Gems: Selected from the Antique, with Illustrations, Oplag 1

John Murray, 1804 - 94 sider
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Side 20 - Here love his golden shafts employs, here lights His constant lamp, and waves his purple wings, Reigns here and revels...
Side 43 - Three rays of writhen rain, of fire three more, Of winged southern winds and cloudy store As many parts, the dreadful mixture frame; And fears are added, and avenging flame.
Side 10 - There is a drawing of the head of Charles I. in the library of St. John's College at Oxford, wholly composed of minute written characters, which at a small distance resemble the lines of an engraving. The lines of the head, and the ruff, are said to contain the book of Psalms, the Creed, and the Lord's prayer. In the British Museum we find a drawing representing the portrait of Queen Anne, not much above the size of the hand.
Side 12 - Love. Beneath a moving shade of fruits and flowers, Onward they march to Hymen's sacred bowers; With lifted torch he lights the festive train Sublime, and leads them in his golden chain ; Joins the fond pair, indulgent to their vows, And hides with mystic veil their blushing brows. Hound their fair forms their mingling arms they fling, Meet with warm lip and clasp with rustling wing.
Side 28 - Go ! mix'd with- eunuchs in the mother's rites (Where with unequal sound the flute invites), Sing, dance, and howl, by turns, in Ida's shade : Resign the war to men, who know the martial trade.
Side 13 - The first way was, To make the principal circumstance in the subject stand for the whole. Thus when they would describe a battle, or two armies in array, they painted (as we learn from...
Side 13 - The second, or more artificial method of contraction, was by putting the instrument of the thing, whether real or metaphorical, for the thing itself. Thus, an eye eminently placed was designed to represent God's omniscience...
Side 13 - Sometimes this kind of hieroglyphic was founded on their observations on the form, and real or imaginary natures and qualities, of beings. Thus the universe was designed by a serpent in a circle, whose variegated spots signified the stars; and the sun-rise...
Side 27 - I share thy banquet, and consent to live." With that, Achilles bade prepare the bed, With purple soft and shaggy carpets spread; Forth, by the flaming lights, they bend their way, And place the couches, and the coverings lay.
Side 39 - He walks majestic round the starry Frame, And now the Light'nings from Olympus flame ; The Earth wide blazes with the Fires of Jove, Nor the Flash spares the Verdure of the Grove. Fierce glows the Air, the boiling Ocean roars, And the Seas wash with burning "Waves their Shores ; The...

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