The towers of Ravenswold; or, Days of Ironside


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Side 154 - And re-assembling our afflicted powers, Consult how we may henceforth most offend Our enemy; our own loss how repair; How overcome this dire calamity; What reinforcement we may gain from hope, If not, what resolution from despair.
Side 121 - Come, seeling night, Scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day ; And with thy bloody and invisible hand Cancel and tear to pieces that great bond Which keeps me pale...
Side 77 - Remote from multitude ; the world's a school Of wrong, and what proficients swarm around ! We must, or imitate, or disapprove ; Must list as their accomplices, or foes : That stains our innocence ; this wounds our peace.
Side 139 - Hung be the heavens with black ', yield day to night ! Comets, importing change of times and states, Brandish your crystal tresses in the sky ; And with them scourge the bad revolting stars, That have consented unto Henry's death ! f Henry the fifth, too famous to live long ! England ne'er lost a king of so much worth.
Side 47 - Scylla, bathing in the sea that parts Calabria from the hoarse Trinacrian shore : Nor uglier follow the night-hag, when call'd In secret riding through the air she comes, Lured with the smell of infant blood, to dance With Lapland witches, while the labouring moon Eclipses at their charms.
Side 169 - Passion and apathy, and glory and shame, Vain wisdom all, and false philosophy: Yet with a pleasing sorcery could charm Pain for a while, or anguish, and excite Fallacious hope, or arm the obdured' breast With stubborn patience as with triple steel.
Side 187 - How will you weather an eternal night, Where such expedients fail?
Side 18 - The cloud-capt towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself; * Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like the baseless fabric of a vision, Leave not a wreck behind.
Side 13 - Oh, woman, lovely woman ! Nature made thee To temper man : we had been brutes without you! Angels are painted fair, to look like you : There's in you all that we believe of heav'n ; Amazing brightness, purity, and truth, Eternal joy, and everlasting love ! Belvi.
Side 42 - As sulphur blazes at the taper's touch, She long'd her hidden passion to reveal, And tell her pains, but had not words to tell ; She can't begin, but waits for the rebound, To catch his voice, and to return the sound.

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