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1860 White, Samuel... Springfield
1860 White, Whitman B. .Curtisville.
1855 Whiting, I. B. . ...Janesville, Wis.
1861 Whittemore, George K.... Lowell.....
1856 Whittemore, Henry F..... Marblehead.
1861 Willard, Josiah N.... .. Boston.....
1861 Williams, A. A. C.. .Pittsfield..
1861 Willis, Lemuel Murray.... Marblehead.
1858 Windship, George B.. . Roxbury.
1855 Winsor, Frederic.. . Boston.
1860 Witter, John...

.Brimfield. 1856 Wood, Franklin A. .Lunenburg 1855 Wood, James A.

Boston.. 1855 Woodbury, Elwell. .Medford. 1855 Woodward, Rufus.... Worcester. 1861 Wright, Eliphalet .Lee 1855 Yale, John


Gentlemen will please notify the Recording Secretary of any errors, omissions or removals.

Diplomas can be obtained by application to the Recording Secretary, enclosing the sum of One Dollar. (See By-Law No. IV.)

Massachusetts Medical Society.


OCTOBER MEETING, 1862. A Stated Meeting of the Councillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society was held at the Room in Temple Place, Boston, Wednesday, October 1st, 1862, at 11 o'clock, A.M.

The President, Dr. JOSIAH BARTLETT, in the Chair.
The following Councillors were present:-
Essex North. Enos Hoyt,

P. M. Crane,
Henry C. Perkins. F. R. C. Kittredge, J. C. Dalton,

Augustus Mason, J. B. Forsyth, ,

J. B. Taylor.
Essex South.

A. A. Gould,
E. Hunt,

A. B. Hall, J. M. Nye,


George Hayward, Augustus Torrey. B. E. Cotting,

Geo. Hayward, Jr.

J. Homans,
J. G. S. Hitchcock.

J. B. S. Jackson, Middlesex North.

J. Jeffries, Charles A. Savory. Plymouth Wm. W. Morland, Asa Millett.

E. Palmer, Middlesex East.

D. H. Storer, J. D. Mansfield,

Suffolk. C. E. Ware,
H. P. Wakefield. J. Bigelow,

J. M. Warren,
H. J. Bigelow, A. A. Watson.
Middlesex South. H. I. Bow ditch,
C. H. Allen, S. Cabot, Jr.
A. B. Bancroft, H. G. Clark,

J. Bartlett,
W. E. Coale,

Oramel Martin.

The Secretary read the record of the preceding meeting, which was accepted.

The Delegates appointed to attend the Annual Meeting of the New Hampshire Medical Society (Drs. E. Hoyt, of Framingham, and C. A. Savory, of Lowell) reported that they were cordially received by that Society, which voted unanimously to reciprocate the attention, and appointed Prof. Albert Smith, of Dartmouth Medical College, and Dr. A. H. Robinson, of Concord, Delegates to attend the next Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society.

Dr. Cotting, of Roxbury, one of the Delegates to attend the Annual Meeting of the Vermont Medical Society, made a similar report.

The Committee on Membership and Resignations reported that the following persons, having arrived at the age of sixty, having paid their dues and desired that they might become Retired Members, it is recommended that their request be granted, viz. :


Dr. Martin Root,

Byfield ; “ Noble B. Pickett,

Housatonic; " Charles W. Wilder,

Fitchburg ; George Stearns,

Groton ; " Aaron Cornish,

New Bedford ; ". Edward B. Moore,

Boston ; " A. D. Dearborn,

Clifton Dale ; " Theodore Kittredge,

Waltham ; " P. W. Leland,

Fall River ; " Daniel Harwood,

Boston ; on Joshua Tucker,

Boston. The report was accepted, and the recommendation of the Committee was adopted. Dr. Bowditch, of Boston, presented the following petition :

Boston, Sept. 30th, 1862. To the Councillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society:

The undersigned, a Committee chosen by the Suffolk District Medical Society, to take some action relative to the

present cruel system of Ambulances of the United States Army, would respectfully call the attention of the Councillors to the gross abuses now existing in that department; and they would earnestly request your body, as the representatives of the Physicians of Massachusetts, to consider the propriety of laying this subject, in a formal manner, before the physicians of the State, with the request that they would, by means of individual exertions, and petitions from local District Societies, endeavor to prevent the evils now existing, by placing the ambulance system more immediately under the control of the medical department, rather than under that of the quartermaster's department, whereby, the undersigned believe, the horrible abuses alluded to have been allowed to arise.

The undersigned likewise suggest the propriety of the Massachusetts Medical Society undertaking, by means of a Circular, signed by its proper officers, to bring this subject to the consideration of the State Medical Societies of the North and West.

Henry I. BOWDITCH, 1
John C. Dalton,
J. Mason WARREN, Committee.

S. L. ABBOT, Dr. Bowditch offered the following Resolutions, which, after discussion, were unanimously adopted.

Resolved, “ That the Councillors recommend to the officers of the District Societies to prepare petitions relative to the abuses existing in the Ambulance arrangements of the Army, and, after obtaining signatures thereto, to forward them to the Secretary of War, through the members of Congress of their respective Districts.”

Resolved, “That the President be requested to call attention of State Societies, in the other loyal States, to these abuses in the Ambulance system, with the request that they will take some action in the premises.”

Dr. Gould, of Boston, called the attention of the Councillors to the decision of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth, that the Fellows of the Massachusetts Medical Society are liable to military draft, notwithstanding a clause in the Charter of the Society exempting them from enrol. ment in the militia.

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