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R. Ext. Ergote Fluidi, .

Tinct. Opii Deodorat.,
Syrupi Limonis,




M. Sig.-A teaspoonful thrice daily.

R. Acidi Tannici, .

R. Syrupi Ferri, Quininæ et
Strychnine Phosphatum.. 3 vj.
Sig. A teaspoonful in water thrice daily.
To repair waste from suppuration.


R. Syrupi Hypophosphitum,.. Z vj.
Sig. A dessertspoonful thrice daily.

gr. xv.

gr. xij.

Ft. pil. xij. Sig.-One every six hours.

gr. ij.

Pulv. Ipecacuanhæ,
Extracti Opii,.


Poultices to check or to assist in maturation, may be smeared with Belladonna or Opium (R.). Belladonna, as plaster to subdue (B.); painted around areola (Wa.); internally often successful in aborting (R.). Sulphide of Calcium, halfgrain doses frequently repeated, to abort abscess or to hasten formation of pus (B.); gr. every hour or two, gives striking results in healing large abscesses (R.). Phosphate of Calcium, in large abscesses (R.). Mercury and Morphine, the Oleate locally, diminishes induration due to old abscesses and prevents the formation of new ones (R.). Carbolic Acid, a weak solution as injection after evacuation, also as a dressing (Lister). Silver Nitrate, a strong solution in Nitrous Ether if applied early to adjacent surface will check inflammation (B.). Blisters or Iodine, as counterirritants around or adjacent to seat of disease (R.). Potassium Permanganate, 3j to the pint of water, to correct fetor (B.). Iodine, the tincture injected after opening large abscesses (R.); especially in scrofulous abscess (Wa.). Salicylic or Boracic Acid, as dressings (B.). Sarsaparilla, a very useful remedy in chronic abscess with profuse discharge (P.). Cod-liver Oil, improves and lessens discharge from scrofulous abscesses (Wa.). Surgical. Opening necessary in all deep abscesses, or when on face, near anus, mammary, or if danger of its opening into an internal cavity. Open with grooved director and forceps (Hilton). Never open a deep abscess with a plunge. Drainagetube may be required, also irrigation of the cavity and pressure (Agnew). Weaning of child necessary in chronic mammary abscess (Gross). Psoas abscess may result from strain or laceration of muscle, as by heavy lifting, effort to recover balance when skating, etc., as well as from spinal disease. Symptoms often obscure and simulating those of chronic malaria. Early opening by lumbar incision necessary; then tonics, good food, and daily irrigation of the cavity with an antiseptic solution. [Compare SUPPURATION, CARBUNCLE.]

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Acids, Hydrochloric or Phosphoric before meals; acid wine, a genuine Rhine wine best; Sulphurous Acid mv-xxx well diluted; for acid fermentation of starchy foods (R.); acids after meals for alkaline pyrosis (R.). Tannic Acid, useful in pill, gr. iv with mj of Glycerin (B.). Carbolic Acid, often arrests eructations (B.). Alkalies, after meals for immediate relief, effects only temporary, bicarbonate best (R.); frequent use of alkalies enhances the mischief (B.). Nux Vomica, gtt. ij-iij of tincture before meals, excellent in small doses (B.); especially in acidity of pregnancy (R.). Pulsatilla, gtt. v of tincture every 4 hours in acid dyspepsia (P.). Silver Oxide, extremely useful (B.). Manganese Oxide, gr. x-xx of the purified black oxide relieves (B.). Kino, a favorite remedy (B.). Ipecacuanha, in acidity of pregnancy (R.). Mercury, gr. ss of gray powder ter in die, when acidity with clayey stools (R.). Bismuth, gives

excellent results, combined with Opium or Morphine, sometimes with Magnesia (R.). Diet. Use lemon-juice, aërated or old bread, plain biscuits. Avoid new bread, pastry and vegetables.

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Alkalies, internally yield the best results in a number of cases (Bulkley); alkaline lotions for cases with seborrhoea (B.). Borax, a weak solution in rosewater (3j-3viij), of great benefit locally in acne simplex (Wa.). Potassium Bromide, in moderate doses has proved curative in some obstinate cases (R.). Sulphur, internally and as a lotion. In severe forms an ointment of the iodide or hypochlorite, zij ad 3j (R.). Belladonna locally, is of some service, checking the abundant secretion from the sebaceous follicles (R.). Arsenic, in old cases, especially in acne indurata, but often disappoints. Given with bromides it prevents the bromic acne (R.). Phosphorus, is an excellent substitute for arsenic (B.); the compound syrup of the hypophosphites in acne indurata (R.). Mercury, in lotion is much employed (B); a weak lotion of the bichloride to the face two or three times daily (R.). The iodo-chloride (gr. v-xv ad 3) as irritant application (Fox); or ointments containing the bichloride or biniodide may be employed instead of the green soap application (Pf.). Glycerin, internally, has been used with success (B.). Berberis, m v of a fresh tincture thrice daily for the acne of girls at puberty. Bromide of Arsenic is adapted to the majority of cases of acne vulgaris (Pf.). Calcium Sulphide is indicated in cases characterized by a tendency to pustulation (Pf.). Bismuth, locally as a cosmetic (B.). Magnesium Sulphate, as a purgative daily before breakfast, in cases of acne vulgaris depending on derangement of stomach and bowels (Duhring); the salt, finely triturated, is an excellent dusting-powder for cases of acne rosacea. Water, hot sponging for 15 or 20 minutes several times a day, followed by glycerite of starch to allay irritation (R.); the local use of very hot water is of the greatest benefit in all inflammatory forms of acne (Bulkley). Puncturing each papule with a lancet point, followed by very hot water, and ointments of sulphur iodide, ammoniated mercury, etc., diluted (Pf.). Ergot is well used in acne rosacea and other forms of acne; a good fluid extract with glycerin and water, giving 3ss internally per diem (B.). Diet and Hygiene, require careful attention (B.); powerful tonics are often required (Bulkley). Sapo Viridis, as an active irritant in subacute cases, applied every night as long as bearable, then emollients until irritation subsides, when the green soap should be removed (Pf.). [Compare SEBORRHOEA.]

R. Sodii Bicarb.,



Spt. Ammonia Aromat.,. ij.
Tinct. Zingiberis, .
Infus. Gentianæ Co. (U. S.
P., 1870), q. s... ad viij.
M. Sig. A tablespoonful or two.

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R. Tinct. Ferri Chloridi,

Spt. Chloroformi,

M. Sig. A dessertspoonful in water thrice daily.

Ung. Hydr. Ammoniat.,
Ung. Aq. Rosæ,.

M. et fiat unguentum.

R. Hydrarg. Iodo-chlor., .


ad 3)

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R. Quinine Sulph.,
Ferri Reducti, .
Ac. Arseniosi,
Strych. Sulph.,.
Confect. Rosæ, q. s.
M. et div. in pilulas lx.

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Fiat unguentum. An irritating applica tion, requiring care.

Addison's Disease.

Arsenic, with cod-liver oil, gives the best results (Da Costa). Iron, and other tonics are useful, especially a combination of the chloride, glycerin and chloroform (Greenhow). Phosphorus, has seemed to exert a beneficial influence (Wilks). Treatment must be symptomatic, and is of little use, the disease being always fatal (H.).

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Cinchona or Quinine, with arsenic, for pale, badly-fed town-dwellers (R.); as a general tonic when flesh flabby, skin perspiring (P.). Arsenic, for swelled feet of old or weakly persons, and breathlessness from weak heart (R.); tonic in continued doses of gr. to (Wa.). Nux Vomica, in adynamia of drunkards. R. Tinct. Capsici 3vj; Tinct. Nucis Vom. 3ij; gtt. xx in water every four hours (B.). Lime Salts, the phosphate, when from prolonged town-life or overwork, gr. j, with grain j each of Phosphate of Iron and Carbonate of Lime, for a dose (R.); Hypophosphites, of Lime or Soda, in nervous or general debility (R.). Iron, promotes appetite and digestion; gr. j-iij of the Sulphate, or the official iron and aloes pill, or with manganese (B.); anæmic subjects (R.). Hydrastine, as substitute for Quinine, to promote appetite and digestion and improve assimilation (B.). Digitalis or Eucalyptus, in debility with weak heartaction (B.). Bitters, especially Calumba and Gentian, useful for a short time (B.). Sanguinaria, when stomach needs stimulation (P.). Sarsaparilla, brokendown, syphilitic constitutions (P.). Alcohol is of great value, but has been abused; hurtful when it increases temperature and pulse, dryness of tongue, etc. (B.); a wine with much ether in debility of old age, especially where sleeplessness, indigestion and stomach cramps (R.). Aliment, sugar and saccharine fruits, vegetables, oil, milk, cod-liver oil, wine of good body and strength (B.). Porter or rum-and-milk for town-living women (R.). Sea-bathing, is useful in chronic illness, with much debility (R.). Turkish Baths, when debility is caused by the tropics, but caution necessary. When town-dwellers become stout and flabby, are easily tired, suffer from a lack of energy and from mental depression, a course of baths is beneficial (R.). [Compare AnÆMIA, ConvaLESCENCE.]

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Opium, more certain in action than any other remedy (Wa.); Morphine and Atropine (gr. and gr.), combined (B.), hypodermically (Wa.). Belladonna, as ointment, much used in France (L.). Camphor, gr. x with gr. of morphine, an effective remedy (B.); 3j in 3vj of mucilage, tablespoonful doses every hour or two (Wa.). Chloral, will stop the pains, but large doses, gr. xx-xl, are necessary (R.). Chloroform, the linimentum chloroformi, 3j with linim. Saponis 3vj, applied on flannel to the abdomen (Barker). Quinine, gr. v-x night and morning, with the above chloroform liniment locally, in neuralgic after-pains which do not yield to opiates, the uterus being tender on pressure (Barker). Gelsemium, suspends them, large doses (mxx) necessary (B.). Cimicifuga, relieves the pains, and allays general nervous excitement (P.). Ergot, is better than cimicifuga (R.). Poultices, warm, over the hypogastrium, with soothing injections into the vagina (L.).


Ricinis Communis, gr. v of extract, or 3j-ij of strong decoction, daily in water; also the leaves, or an infusion, locally to mammæ (T.). Gossypium, an emulsion of the seeds has repute in India, as a galactagogue. A wineglass of the decoction every 20 or 30 minutes (P.). Pilocarpus, remarkably increases the secretions (B.). Tea, a good black tea promotes the milk-supply. [Compare LACTATION.]


Aconite, in incipient, high body temperature (R.). Lead, diminishes the albumen (R.). Turpentine, gtt. ss-j, every 2 to 4 hours, or one to two drop doses night and morning, of great value in chronic albuminuria without marked symptoms of Bright's disease (P.). Gallic Acid, the most efficient agent in the acute form to restrain loss of albumen (B. P.). See Aitken's formula below. Cannabis Indica is indicated when bloody urine (R.). Chimaphila, has unquestioned power over albuminuria (P.). Cantharis mj every three hours, of the tincture, after the subsidence of acute symptoms, especially when bloody urine (R.). Fuchsine, in doses of gr. j-iij, completely arrested albuminuria in many cases with oedema (Bouchut). Alkalies, the citrates and acetates as diuretics (R.); the Buffalo Lithia Water of Virginia is highly recommended Nitro-glycerin, mj of a one per cent. solution to dilate the peripheral vessels. relieving the heart and lessening the renal congestion (B.). Turkish Baths, benefit by relieving the kidneys of work (R.). Milk-cure, with buttermilk, has proved very efficient in many cases (B.). Chalybeate Waters, especially those having purgative qualities, are beneficial (B.). [Compare BRIGHT'S DISEASE.]

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Arsenic, for distressing vomiting, one drop of liquor arsenicalis before breakfast (R.). Capsicum, in dyspepsia of chronic alcoholism, and to induce sleep; also as a substitute for the alcohol. Gr. x, with honey (B.). With bromide or arsenic and bitters to assist in overcoming habit, by removing the distress at pit of the stomach. The tinct. in 10-minim doses should be taken shortly before meals, or whenever there is depression or craving for alcohol. It obviates the morning vomiting, and promotes appetite and digestion (R.). Ammonia, a full dose (3ss) of the spirit will often sober a drunkard speedily (R.);a few drops of liquor ammoniæ, diluted, have prompt action (S.);-3j of the aromatic spirit with capsicum, see formula below. Ammonium Chloride, of high value (see ante, page 97). Quinine, especially the cinchona rubra, for gastric catarrh of drunkards (B.); gr. ij-vj daily to raise the nervous tone (P.). Nux Vomica, for after stomachal disorders (B.); in tremor of chronic alcoholism, of much value (P.); the tinct. in 5-minim doses with 15 of tinct. capsici, in water every 4 hours, is exceedingly effective in diminishing the craving for spirits and sustaining the nervous system. Strychnine, the Nitrate, gr. - hypodermically thrice daily for ten days, is an absolute cure for dipsomania (Luton); a very valuable remedy for chronic alcoholism and dipsomania, not merely curing the attacks, but abolishing the desire for drink, the patients abstaining from spirits of their own accord (Pombrak). Bromides, 3j every 4-6 hours in the horrors" (B.). Phosphorus, in chronic alcoholism, recommended by Anstie (R.). Opium, cautiously, if at all (B.);-Morphine with tonics before meals for pain, nausea, and want of appetite (R.). Cocaine, has been pronounced of great benefit, restoring appetite, inducing sleep and promoting digestion, while it soothes the brain and induces a feeling of contentment and calm (R.). Cimicifuga, is said to be useful in the treatment of the drunkard's stomach (R.). Chloral, is very successful, gr. xv-xx, but must be cautiously used with old worn-out drunkards (B.). Picrotoxin, small doses for the tremor, gr. repeated (B.). Lupulin, is the best substitute for alcoholic stimulants, and extremely serviceable in delirium tremens (B.). Zinc Oxide, is very useful in chronic alcoholism, to diminish the craving, to relieve the gastric catarrh and lessen the tremor (B.). The Keeley Injection contains Strychnine and Atropine, also Codeine and Cocaine for subjects of the opium-habit. (N. Y. Med. Record.) See under PATENT MEDICINES. Acute Alcoholic Poisoning requires an emetic or the stomach-pump, cold douche to the head and breast, warmth to the feet and limbs. Artificial respiration may be required. Milk, mucilaginous drinks, and black coffee, are the principal remedies. A milk diet often creates a disgust for alcohol. [Compare DELIRIUM TREMENS and VOMITING.]


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