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husband upwards of twenty years: she died on the 29th June, 1650, and was buried in the chancel of Eyeworth Church, Bedfordshire. (Montagu's Life, note H.H.H.) Anthony, lord Bacon's only uterine brother, died in his lifetime; he was a gentleman, says sir Henry Wotton, of impotent feet, but a nimble head; and being of a provident nature, contrary to his brother the lord Viscount St. Albans, amassed a considerable fortune—not, if sir Henry was rightly informed, by the most creditable means.—Reliquia Wottoniana, p. 168; and see ante, p. 30.


Page 146, line 14, for conclusions read exclusions.

225, 4, for given read forgiven.

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Advancement of Learning, Ba-

con's treatise of, its nature
and design, 48, 101.142.
Aikin, Miss, her account of the

reign of Elizabeth, 275.
Air, decreased gravity of, its ef-

fects upon the human frame

described, 190.
Airy, Professor, his experiments

in Dolcoath mine, 200.
Analogy, examples of, 192-

Berkeley's remarks on, ib.-
Copleston's dissertation on,

158, note.
Appeal from Chancery, origin

of, 279, note.
Aristotle, his dictum De omni et

nullo, 146 - his induction de-
scribed and distinguished from

Bacon's, 146-151, 163, 164.
Aubrey, his anecdotes, 99, note.


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Babbage, Professor, anecdote of,

177,-his Reflections on the
decline of Science, 178-his
wonderful Calculating Engine,

Bacon, Friar, persecution of,

171, 172.
Bacon, sir Nicholas, his charac-

promise, 4-his sensibility to
atmospheric change, 5-enters
of Trinity College, Cambridge,
6-dislikes Aristotle's Philo.
sophy, 144-goes to Paris, 6-
invents a new system of ey-
phers, 7-studies the pheno-
mena of sound, 8-invents the
ear-trumpet, 9- his singular
dream, 9, note-loses his fa.
ther, who leaves him little pa.
trimony, 10-enters of Gray's
Inn and improves its gardens,
11-recommends weeding to
gentlewomen, ib. note — his
anecdote of a great man who
loved a sod, ib. — becomes
counsel extraordinary to the
Queen, 12-sits in Parliament
for Middlesex, ib.-his first
speech, 13-opposes the sub-
sidy and offends the Queen,
14-his character as a speaker,
17-discountenanced at court,
and designs leaving England,
18, 20-receives his master's
degree, and purposes to live at
college, 21-is dissuaded by
Essex, who rewards him for
his services, 24-his Elements
of the Common Law charac-
terized, 27-his Essays, charac-
ter of, 32-his style, character
of, and compared with Hob-
bes's, 33, 192-104 - his sen.
tences not composed, but cast,
33-proposes marriage to lady
Hatton, but is rejected, 33–
appointed duplex lector, 34-

ter, 3, note-his death, 9, note.
Bacon, lady, her skill in the
learned languages, 3-trans-
lates Jewel's Apology, 4-her

death, 9.
Bacon, lord, his birth and early

Bacon, lord, -(continued)- 271-his crime dispassionately

his Reading on Uses, nature considered, -oitia temporis,
and character of, 35-appointed 271-282 - his imprisonment,
counsel for the crown against 282-his letter from the Tower,
Essex, 37-his conduct vindi. ib. note-released and retires
cated, 39-sells an estate to sa- to Fulham, 283_-to Gorbam.
tisfy his wants, 42—his ambi. bury, 284-his fine remitted
tion, 43--attaches himself to and assigned, 285, 286--his pa-
king James, 44-knighted to thetic petition, 286, 287-leaves
please Miss Barnham, 45-re- Gorhambury for Chiswick, 288
turned for St. Alban's and his attachment to York
Ipswich, sits for the latter, 46 House, 289 - his letter of
-his popularity with the Com- thanks for his liberty, 291-his
mons, 47, 55-appointed king's History of Henry VII., anec-
counsel extraordinary, 48, 315 dote of, 293-his literary and
-his treatise on the Advance- philosophical labours after his
ment of Learning, nature and fall, 291-interesting anecdote
design of, 48, 101-142-his of, 294 – curious verses by,
tract on Ireland, good effects 297-applies for the provost-
of, 50, 51-appointed Solicitor- ship of Eton, 301-his pathe-
General, 52 — his Wisdom of tic appeal for a total pardon,
the Ancients, character of, 53— 302-is pardoned and receives
appointed Judge of the Knight. his writ for Parliament, 303–
Marshal's Court, sworn of the suffers from making an experi-
Privy Council, and becomes ment with snow, and is at-
Attorney - General, 55 - his tacked with bronchitis, 303,
charge against duelling, 56- 306—his last letter, 304—his
his plan of law reform, 59-63— death, proximate cause of, 306
his humanity, 64—his tracts on -his burial, 307—his will, 308
Church Reform, nature and -his person and peculiar ha-
design of, 69-82-his opinion bits described, 309-311 his
on non-residence, pluralities, character by Professor Play-
and church property, 76-82- fair, 312.
appointed lord" Keeper, his Bacon, lady Francis, 358.
salary as, 84, 85-his assiduity Bacon, Anthony, 359.
in office, 86-amends the prac- Barrington, Mr., his Observations
tice of his court, 87-obtains a on ancient Statutes, 277, note.
patent for appointing paid law. Beale, Dr., his study of Bacon,
reporters, 87-made lord Chan-
cellor, and raised to the peer- Berkeley, Bp., his observations
age, ib.-celebrates his sixtieth on analogy, 192, note.
birthday, 88 - commemorative Blackstone, sir William, bis elo.
verses by Jonson, ib.-pub- quent retort upon the Oxo-
lishes the Novum Organum, 89 nians, 172—his account of the
-nature and design of that origin of king's counsel exa-
work, 143-202—its influence on mined, 315.
the progress of science, con- Blumenbach, Professor, 132.
sidered, 210-238 - Instauratio Bolingbroke, lord, his observa-
Magna, nature and design of, tions on king James's sale of
88-209—his Sylva Sylvarum, the peerage, 45-anecdote of,
character of, 204 — his Im- 240.
peachment, 244—his letter to Borgia, Alexander, saying of, 129,
the Lords, 245—compelled to 95, note.
abandon all defence, 254—his Boyle, Robert, joins the Oxford
general submission, 258-265- Philosophical Club, 219, 226–
his articulate confession, 267- his pursuits influenced by Ba-
269,341-sentence of the Lords, con's writings, 227- his ac.


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count of Harvey's Discovery, Copernican system, edict against,

repealed, 170.
Brewster, sir David, his estimate Copleston, Dr., his Second Re-

of Bacon's Philosophy consi- ply, 146, note, 155, note-his
dered, 210, 238.

letter to Dr. Parr-Dissertation
Brougham, lord, his Discourse of on Analogy, 158, note - his
Natural Theology, 357.

Four Discourses, 174, note.
Brown, sir Thomas, his Religio Counsel, King's, origin of, 315—
Medici, 100.

difference between, and barris-
Brydges, sir Egerton, his sonnet ters with patents of prece.
to Bacon, 281.

dence, 318.
Buckingham, Marquis of, 289. Cowley, Abraham, his Ode to the
Buckland, Dr., his riding-lecture Royal Society, 212.

on Geology, described, 335. Cuvier, M., 132.
Burleigh, lord, his advice to his
son, 276.

Bushell, Mr., character of, 257—

his account of Bacon's inter- Davy, sir Humphry, his applica-
view with the King, 255-his tion of the Voltaic pile, 176–
account of the sentence of the his safety-lamp, nature and
Lords, 356—his Extract of his effects of, 197—his Consola-
Abridgment, 257, note.

tions in Travel, 169 – con-

demns the seeking of systems

of science in the scriptures, ib.

Deduction, process of, 329.
Camden, his character of sir Definitions, use and abuse of, 159.

Nicholas Bacon, 3, note. Deodate, M., his anxiety for
Cartes, Des, his opinion of lord Bacon's posthumous works,

Bacon, 232—his disrespectful 230.
remarks upon Galileo, ac-Dickinson, Mr., his paper-ma-
counted for, 232, note.

chine, wonderful power of, 196.
Carte, Mr., his history quoted, Drinkwater, Mr., his life of Ga.
274, 279, note.

lileo, 98, note of Kepler, 215,
Chichester, sir Arthur, his im- note.

provement of Ulster, aided by Duelling, Bacon's charge against,
Bacon's advice, 51.

55-Mandeville's Dialogue on,
Childrey, Archdeacon, his com. 58.

mendation of Bacon's Philoso- Dugdale, mistake of, corrected,
phy, 222_his Britannia Baco- 55, note.
nica, 223.

Dupuytren, M., his patriotic be-
Church Property, Bacon's obser-

quest, 133.
vations on, 78-82.
Church Reform, Bacon's obser-

vations on, 68-82.

Ear of Dyonisius, 192.
Clinical Lectures, Bacon's sug- Ear-spectacle or trumpet, Ba.

gestion of, 133-patriotic foyn- con's suggestion of, 9.

dation of, by Dupuytren, ib. Elizabeth, Queen, her saying of
Clocks, Bacon's experiment with, sir Nicholas Bacon, 3 - of

199—invention of pendulum, young Francis Båcon, 4-her
ib. note.

prejudices, 20-character of,
Coke, sir Edward, anecdote of, by lord Bacon, 41, note-Miss

34—his usage of Bacon, 323. Aikin's account of, 275.
Collins, Dr., influence of Bacon's Essex, earl of, rewards Bacon
writings on, 213.

for his services, 24-his letters
Commenius, his commendation to him, 319-his trial, 37.
of Bacon, 234.

Evelyn, Mr., his opinion of Ba-
Cooke, sir Anthony, his plan of con's philosophy, 223.

teaching Bacon's mother, 3.

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