The American Angler, Bind 15

William Charles Harris
Angler's Publishing Company, 1889
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Side 72 - The fishers also shall mourn, and all they that cast angle into the brooks shall lament, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish.
Side 384 - SMOKERS who are willing to pay a little more than the price charged for the ordinary trade Cigarettes, will find THIS BRAND superior to all others. THE RICHMOND STRAIGHT CUT No. 1 CIGARETTES are made from the brightest, most delicately flavored and highest cost Gold Leaf grown in Virginia.
Side 293 - I love my country's pine-clad hills, Her thousand bright and gushing rills, Her sunshine and her storms; Her rough and rugged rocks, that rear Their hoary heads high in the air In wild, fantastic forms.
Side 72 - ... broke their waves and turned them into foam. And sometimes I beguiled time by viewing the harmless lambs; some leaping securely in the cool shade, whilst others sported themselves in the cheerful sun; and saw others craving comfort from the swollen udders of their bleating dams. As I thus sat, these and other sights had so fully possessed my soul with content, that I thought, as the poet hath happily expressed it, "I was for that time lifted above earth, And possessed joys not promised in my...
Side 72 - Look, under that broad beech-tree I sat down, when I was last this way a-fishing, and the birds in the adjoining grove seemed to have a friendly contention with an echo, whose dead voice seemed to live in a hollow tree, near to the brow of that primrose hill...
Side 46 - ... between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and with the other hand passing a pin by a single straight movement immediately behind the cord.
Side 246 - Ye happy Fields ! unknown to noise and strife, The kind rewarders of industrious life ; Ye shady Woods ! where once I us'd to rove, Alike indulgent to the Muse and love ; Ye murmuring Streams ! that in meanders roll, The sweet composers of the pensive soul, Farewell.
Side 27 - I think it possible, when trout feed much on hard substances, such as larvae and their cases, and the ova of other fish, they have more red spots, and redder fins. This is the case with the gillaroo and the char, who feed SECOND DAT.] 37 on analogous substances ; and the trout, that have similar habits, might be expected to resemble them.
Side 172 - Any person violating any of the provisions of the foregoing section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, in addition thereto, shall be liable to a penalty of twenty-five dollars, to be recovered with costs, by any person suing therefor in his own name.
Side 172 - But when said territory or any part thereof, shall be inclosed by a fence or fences of reasonable capacity for protection of said premises, then notices or sign boards of the dimensions aforesaid shall be placed on said fence or fences not more than one-half mile apart. After any such territory shall be dedicated and designated as aforesaid, all fish, birds and game, of, in or upon said territory, shall be the property of the owner or owners, lessee or lessees thereof, or of the person association...

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