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soever thou hast given me, are of thee: for gain. With what a different eye does a I have given unto them the words which devotional spirit contemplate Deity spreadthou gavest me: and they have received ing a table for every thing that lives! The them, and have known surely that I came Christian considers the fare upon his own out from thee, and they have believed that board, whether simple or sumptuous, flowing thou didst send me.” “Holy Father, keep in whatever channel, coming from the east through thine own name those whom thou or from the west, from the south or from the hast given me, that they may be one, as we north, as a supply immediately furnished by are."

the hand of his heavenly Father, as chil5. Let not the constant and regular ope- dren's bread, as a foretaste of the rich prorations of Deity, in the course of nature and vision of his Father's house above. This providence be overlooked. Like the people communicates to ordinary things a relish who “did eat of the loaves and were filled,” | unknown to the banquets of the luxurious we take and enjoy the repast, but discern and the proud. With the five thousand he not the miracle which produced it. The beholds his God in person feeding him. He naturalist traces the progress of vegetation passes from the table which he calls his own, as an amusement, as a branch of science. and at which his divine Master sat as a The husbandman pursues it as his destined guest, though invisible, to that which Jesus occupation, he casts seed into the ground, emphatically calls his, and he finds it repleleaves it there and goes to sleep, observes it nished with all the fulness of God." He day after day springing and growing up, he eats and is satisfied, he goes on his way knoweth not how ; first the blade, then the rejoicing, he advances from strength to ear, after that the full corn in the ear, but strength, he mounts up as on eagles' wings, his eye and his heart are all the while set on he runs and is not weary, he walks and the time of putting in the sickle, when the faints not. Thus may every one of us in harvest is come. The eager merchant too the Zion that is above appear before God. watches the process, as a commercial specu- " The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and lation, as favourable or unfavourable to his the love of God, and the communion of the plans of buying, and selling, and getting Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen."



Directions to the Binder.

ABRAHAM AND Lot, to face the Title.
Pharaon's DargHTER,



page 154.


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