Marcus Warland; or, The Long Moss spring, Bind 31


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Side 7 - THE boy stood on the burning deck Whence all but him had fled; The flame that lit the battle's wreck Shone round him o'er the dead. Yet beautiful and bright he stood, As born to rule the storm — A creature of heroic blood, A proud, though childlike form.
Side 58 - Oh she is fair ! As fair as Heaven to look upon! as fair As ever vision of the Virgin blest, That weary pilgrim, resting by the fount Beneath the palm, and dreaming to the tune Of flowing waters, duped his soul withal. It was permitted in my pilgrimage To rest beside the fount beneath the tree, Beholding there no vision, but a maid Whose form was light and graceful as the palm, Whose heart was pure and jocund as the fount, And spread a freshness and a verdure round.
Side 305 - VOYAGES ROUND THE WORLD, from the death of Captain Cook to the present time.
Side 306 - RUSJILL, of St John's College, Oxford. With a narrative of the Visits and Researches of recent Travellers, including an Account of the late American Expedition to the Dead Sea and the River Jordan, ,fcc.
Side 47 - ... hook, and were thrown, fluttering like wounded birds through the air, to fall panting, then pulseless, at his side, he showed no consciousness of success, no elation at the number of his scaly victims. Tears, even, large .and slowly gathering tears, rolled gradually and reluctantly down his fair oval cheeks; they were not like the sudden, drenching shower, that leaves the air purer and the sky bluer, but the drops that issue from the wounded bark formed of the life-blood of the tree. Beautiful...
Side 316 - Price is. 6d. The Golden Rule ; or, Do to Others as You would have Others do to You. Illustrated.
Side 47 - And showered upon its bosom flowers Culled from each meadow green ; And idly hoped my life would be So crowned by love's idolatry. The Water ! the Water ! My heart yet burns to think How cool thy fountain sparkled forth, For parched lip to drink. The Water ! the...
Side 310 - Clotu extra, richly gilt. 3s. 6d. Morocco elegant, 7s. OCENES OF MODERN TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE. With Engravings. pERILS AND ADVENTURES ON THE DEEP. With Engravings. OCENES FROM THE HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. With ^ Engravings.
Side 272 - tis by the lapwing found. * But if for me thou dost forsake Some other maid, and rudely break Her worshipp'd image from its base, To give to me the ruin'd place ; — Then, fare thee well— I'd rather make My bower upon some icy lake When thawing suns begin to shine, Than trust to love so false as thine...
Side 308 - THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY.— Incidents In the Life of the Rev. Dr. ^ Judson, Missionary to Burmah.. Foolscap 8vo, price 2s. Gilt leaves, 2s. 6d. Morocco elegant, 6s. LIFE OF SARAH B. JUDSON. By FAKXY FORESTER.

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