Science, Bind 22–23

John Michels (Journalist)
Moses King, 1893
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Since Jan. 1901 the official proceedings and most of the papers of the American Association for the Advancement of Science have been included in Science.

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Side 208 - July 14, 1905, provided that an Essay deemed by the Committee of Award to be worthy of the Prize shall have been offered. Essays intended for competition may be upon any subject in Medicine, but...
Side 208 - The College of Physicians of Philadelphia announces that the next award of the Alvarenga Prize, being the income for one year of the bequest of the late...
Side 153 - Acid Phosphate Is the most effective and agreeable remedy in existence for preventing indigestion, and relieving those diseases arising from a disordered stomach. Dr. WW Gardner, Springfield, Mass., says : " I value it as an excellent preventive of indigestion, and a pleasant acidulated drink when properly diluted with water and sweetened.
Side 167 - Descriptive Pamphlet free on application to Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, RI Beware of Substitutes and Imitations. For sale by all Druggists.
Side 208 - Each essay must be sent without signature, but must be plainly marked with a motto and be accompanied by a sealed envelope, having on its outside the motto of the paper and within the name and address of the author. It is a condition of competition that the successful essay or a copy of it shall remain in possession of the college; other essays will be returned upon application within three months after the award.
Side 87 - Whatever is intended for insertion must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer; not necessarily for publication, but as a guaranty of good faith. We do iu»t hold ourselves responsible for any view or opinions expressed in the communications of our correspondents. Attention is called to the "Wants
Side 73 - ... drainage or sewerage, as to the most appropriate source of supply, the best practicable method of assuring the purity thereof or of disposing of their drainage or sewage, having regard to the present and prospective needs and interests of other cities, towns, corporations, firms or individuals which...
Side 73 - All such authorities, corporations, firms and individuals are hereby required to give notice to said Board of their intentions in the premises, and to submit for its advice outlines of their proposed plans or schemes in relation to water supply and...
Side 97 - Acid Phosphate with water and sugar only, makes a delicious, healthful and invigorating drink. Allays the thirst, aids digestion, and relieves the lassitude so common in midsummer. Dr...

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