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-his eulogy of Bacon's poli-
Farnaby, Thomas, his Avdonoría, Hamel, John Baptiste du, his

296-his Greek version of Ba. praise of Bacon, 234.
con's poem, 299—character of, Hampden, Dr., his Scholastic

Philosophy, 168, 171, note
Forms, Plato's, Bacon's opinion his Account of Aristotle's Phi.

of, 180—the true subject of losophy, 150, note.
knowledge, ib.

Hargrave, Mr., his character of
Fulgentio, Father, letter to, con- Bacon's Reading on Uses, 35
cerning Bacon's writings, 205.

Harvey, Dr., his Circuitus San-
Fuller, the Worthy, his Abel

guinis, reception of, 130, note
Redivivus, 28—his Sermon of

-account of his great disco-
Reform, 104-his style, cha- very, 194-bis love of anatomy,
racter of, 28, note.

-loses his notes on, during
the rebellion, 132, note-his

curious remedy for the gout,
Galileo, his condemnation, 167–

311, note.
edict against, repealed, 170— Haywarde's book, anecdote of,
his discovery of the pendulum,

64-Bacon's witty and hamane
174-answers Bacon's dis- saying of, 65.
course on the tides, 236-letter Herschel, sir John, his treatise
of, concerning the sun's stand- of sound, 193, note-his Dis.
ing still, ib. note-life of, by

course on Natural Philosophy,
Drinkwater, 98, note.

character of, 7, note-quoted
Gallois, Abbé, his praise of Ba- passim-anecdote of, 177.
con, 233.

History, Bacon's division of, 118.
Galvani, his observations on elec. Hobbes, of Malmesbury, charac-
tricity, 175.

ter of, 103-compared with
Gassendi, his esteem for Bacon,

Bacon, 103, 104-translates se-

veral of Bacon's Essays, 102,
Gay-Lussac, M., his aerouantic note-excellent aphorism of,
voyage, 190_effects upon, of

the decreased gravity of the Humboldt, M. de, ascends the
atmosphere, 190.

Andes, 190-effects upon, of
Geology, Lyell's principles of,

the decreased gravity of the
154-Buckland's riding lecture

atmosphere, ib.

Hume, Mr., bis observations on
Gilbert, Dr., of Colchester, his

king James's knights, 45, note
treatise on the magnet, 156,

- his character of the Com-
note-his valuable observations mons in 1604, 47, note.
on magnetism, 156.

Hutton, Abp., his letter to lord
Gillies, Ďr., his analysis of Aris- Burleigh, 276.
totle's works, 151.

Hutton, Dr, his discovery in
Gioenia Sicula, supposititious

Glen Tilt of veins of granite,
discovery of, 180.

Glanvill, Mr., his Plus Ultra-

Vanity of Dogmatising-Scep-
sis Scientifica, 223, note-de-
fends the New Philosophy, ib.

Induction, process of, 146, 164,

324-Baconian distinguishable

both from Plato's and Aris.

totle's, 147-151, 163, 164-ap-
Hacket, Bp., his Scrinia Rese- plicable as well to psycholo-
rata, 242, note.

gical as to physical science,
Hallam, Mr., his observations on 186, 357.

king James's knights, 45, note Instauratio Magna, nature and

on, 335.

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design of, 89-209-influence of, | Madox, Mr., his History of the
on the progress of science, Court of Exchequer, 277, note.

Magdeburgh hemispheres, 191.
Ireland, Bacon's praise of, 50, Mandeville, Dr., 58, note.
note-his tract on, 50.


Napier, Professor, his Disserta.
Jackson of Exeter, his Four tion on the scope and influ.
Ages, 29, note.

ence of Bacon's philosophy,
James, king, irreverent saying 98, note--216, note-quoted
of, 203, note.

Johnson, Dr., his character of Newton, sir Isaac, sublime say-

Bacon's Essays, 32, note-de- ing of, 198—his careful study

signed writing his life, ib. of Bacon, 227 — adopts his
Jonson, Ben, his character of Ba-

phraseology, 228--Pemberton's
con's oratory, 17-his verses View of his philosophy, ib.
on Bacon's sixtieth birth-day, Maclaurin's Account of his
88-his opinion of the Novum discoveries, 229 - Brewster's
Organum, 214.

life of, 210, 238.

Non-residence, Bacon's opinion

of, 76.
Kepler, account of, 215, note-North, sir Francis, account of
life of, by Drinkwater, ib.

his appointment to be King's
Knowledge, objections against,

counsel, 317.
stated and refuted, 107.116— Novum Organum, nature and de-
dignity and utility of, 117–

sign of, 143-202-influence of,
survey and classification of the on the progress of science,

various branches of, 118-142.

Lamb, Charles, witty saying of, Observers, frauds of, 180.
28, note.

Oldenburgh, Mr., first secretary
Law Reform, Bacon's speech on,

of the Royal Society, his eu.
12-his plan of, 59-63.

logy on Bacon, 221.
Lawrence, Mr., 132.

Osborn, Francis, his letters of
Light, reflection of,-refraction

advice to a son, 167, note-309.
of, 193-subject to the laws of
interference, ib.-analogy of,

to sound, ib.

Paper, machine for making, 196.
Logic, 377

Paper Philosophers, 140.
Lyell, Mr., his principles of geo- Parliament, judicial power of,
logy, 154.

Pascal, M., his experiment on


the Puy de Dôme, 190.
Mackintosh, sir James, his cha. Peiresc, an early disciple of Ba-

racter of sir John Herschel's
Discourse on Nat. Phil., 7, note | Pemberton, Dr., his View of
-his life of More, 28, note- Newton's Philosophy, 229.
his autobiography, ib.-his re- Philosophy, Bacon's division of,
viewal on Bacon, 210-his cha. 123.
racter of experimentalists, 211 Pius VII., his character-repeals
-MS, remark in Hobbes's Dia. the edict against Galileo and
logue, 226, note.

the Copernican System, 170.
Maclaurin, Mr., his opinion of Plato, his induction distinguished

the Instauration, 145, 229. from Bacon's, 147-150, 163,

con, 232.


164_his doctrine of Forms, Sharpe, Mr., his Essays, 73, note.

Smith, Dr. Adam, his Essay on
Playfair. Professor, his Prelimi. the Imitative Arts, 123, note.

nary Dissertation, 210-quoted Sorbiere, Dr., his Relation d'un
passim—his character of Ba. Voyage en Angleterre, attacked
con, 312.

by Dr. Sprat, 233, note-his
Playfer, Dr., Bacon's letter to, commendation of Bacon, 233—

105—begins a translation of the banishment of. 233, note.
Advancement of Learning, 106. Sound, Bacon's observations on,
Pluralities, Bacon's opinion of, 7-reflection of-refraction of,

193—subject to the laws of in-
Poetry, an imitative art, 128- terference, ib.-analogy of, to
Bacon's division of, ib.

light, ib.
Polarity, glaring instance of, 191. South, Dr., his discourse on the
Precedence, patents of, 318. abuse of words, 157.
Prejudices, Bacon's doctrine of, Southey, Dr., 233, 28, note.

stated and illustrated, 153-162. Sprat, Dr., his history of the
Prerogative Instances, Bacon's Royal Society, 221-his eulogy

doctrine of, stated and illus- on Bacon, ib.
trated, 186-202.

Stewart, Dugald, his character of
Property, right of, 82-84.

Bacon's Essays, 32 - of his
Puffendorf, Baron, his eulogy on classification of the sciences,
Bacon, 235.

Stubbe, Dr. Henry, his character,

224-calls the experimentalists
Quadrivium, a scholastic term,

a Bacon-faced generation, 225

-his abuse, 225, note.
meaning of, 168, note.

Syllogism, 164-deductive, 329

inductive, 330.

Sylva Sylvarum, character of, 204.
Raleigh, sir Walter, chided for
his free thinking by Elizabeth,

167, note.
“Reading,” custom of, in the

Theology, natural, Brougham's
Inns of Court, 34, note.

Discourse on, 357.
Reid, Dr., his Analysis of Aris Theory, proneness of observers to,

totle, 151.
Ross, Alexander, his Arcana Mi. Thomson, Dr. his Annals of Phi-
crocosmi, 217—his attack upon

losophy, singular assertion in,

211, note.
Bacon, 217, 218—his volumi.

Triviales, a scholastic expression,
nous writings ridiculed in Hu.
dibras, 218, note.

meaning of, 168, note.
Royal Society, first suggestion

Trivium, meaning of, 168, note.
of, by Bacon, 210-rise and

progress of, 219—Wallis's ac-
count of, 338—Sprat's history Uses, Bacon's reading on, 34.37.
of, 221-bequest to, by the fly-
ing bishop of Chester, 220,

note-Cowley's Ode to, 212.
Rushworth, Mr., his assertion

Voltaic pile, history and effects
that Bacon's decrees were not Voltaire, M., his letters on the

of, 176, 189.
reversed, 279.

English nation, 240.

Savigny, Von, 29, note,

Wallis, Dr., his Institutio Lo.
Selden, Mr., 16., note.

gica, 151.

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Wallis, Dr. John, his account of Buckingham, 242-reviews Ba-

the origin and first transac- con's orders, but finds them

tions of the Royal Society, 338. just, 278—his Scrinia Reserata,
Warner, Walter, his claim to the 242, note.

first discovery of the circula- Words, ambiguity of, cause of
tion of the blood, 194, note. controversy, 157-definition of,
Whately, Abp., his remarks on use and abuse, 159, 160.
Mandeville's Fable of the Bees, Wordsworth, Mr., his beautiful
58-his analysis of theory, 179, description of echoes upon
note-his exposition of ambi. echoes, 8, note.
guous terms, 158—his Political Wordsworth, Dr., his Ecclesias.
Economy, 174.

tical Biography, 220, note, 301,
Whewell, Professor, his Astro- note.

nomy and General Physics, Wotton, sir Henry, his opinion
109, note-his experiments in of the Novum Organum, 215—
Dolcoath mine, 200.

his account of Kepler, ib. note
White, Thomas, anecdote of, 224, -his character of Anthony

Bacon, 359.
Williams, Dean, his advice to



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