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I shall not offer any apology to the Public on behalf of the ensuing treatise ; for if the leading sentiments espoused and defended in it correspond with the unerring oracles, I have no apprehensions from the frowns of men; if not, it would be impossible, by the most laboured apology, to justify my conduct.

The doctrines of grace-free, rich, sovereign grace are here maintained, and handled in a practical manner. It has been my endeavour, in the following pages, not only to state and defend the capital truths of the gospel in a doctrinal way, but also to point out their peculiar importance, as happily adapted to awaken the conscience, and comfort the heart; to elevate the affections, and influence the whole conduct in the way of holiness.

To this edition of The Reign of Grace I have made large additions; the principal of which is an entire chapter on election, which renders the scheme of doctrines more complete, and the contents of the book more answerable to the title. I also thought it my duty, in a particular manner, to bear a public testimony to that important part of revealed truth, having in my younger years greatly opposed it in a poem

on absolute Predestination ;” which poem, if considered in a critical light, is despicable; if in a theological view, detestable, as it is an impotent attack on the ho

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