142

oi puberty, 286

orthostatic, 264

physiological or functional, 100

physiological, is there such, 287

with aortic insufficiency, 285
Alcohol, as a cause of heart disease,

Alexandria, medicine in, 246
Alloxur bases in aseptic fevers, 219
Amino acids in the blood in acute

yellow atrophy, 300

Amputation, interscapulo-thoracic,


Angioma of brain, multiple, with

ossification, 289
Ankle joint, new osteoplastic ampu-

tation at, 422
Anti-streptococcic serum in scarlet

fever and diphtheria, 213
Anuria, from calculus, treatment of,


reflex, pathology of, 53

Aortic insufficiency, albuminuria

with, 285

Aponeuroses of abdominal wall, ap.

proximation of in treatment of

hernia, 279
Apotherapy, renal, 142
Appendicectomy, typhilitis after, 101
Appendicitis, 39, 336, 427

followed by multiple infections,


in Jena, results of operations,


in young children, 430
retro-peritoneal infection after,

Appendix, abscess in the recto-vesi-

cal pouch, 198
diseases of, in series of 100

abdominal sections, 272

primary carcinoma of, 111

Arterio-sclerosis, intluence of, on

healing of wounds, 298
spinal changes in, 27

the spinal cord in, 326

Arthritis, purulent, due to the

gonococcus, 348

villous, chronic, 102
Ascaris lumbricoides, decomposition

of N substances in, 219
Ascites, milk-white, in carcinoma of

the omentum, 143

surgical treatment of, 193
Ascitic fluid, milky, cause of opal-

escence in, 261
Aspirin and carcinoma, 435
Atheroma, spasmodic paresis of, 326
Australia, cancer in, 290
Axis cylinders, a new stain for, 66

Bacilli, tubercle, passage through

normal intestinal wall, 127

Bacillus tuberculosus, human and

bovine, morphology of, 129

Bacteria, absorption of, from the

intestine, 52

Bacterium, uric acid, 140

Banti's disease, splenectomy for, 354
Bence Jones disease, 414
Bennett's fracture of the thumb, 354
Bier's venous engorgement treat-

ment, 346
Bile channels, lesions of, in retention

of bile, 142

Bile in gall bladder, sterility, of,

effect of injection of micro-

organisms into the portal

system on, 141

toxic properties of, 220

Bilharzia hiematobia, 298

Bladder, foreign body removed from,


Blood, indol in, 299

Blood vessels, diseases of, lesions of

the eye in, 97

Bones, pure myxoma of, 344

Botryo-mycosis, so-called human, 283

Brain, tumours of, 142

surgery of, 198

Breast, angeioma of, 106
Bright's disease, permeability of the

kidneys in, 183

Bronchitis, chronic preumotherapy

in, 332

Chloroform, anæsthesia, resuscitation

after apparent death in, 427
intoxication by, taken by the

mouth 140
Cholecystectomy for gall-stones, 271
Cholecystitis, typhoid, without evi.

dence of typhoid fever, 46

Cholecystostomy, for gall stones, 271

Cholin in the vegetable and animal

organism, 67

Chordee, treatment of, 194

Chorea, association of, with tæenia

solium, 329

syphilis as cause of, 264

Chorion-epithelioma and analogous

changes in teratomata of tes-

tis, 65

following hydatidiform
mole with bilateral ovarian

cysts, 337
Cicatrization, changes in the mast

and fat cells in, 52
Cirrhosis, atrophic, hemorrhagic

pleurisy in, 99

hepatic and renal, elastic tissue

in, 431
Club-hand, of bony origin, acquired,

Colon, ascending, tuberculous stric-

ture of, 273
carcinoma of, 355
in chronic constipation, opera-

tive treatment of, 112

idiopathic dilatation of, 353
Connective tissue cells, an unde-

scribed fibrillar substance pro-

duced by, 129

Constipation caused by displaced

uterus, 111

chronic, operative treatment of

colon in, 112

Contractures, treatment by thiosina.

min, 115

Cord, spinal, motor localisation of

inferior extremities in, 118

Cornual cells, ventral, fate after

section of posterior roots, 66
Cystin calculi, 66
Cystinuria and cystin calculi, 66, 415

Cysts, in nasal and laryngeal poly-

pi, 141

traumatic, of the hand, 347
Cytology, of effusions of serous cavi.

ties, and of the cerebro-spinal
fluid, 92

Bronchiectasis, value of X-rays in,

Broncho-pneumonia, in children, 328

treatment of, 296
open-air treatment of, 54

Cancer, and malignant disease, treat-

ment by electric osmose, 336

and uric acid, 298

gastric, gastro-enterostomy for,


ulcer and, 357

in Australia, with specific treat-

ment for its prevention and

arrest, 290

of pylorus, radical operation for

cure, 351

of the breast, clinical causes of,

of the intestine, its surgical

aspect, and cases, 335
of the stomach, jejunostomy in

treatment of, 340

possible ways of treating and

curiny, 340
superficial, treatment by X-rays,

tansmissibility of; mitoses, 292

treatment by Röntgen rays, 55,
-uterine, value of abdominal

radical operation in, 336

bodies and cancer theories, 203
Carcinoma, gelatinous, cylindrical,

of esophagus, 48
late recurrences of, 424
of the sophagus, pathology

of, 337

the causes of, 293

treated by aspirin, 435

Cardiac asthenia, murmur of, 260

Cartilage, development of elastic

fibres in, 358

Casts, renal, 285, 286

Catheters, soft, aseptic method of

carrying, 101

Cauda-equina, injury to, 219
Cells, with eosinophile granulation,

relation of to bacterial infec-

tion, 299

Cerebrum, abscesses of, gangrene of

lung and, 141

metastases in, deciduoma ma-

lignum, 143
tumours of recent work on

diagnosis and treatment, 17

tumours of, surgery of, 114

Cerebro-spinal Huid, cytology of, 92

in cerebral meningeal hæ-

morrhage, 34

from a case of hydroce.

phalus, 142

Chloroform, albuminuria after inha-

lation of, 414

wounds, 298

Erythrocytes, in various diseases,

Effusions, serous, cytology of, 92


formation of, in
tumours, 217
Electric osmose, in treatment of

cancer and malignant disease,

Elephantiasis, 429
Empyæma, chronic, decortication of

the lung in, 141
with secondary oesophageal
fistula, 345
scoliosis following, prevention

and treatment of, 190

syphon drainage in, 104

Endoscopy, in diagnosis of carcin-

oma of the upper part of the

rectum, 117

Enteric fever, alimentary glycosuria

in, 179

in children, 260

Enzymes of the thymus and supra-

renal glands, 143

Epilepsy, and nephritis, simulating

puerperal eclampsia, 180

hydropathic treatment,.138

miental condition in prognosis,


myoclonic, pathogensis of, 142

pathogenesis of, 289

pathophysiology of, in its

therapic relations, 289

study of, and treatment, 138
surgical treatment of, 139

traumatic, 110
Epileptic, the, consideration by the

courts, 265
Epileptic insanity, results of an ex-

volume of, 128

Exudates and transudates, diagnosis

between, 67

Eye, lesions of, in diseases of the

heart, blood vessels, and kid.

ney, 97

Fæces, reaction of, 300

Fat in human blood and organs, 134

Fatty degeneration or infiltration ?


Feeding and the health of the young,


Feeding, infant, 88

Fevers, aseptic, alloxur bases in, 219

symptomatic intermittent, 91

Fibroadenoma of the trachea, 300

Fibroma, neural, 101
Finsen light in the treatment of

diseases of the skin, 58

Fistula, secondary esophageal, and

empyema, 345

Fractures, compound, treatment

with balsam of Peru, 193
Fungi, parasitism of, origin of, 133

perimental treatment, 181

Epithelial cell nests, structure and

growth, 217

Gall-bladder, infection of by b.

typhosus, 141

surgery of, 428

Gall-stones, 39

Gastrectomy, total, for plastic lini-

tis, 347

Gastric contents, seventy examina-

tions of in disease, 50

six hundred examinations of, 49

Gastric tubercolosis, 65

ulcer, treatment of, 135

and cancer, 357

perforating, surgery of, 352

Gastroptosis, surgical treatment of,


Gastro-enterostomy, for gastric can-

Mattoli's operation for, 430

Gastrostomy, 192

for foreign bodies in the

stomach, 40

Glioma of the fourth ventricle, 142
Glycogen, liver, and adrenalin, 217
Glycosuria, alimentary, in enterica,

effects of salts on, 219
of uranium salts, absence of hy.

perglycæmia in, 179

Goitre, malignant, invasion of

trachea and esophagus by, 342

Gonococcal peritonitis, 91

Gonococcus, purulent arthritis due

cer, 273

to, 348

Gonorrhea, treatment of, 422

Gonorrheal metastatic synovitis, 105

Gout and healing of wounds, 298

primary of kidney, and advanced amyloid changes, 131

Hysterical quadriplegia of the type

Haematological investigations, 141 Hämatoma, extra dural, pigmenta

tion and organisation in, 48 Hæmaturia, after urotropin, 263 Hæmoglobinuria, after urotropin, 263 Hamolympl glands and spleen,

function of, 65 Hemorrhagic diseases in children,

88 Hemorrhoids, bleeding, calcium

chloride injections in, 434 Hafskine prophylactic for plague in

India, 44
Hammer finger, 201
Hand, left, id petition of, 176

traumatic cysts of, 347 Heart, congenital malformation of,

187 disease of, due to alcohol, 262

valvular and tabes, 330

lesions of the eye in, 97 riglit, primary non-congenital

disease of, 188

syphilis of, 288 Hepatitis, diffuse parenchymatous,

in acute sporadic dysentery

of infants, 92 Hernia, approximation of aponeu

roses of abilominal wall in treatment of, 279 diaphragmatic, 37

case of, 116 femoral, radical cure of, 274 in infants and children, opera

tive treatment of, 192 operations for, 430 strangulated, acute gangrene in,

427 ventral, transplantation of mus

cle in, 190 Hexose, orcein test for, 64 High frequency currents in skin

disease, 214 Hip joint, amputation at, for sar

(oma, 278 Hydatidiform mole in patient with

of family periodic paralysis, 29
Icterus, in secondary syphilis, 218
Indol, in the blood, 299
Infant feeding, 88
Infantilism, pancreatic, 212
Infectious diseases, missed cases, 364

spread and distribution of,

364 Intluenza, nervous complications of,

325 Intermittent fevers, symptomatie, 91 Intestinal obstruction, 426 acute, 271

post-operative, 199 Intestine, acquired diverticula of, 433 Intestines, lesions of in abdominal

contusions, 350
post-operative adhesions and

paresis of, 355
Intoxication, acid, sui generis, 71
Intubation, condition of upper air

passages before and after, 258 100 cases of, in private practice,

33 Intussusception, cansed by intestinal

tuberculosis, 356
Iron in ana mia, 434
Isopral, 136

Jaundice, without cholelithiasis, 275
Juxta-intestinal cysts, 107

ovarian cysts, followed by

chorio-epithelioma, 337 Hydrocephalus, cerebro-spinal fluid

from, 142 Hygiene, school, first international

congress, 161 Hygroma, cystic, of neck, 110 Hyperglycaemia, absence of, in the

glycosuria of uranium salts,

179 Hypernephiroma, 47 Hypophysis, tumours of, and acro

megaly, 219

Kidney, action of salicylates on, 136

cystic, and other developmental

lesions, 219 decapsulation of, and diuresis, 300

and intra-ocular complications, 132 diagnosis of secreting function of, without catheterism of

ureters, 201 diseases of, lesions of the eye

in, 97
excretion eflects of salts on, 219
extract, therapeutic value of,

movable, in women, 185

surgical aspect of, 185

treatment in, 422 cases without surgical intervention,

184 primary gout of, and advanced

amyloid changes, 131 Kidneys, atlections of, and duodenal

ulceration, 211, 2.39 Kjeldahil's method, 143 knee-joints, loose bodies in, double

displacement of patella, 315 Koch's tuberculin test and its use in

human beings, 182

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