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The Teftimony of the KING OF MARTYRS concerning his Kingdom, John xviii. 36. 37. explained and illuftrated in fcripture-light.

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Rev. xvi. 10. And the fifth angel poured out his vial on the feat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness and they gnawed their tongues for pain.



[First published in the year 1729.]


Hen there is fo much regard paid to the teftimony of men, which can never be the ground of our faith, it cannot be questioned, but that more regard is due to the teftimony of the author and finisher of faith: "For if we "receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater." At least it may be expected, that as many as would "fight "the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life," will give a fair hearing to this good confeffion which Jefus Chrift witnessed before Pontius Pilate. And certainly no true Chriftian will find reafon to be afhamed of this teftimony of our Lord, even though it will make all them that are not afha med to confefs it in all its parts, partakers of the afflictions of VOL. I.



the gofpel: "For God hath not given them the spirit of fear, "but of power, and of love, and of a found mind."

The true caufe of my fufferings is the open confession of this teftimony of Jefus Chrift, as I understand it and no man can confefs any part of divine revelation, but according to the understanding he has of it; otherwife it is not his own confeffion, but another man's; or, he confeffes not truths, but words. For this caufe I fuffer in my name, by cruel mockings and reproaches; and in my ministry, being rejected, as the head of the corner" himself was, by them that pretend to be "builders:" and for this caufe I fuffer the lofs of my living in the world, as far as lies in the power of my perfecutors; and it will be owing to the good providence of God, and the equity of the magiftrate, if my fufferings do not proceed yet further. Yet, in all this, the enemies of my caufe perfuade themselves and their followers, that "they "are doing God good fervice:" and I am perfuaded, that I ought not to think this "ftrange, as though some strange "thing had happened to me."

But being thus debarred from that access I once had to preach the gofpel of the kingdom, and declare the testimony of Jefus Chrift in a public manner, I thought it my duty to do my best to make it manifeft, according to my measure, by means of the prefs, (which is yet free, and has been, by the good providence of him that is "head over all things to the

church," made very ufeful in the recovery of Christianity from the corruption of it by antichrift); and fo to offer my teftimony against the prevailing errors of the day, and vindicate the present truth," the word of Chrift's patience," that has been condemned and rejected by our "builders."

I am very fenfible, that, as it was never defigned to please any faction or party of this world, no party will be altoge ther pleased with it. But there are two forts of men from which the gospel met with oppofition at the first, and which remain unto this day, though perhaps under other names: and from both I expect heavy cenfures.

1. They that affect a temporal kingdom to Christ, and a wordly church. Thus, minding earthly things," and profefling diffatisfaction with the Chriftian doctrine of "patient "bearing the crofs after Chrift," they would have the nations of this earth (now brought under the Chriftian name, not by the influence of the gospel, by which men were made Chriftians at first, but by thofe means which ferved unto the treading of the outer court of God's houfe under the feet of the Gentiles)

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