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Massachusetts Medical Society.


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OCTOBER MEETING, 1863. A Stated Meeting of the Councillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society was held at the Room, in Temple Place, Boston, on Wednesday, October 5th, 1863, at 11 o'clock, A.M.

The President, Dr. JOSIAH BARTLETT, in the Chair.
The following Councillors were present :-

Essex North. Howland Holmes, Henry Dyer,
Oliver S. Lovejoy, Enos Hoyt, J. B. Forsyth,
Martin Root. J. B Taylor.

A. A. Gould,

John Homans, Essex South.

Norfolk. J. B. S. Jackson, Ebenezer Hunt, B. E. Cotting,

John Jeffries, Augustus Torrey. Edward Jarvis,

Francis Minot, Benjamin Mann. W. W. Morland, Middlesex North.

S. Morrill,
E. A. Perkins,

Plymouth. Ezra Palmer,
C. A. Savory.
Asa Millett.

C. G. Putnam,

D. H. Storer, Middlesex East.


C. E. Ware, J. D. Mansfield, S. L. Abbot,

J. M. Warren, H. P. Wakefield. Geo. Bartlett, A. A. Watson.

Jacob Bigelow, Middlesex South. S. Cabot,

Worcester North. Josiah Bartlett,

P. M. Crane, T. R. Boutelle, Henry Cowles, J. C. Dalton, David Parker.

The Secretary read the records of the last meeting, being those of the Annual Meeting, holden at Pittsfield, June 10th, 1863.

At this juncture, Dr. John Jeffries announced to the Council the death of Dr. George Hayward, Sen., within the previous thirty minutes, from apoplexy. The Councillors were deeply impressed by this sudden and most unexpected announcement.

On motion of Dr. J. C. Dalton, of Boston, a Committee was appointed to consider this startling news, and to draw up resolutions, to be presented to the Councillors during their session. The President appointed Drs. Dalton, Jeffries and J. M. Warren, who subsequently reported as follows:

"The Committee appointed to consider what order should be taken in relation to the announcement, just made by Dr. Jeffries, of the sudden death, since the opening of this meeting, of Dr. Geo. Hayward, former President of this Society, and for a long series of years an active and efficient member, recommend that a Committee be appointed to adopt such measures as may, on consultation with Dr. James Jackson, Dr. Jacob Bigelow, the officers of this Society, and such others as they may please to consult, seem appropriate to the sad occasion.'

The President reappointed the same gentlemen to act as this Committee.*

* The Committee, finding that it was the express desire of Dr. Hayward that no public demonstration be made by his medical associates, at his funeral, in pursuance of this vote prepared the following resolutions :

Resolved, “That in the death of Dr. George Hayward, the Massachusetts Medical Society has sustained the loss of a prominent, faithful and efficient member.

Resolved, “That we gratefully recognize those particular traits of medical character, which, during a long and useful professional career, made him not only prominent in this Society, but serviceable to the profession at large. These features appear in his great fondness for his profession and his high appreciation of its dignity and importance; in his clear and distinct recognition of tixed principles in medicine and surgery; in his readiness to assail cach false dogma in medicine, and his deep dislike of every form of empiricism; and in his sanguine disposition, which gave earnestness and energy to his general character.

Resolved, “That we recognize the practical application of these prominent features of his medical character, in the faithfulness of his personal attentions to the sick; in his important services to this Society while a member of the Council, for

The Treasurer, Dr. Minot, reported that the Committee on the transfer of the late Treasurer's accounts, had decided that the Treasurers hereafter should give bonds for the fulfilment of their trust.

On motion of Dr. Gould, the Committee on Finance were authorized to fix the amount of bonds to be given.

Dr. Jacob Bigelow gave some account of the circumstances of Dr. Hayward's illness and death; after which, on motion, the Councillors adjourned, at 124 o'clock, P.M.


Recording Secretary.

A Stated Meeting of the Councillors of the Massachusetts
Medical Society was held at the Room, in Temple Place,
Boston, on Wednesday, February 3d, 1864, at 11 o'clock, A.M.

The President, Dr. Josiah BARTLETT, in the Chair.
The following Councillors were present :

a long series of years, as shown by his able and valuable reports on various subjects, and by the dignity, hospitality and propriety of his course when President of the Society; in his early and continued interest in the Massachusetts General Hospital, and his long and successful career as a surgeon of that institution; in his usefulness to this community as a member, for many years, of the Board of Consulting Physicians for the city—especially at the time of the first invasion of Asiatic cholera ; in the public benefit more recently conferred by his strict fidelity as chairman of the Board of Examiners for Military Surgeons-by which the reputation of those entering the service from this Commonwealth has been preeminent; in his early use of the anästhetic agents in surgery, and his earnest efforts, at home and abroad, to lead the profession to make use only of that one which is the safest and best: in his fostering care of students of medicine, and his fiithful instructions to them while occupying a professor's chair.

“Nor would we forget his labors for Harvard College, and other literary and scientific associations which have thrown a reflex honor upon the medical profession. R-solred, “That, hy this slight recognition of some parts of his useful career,

e reminded that we have lost an honored associate and an esteemed friend. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent by the Secretary of the Society to his family, with whom we deeply sympathize in their loss, to the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, and to some of the city newspapers.”

JOHN JE ES, Committee.


Bristol South Middlesex South. II. I. Bowditch, W. W. Comstock, C. H. Allen, Samuel Cabot, Foster Hooper,

Josiah Bartlett, W. E. Coale,
C. D. Stickney. Howland Holmes, P. M. Crane,
Enos Hoyt.

Henry Dyer,
Essex North

John Flint,
Martin Root.


J. B. Forsyth, Ebenezer Alden, A. B. Hall, Essex South. B. E. Cotting, George Hayward, Benjamin Cox, J. G. S. Hitchcock, John Homans, Ebenezer Hunt, Edward Jarvis,

John Jeffries, J. M. Nye,

Benjamin Mann, Francis Minot, Augustus Torrey. Ebenezer Stone. W. W. Morland,

Samuel Morrill,
Middlesex North. Plymouth. Ezra Palmer,
J. C. Bartlett. Asa Millett,

D. H. Storer,
S. A. Orr.

C. E. Ware,
Middlesex East.

J. M. Warren, Alonzo Chapin,

Suffolk. J. W. Warren.
Ephraim Cutter,

J. Ayer,
J. D. Mansfield, Geo. Bartlett,
H. P. Wakefield.

The following Committees were appointed by the Chair:

On the Treasurer's accounts—Drs. A. A. Gould and P. M. Crane, of Boston.

On the Library and Cabinet—Drs. N. B. Shurtleff and E. H. Clarke, of Boston.

The Secretary read a letter from Col. Henry Lee, Jr., announcing the following bequest to the Society from Mrs. Louisa Lee Waterhouse “I give to the Massachusetts Medical Society my engraving of the London Medical Society.” Accompanying the above bequest was a gift from Col. Lee, in the following terms :-“ To which I beg leave to add an engraved portrait of Dr. Jenner, on the back of which is pasted a key to the London Medical Society, and there is also a sort of prospectus or advertisement of the London Jennerian Society, which may be thought interesting, and so I give it."

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