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BARNSTABLE. Dr. George W. Doane, Hyannis, President; Dr. John M. Smith, Barnstable, Vice-President; Dr. Samuel H. Gould, Barnstable, Secretary; Dr. Elijah W. Carpenter, Chatham, Treasurer and Librarian.

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BERKSHIRE. Dr. Clarkson T. Collins, Great Barrington, President; Dr. Timothy Childs, Pittsfield, Vice-President; Dr. R. Cresson Stiles, Pittsfield, Secretary; Dr. Abner M. Smith, Pittsfield, Treasurer.

BRISTOL NORTH.-Dr. Charles Howe, Raynham, President; Dr. John R. Bronson, Attleboro', Vice-President; Dr. John B. Chase, Taunton, Secretary; Dr. Thaddeus Phelps, Attleboro', Librarian.

BRISTOL SOUTH.-Dr. William W. Comstock, Middleboro', President; Dr. George Atwood, Fairhaven, Vice-President; Dr. Arthur Ricketson, New Bedford, Secretary; Dr. Frederick H. Hooper, New Bedford, Treasurer and Librarian.

ESSEX NORTH.Dr. Kendall Flint, Haverhill, President; Dr. Enoch Cross, Newburyport, Vice-President; Dr. Martin Root, Byfield, Secretary and Treasurer; Dr. William Coggswell, Bradford, Librarian.


Dr. Augustus Torrey, Beverly, President; Dr. Benjamin Cox, Jr., Salem, Vice-President; Dr. David Choate, Salem, Secretary; Dr. William Mack, Salem, Treasurer; Dr. H. Osgood Stone, Salem, Librarian.

FRANKLIN. Dr. Edward Barton, Orange, President; Dr. Humphrey Gould, Rowe, Vice-President; Dr. Charles T. Lyons, Coleraine, Secretary, Treasurer and Librarian.

HAMPDEN. — Dr. P. Le Breton Stickney, Chicopee, President; Dr. William G. Breck, Springfield, Vice-President; Dr. Geo. A. Otis, Springfield, Secretary, Treasurer and Librarian.

HAMPSHIRE.Dr. Israel H. Taylor, Pelham, President; Dr. James Dunlap, Northampton, Vice-President; Dr. Edward B. Barrett, Northampton, Secretary; Dr. Artemas Bell, Southampton, Treasurer.

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MIDDLESEX NORTH. Dr. Charles A. Savory, Lowell, Presi dent; Dr. Jonathan Brown, Tewksbury, Vice-President; Dr. Harlin H. Pillsbury, Lowell, Secretary; Dr. Nathaniel B. Edwards, North Chelmsford, Treasurer; Dr. Charles G. A. Eayrs, Lowell, Librarian.

MIDDLESEX EAST. - Dr. Benjamin Cutter, Woburn, Presi dent; Dr. David Dana, Reading, Vice-President; Dr. Ephraim Cutter, Woburn, Secretary; Dr. Benjamin Cutter, Woburn, Treasurer and Librarian.

MIDDLESEX SOUTH.-Dr. Simon Whitney, Framingham, President; Dr. W. W. Wellington, Cambridge, Vice-President; Dr. Alfred Hosmer, Watertown, Secretary; Dr. Royal S. Warren, Waltham, Treasurer.


Dr. A. Le Baron Monroe, Medway, President; Dr. Erasmus D. Miller, Dorchester, Vice-President; Dr. Edward Jarvis, Dorchester, Secretary; Dr. Danforth P. Wight, Dedham, Treasurer; Dr. David S. Fogg, South Dedham, Librarian.

PLYMOUTH.Dr. Paul L. Nichols, Kingston, President; Dr. Winslow Warren, Plymouth, Vice-President; Dr. Henry N. Jones, Kingston, Secretary and Treasurer; Dr. Francis Collamore, Pembroke, Librarian.

SUFFOLK. Dr. John B. S. Jackson, Boston, President; Dr. Charles E. Buckingham, Boston, Vice-President; Dr Calvin G. Page, Boston, Secretary; Dr. Francis Minot, Boston, Treasurer; Dr. James C. White, Boston, Librarian.

WORCESTER. - Dr. Oramel Martin, Worcester, President; Dr. Calvin P. Fiske, Fiskedale, Vice-President; Dr. Thomas H. Gage, Worcester, Secretary; Dr. J. Marcus Rice, Worcester, Treasurer; Dr. Samuel F. Haven, Jr., Worcester, Librarian.

WORCESTER NORTH. Dr. Jonas A. Marshall, Fitchburg, President; Dr. Alvah Godding, Winchendon, Vice-President; Dr. Thomas R. Boutelle, Fitchburg, Treasurer; Dr. James R. Wellman, Fitchburg, Secretary and Librarian.



Fellows whose names are not written IN FULL in the Catalogue, will please send them to the Recording Secretary, John B. Alley, 35 Boylston Street, Boston, forthwith, that they may be inserted in the new edition.

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Adams, Zabdiel B..

1860 Allen, A. N..

1859 Allen, Justin...

1860 Ames, Joseph S.. 1861 Andrews, Robert.

1861 Arnold, George J.. 1858 Aten, Henry F... 1854

Barker, Bowen

1860 Barker, John W. 1860 Barnes, Edward F.. 1855 Barnes, John.... 1856 Barnes, Norman S.. 1861 Barrett, Edward B. 1858 Barrett, William M. 1861 Barstow, Noyes.. 1855 Bartlett, Ezra... 1861 Bates, Joseph N.. 1856 Beals, H. H. 1858 Bement, John W.. 1857 Bemis, Merrick. 1855 Bemis, Nathaniel O.

1855 Blake, John E. 1861 Blake, John G. 1859 Both, Carl....


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. Canton....


. Orange
S. Hanson..

.Ashland ....
Concord, N. H..
.. Worcester..

Shelburne Falls..



Middletown, Ct...

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Retired. Died. Age.

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1861 Buttrick, James T..... 1858 Campbell, Benjamin 1858 Chamberlain, Eben. N. 1860 Chapin, Horace.. 1856 Chase, Irah E... 1858 Chase, John B. 1858 Chase, Preston M. 1858 Cheever, David W. 1855 Clark, Henry.. 1858 Coggswell, George B.. 1859 Collamore, George A. 1855 Collins, Clarkson T.. 1855 Cooke, McLaurin F.. 1856 Coolidge, James 1857

Cowdray, Harris.

1856 Cowles, H..

1859 Crehore, Charles F. 1856 Crowell, John, Jr. 1857 Crozier, Arthur T.. 1861 Curtis, Hall..... 1856 Cutter, Ephraim. 1860 Dean, John

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East Boston



Haverhill.. ..Taunton .Danvers ..Boston... ....Worcester... Bridgewater

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W. Bridgewater.. Great Barrington. Boston..

Orange Acton.. .Saxonville.


. Haverhill
. Maysville, Ark.




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1856 Gage, Daniel Parker



Fuller, Henry H..

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1859 Hartley, James W.........Fall River..

Retired. Died. Age.

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