Annual Report, Oplag 51–52

Reports for 1863-90 include accession lists for the year. Beginning with 1893, the apprendixes consist of the various bulletins issued by the Library (Additions; Bibliography; History; Legislation; Library school; Public libraries)

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Side 78 - College of Physicians and surgeons of the Western district of the state of New York.
Side 172 - Johnson's Patentees' Manual; being a Treatise on the Law and Practice of Letters Patent, especially intended for the use of Patentees and Inventors.— By JAMES JOHNSON, Barrister-at-Law, and JH JOHNSON, Solicitor and Patent Agent. Fourth Edition. Thoroughly revised and much enlarged. Demy 8vo. 1879. 10*.
Side 158 - MACKENZIE. Studies in Roman Law. With Comparative Views of the Laws of France, England, and Scotland. By Lord MACKENZIE, one of the Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland.
Side 79 - A Letter to the People of Piedmont on the advantages of the French Revolution and the Necessity of Adopting its principles in Italy.
Side 33 - We have extracted from the annual report of the commissioners of emigration of the State of New York...
Side 82 - Varronianus. A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy, and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language. By the late JW DONALDSON, DD Third Edition, revised and considerably enlarged. 8vo. 16*.
Side 75 - OF ESTHETIC MEDICINE; or the Natural Use of Sensation and Desire in the Maintenance of Health and the Treatment ! \ of Disease. 8vo. cloth, 9s. DR. CHAMBERS. LECTURES, CHIEFLY CLINICAL Fourth Edition. 8vo. cloth, i4*.
Side 167 - A Treatise on the Measure of Damages; or. An Inquiry into the Principles which Govern the Amount of Pecuniary Compensation awarded by Courts of Justice. By THEODORE SEDGWICK, author of "A Treatise on Statutory and Constitutional Law.
Side 156 - Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Vol.
Side 107 - Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson, prepared for his use in 1608, from the Old Danish of Ivar Bardsen. With an Introduction and Notes; also, a Dissertation on the Discovery of the Hudson River. 8vo. cloth. Albany, 1869. 1 50 556 DE COSTA (BF) The Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by the Northmen.

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