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May 29, 1861.

THE Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society was held on Wednesday, May 29th, 1861, at 10 o'clock, A.M., in the Hall of the Lowell Institute, Boston.

The President, Dr. John Homans, in the Chair.
The record of the last meeting was read.

The Secretary read the names of those who had become Fellows during the year, and the Fellows deceased since the last anniversary meeting.

Fellows admitted during the year.
Robert Andrews,

George J. Arnold,

Noyes Barstow,

Edward B. Barrett,

Joseph N. Bates,

John G. Blake,

Francis H. Brown,

James T. Buttrick,

C. G. Burnett,

Hall Curtis,

Charles G. A. Eayers,

Benjamin Fearing, Jr.

Asa F. Gray,

Maurice K. Ilartnett,

Henry B. Hubbard,

Fayette Jewett,

H. E. Kemp,

N. Prescott.
F. R. C. Kittredge,

F. B. A. Lewis,

Adams, N. Y.
Franklin Meacham,

W. Stockbridge.
M. S. Mead,

George T. Moffatt,

James M. Moore,

S. Groton.
Patrick A. O'Connell,

Asa F. Pattee,

W. Amesbury.
John M. Pillsbury,

J. P. Prince,

Loren II. Pease,


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II. S. Plympton,

Ashael A. Plympton,

Arthur Ricketson,

New Bedford.
James F. Richards,

N. Bridgewater.
William E. Rice,

George T. Shipley,

Charles H. Spring,

Edmund Seyffarth,

Reuben Spaulding,

Silas E. Stone,

R. Cresson Styles,

George F. Thompson,

Charles C. Toplift,

Josiah N. Willard,

Joseph O. West,

Orin Warren,

W. Newbury.
A. A. C. Williams,

Honorary Members.
Bernhard Roeser,

Athens, Greece.
Gaetano Valerj,

Rome, Italy. The Treasurer read his Annual Report, and stated that the heavy totals exhibited in the account, had arisen from the receipt and investment of a large legacy, and from temporary loans obtained and subsequently repaid. From the large balance due the Treasurer, it might seem that the debts of the Society had increased during the year. This arises from the fact that nearly all the out-standing debts now stand in the name of the Treasurer. About $600 arrearages for printing and for legal expenses have been paid, so that the liabilities have in reality been reduced about $350; and will be at once still farther reduced in the sum of $600, the sum usually devoted to the annual dinner, and appropriated by vote to this purpose.

The legacy of the late IIon. Jonathan Phillips, of $10,000, was received in March last, and by the assistance of the President and the advice of the Finance Committee, has been advantageously invested in a first mortgage on a most eligible estate in the city, of more than double the value, at six per cent. interest, payable semi-annually. In the pre

sent state of the times, this must be considered a most fortunate investment.

The Society is greatly indebted to the President on this occasion, for investigating and adjusting the legal claims assumed by the Society, and for his ready pecuniary aid in many other emergencies.

The Report of the Auditing Committee was read by the Secretary

The Committee on Scientific Communications presented the following Report:

The Committee on Scientific Communications report, that they have found greater difficulty this year than on any previous year, in procuring communications. They have, however, the pleasure of stating that the Middlesex East District Medical Society will make a brief statement of the Statistics of Zymotic Diseases in that district. Dr. Ruppaner, of Boston, will give an abstract of a paper prepared by him on Subcutaneous Injections for the Relief of Neuralgia. Respectfully submitted,

Jxo. Geo. METCALF,
Henry I. BowdITCH,
George CHOATE.

Dr. E. Cutter read the report on Zymotic Diseases. Owing to the absence of Dr. Ruppaner, the paper on Subcutaneous Injections was not presented.

Dr. Geo. C. Lincoln, of South Malden, reported very fully the case of a man, 25 years of age, from whose abdomen there was removed, after death, a tumor which weighed 81 pounds — the duration of the disease having been only eighteen months. The mass gave during life a most remarkable sense of fluctuation. A cast in plaster of the tumor was exhibited, and the case will be published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Dr. J. B. S. Jackson made some remarks upon


case, having had the care of the patient for a few weeks at the Hospital. He thought that the structure of the tumor may have resembled that of one which was described by Prof. Delamater in the Cleveland (Ohio) Medical Gazette for August, 1859; and which last was, so far as he was aware, the largest tumor on record, the estimated weight of the patient after death being less than 100 pounds, and that of the tumor 275 pounds. Extracts from Prof. D.'s report were read, and a daguerreotype of the patient, taken some time before death, was exhibited.

A series of resolutions which had been previously adopted by the Councillors, passed in concurrence. (Vide pp. 4 and 5.)

A communication was received from Dr. Miller, of Pittsfield, inviting the Fellows of the Society to a dinner in Berkshire on the next Anniversary Meeting.

As the Councillors had voted at their Annual Meeting that the next meeting should be held in Boston, the question of acceptance was laid on the table.

On motion of Dr. James Jackson, of Suffolk,

Voted, That the thanks of the Society be presented to Dr. Miller for his polite invitation."

A letter was received from Dr. J. M. Warren, inviting the Fellows of the Society to visit the Warren Museum in Chestnut Street.

At 1 o'clock, P.M., the Annual Discourse was delivered by Dr. Henry C. Perkins, of Newburyport, on “The Duties of the Physician and Surgeon in War.”

On motion of Dr. Hunt, of Essex,

Voled, That the thanks of the Society be presented to Dr. Perkins, for his eloquent, appropriate and patriotic address." Adjourned.


Recording Secretary.


Massachusetts Medical Society in Account with Augustus A. Gould, Treasurer.


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