365 Days of Healing

Destiny Image Publishers, 2. sep. 2006 - 384 sider
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God wants you to be well! In fact, the Word says in 1 Peter 2:24 that Jesus took stripes on His back so you could live your life in health. Yet many struggle to receive God's healing power in their own life. Some aren't sure if God wants to heal them, while others aren't sure how healing works.

In this powerful devotional, author, teacher, and pastor Mark Brazee shares simple daily doses of God's Word that will build your faith for the healing every day of the year. Through line-upon-line precepts focusing specifically on healing and faith, you'll learn how the power of God's Word brings healing to your body.

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highly recommend

Brugeranmeldelse  - Blessed today - Christianbook.com

The devotionals have helped me to see what the Bible says about healing in a whole new light. If you should buy 365 Days of Healing, start with the first devotional and take it one day at a time to build on what you learn each day. My faith has been strengthened and increased. Læs hele anmeldelsen

365 Days of Healing

Brugeranmeldelse  - jeanne71 - Overstock.com

Well i bought 12 copies which was a hastle as you can only order three at a time! This tell you what I think of this book. If you believe that God heals today you will like this book. I gave it to ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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Mark Brazee has traveled to the nations since 1975 with a vision to reach the world with the truth of God's Word and the power of the Spirit. Mark and his wife, Janet, have traveled to more than 35 countries sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and the overcoming life of faith. Today, Mark Brazee Ministries spans the world through international DOMATA Ministers' Training Schools, as well as a stateside DOMATA School of Missions. Their broad scope of media outreaches include books, teaching tapes, music tapes, television, a quarterly magazine and an internet website. Mark and Janet Brazee also pastor World Outreach Church in Tulsa Oklahoma, where they base their outreach to the world.

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