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On Finance-Drs. John Homans and S. Durkee, of Boston; Dr. P. M. Crane, of East Boston.

On Memberships and Resignations-Drs. James Ayer, Francis Minot and Calvin Ellis, of Boston.

Dr. Childs, of Pittsfield, Chairman of the Committee on Nominations, reported the following list of officers, and they were unanimously elected by ballot: President, .

Dr. A. A. Gould, Boston. Vice President,

“ H. L. SABIN, Williamstown. Corresponding Secretary, " W. E. COALE, Boston. Recording

• Chas. D. HOMANS, Librarian,

16 J. C. WHITE, Treasurer,

" FRANCIS MINOT, The same Committee also reported the following nominations : For Anniversary Chairman, Dr. W. E. COALE, Boston. Orator,

« B. E. COTTING, Roxbury. And they were duly elected by ballot.

The following gentlemen were nominated by the Chair, as delegates to the meetings of different State Societies for the current year :To the New Hampshire Medical Society. Drs. A. B. Hall,

H. C. Perkins,

Ephraim Cutter,

To the Maine Medical Society.
Drs. George Fabyan,

Jonathan Ware, .

To the Vermont Medical Society.
Drs. H. I. Bowditch,

T. R. Boutelle,

J. M. Harlow,

To the Connecticut Medical Society.
Drs. G. C. Shattuck,

Calvin P. Fiske,

To the Rhode Island Medical Society.
Drs. J. Bartlett,

H. W. Williams,


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To the New York Medical Society.
Drs. H. H. Childs,

J. L. Miller,
C. T. Collins,

Great Barrington.
Foster Hooper,

Fall River.
To the New Jersey Medical Society.
Drs. John Homans,

B. E. Cotting,

Roxbury. The President, Dr. Josiah Bartlett, of Concord, on retiring from the Chair, expressed himself in grateful terms of acknowledgment to the Fellows for the uniform courtesy and kindness they had always extended to him during his term of office. The fulfilment of his duties had been to him a pleasure rather than a burden. He desired Drs. Childs and Jeffries to escort the President elect to the Chair.

Dr. A. A. Gould, the President elect, on taking the Chair, made his acknowledgments to the Councillors for the distinguished honor they had done him, and said that his best efforts should be given to the discharge of the duties of so important and honorable a position.

On motion of Dr. John Homans, the thanks of the Councillors were unanimously voted to the retiring President for the faithful and devoted services rendered by him during his occupancy of the Chair.

At 10 minutes past 10 o'clock, P.M., the meeting was dissolved.


Recording Secretary.

Omitted in Record of February Meeting. The Committee on Membership and Resignations reported in favor of the election of Prof. Dixi Crosby, of Hanover, N. H., to Honorary Membership, as proposed at the last stated meeting by Dr. Hoyt of Framingham and Dr. Cowles of Saxonville, and he was duly elected.

Massachusetts Medical Society.



May 25th, 1864. The Annual Meeting of the Society was held in the Common Council Room, in the Hall of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, on Wednesday, May 25th, 1864, at 10 o'clock, A.M.

During the temporary absence of Dr. A. A. Gould, the President, the meeting was called to order by the Recording Secretary; and Dr. Andrew Mackie, of New Bedford, was unanimously chosen President, pro tem.

The Secretary read the record of the preceding meeting, and laid before the Society the record of the Councillors for the preceding year.

The Secretary read the names of those who have become Fellows since the last Annual Meeting, and of those Fellows who have died during the year.


Fellows admitted since June, 1863.
Charles Gilbert Allen,

Charles W. Barnes,

Francis F. Brown,

Alfred R. Bullard,

Orvis 0. Davis,

N. Andover.

John Henry Denny,
George E. Frothingham,
Trefle Garceau,
James Sumner Greene,
Nathaniel Greene, Jr.
W. W. Greene,
John Milton Grosvenor,
H. T. Hanks,
Thomas B. Hitchcock, ,
John F. Hurley,
P. P. Ingalls,
Edward Dillon Ireland,
Arthur Kemble,
David Mack, Jr.
William Basilio Mackie,
James Augustin McLaughlin,
John J. McSheehy,
Alfred Montville,
Curtis Emerson Munn,
Nomus Paige,
Edgar Parker,
Elisha Harvey Quimby,
N. M. Ransom,
Joseph Brown Reynolds,
Frank H. Rice,

Patterson Robbins,
Michael Roberts,
James T. Rood,
George Francis Shattuck,
Joseph Stedman,
Horatio G. Stickney,
Oscar F. Swasey,
Joshua Brackett Treadwell,
James Edwin Walker,
John Warren Willis,
Benjamin F. Wilson,
Joseph W. Winslow,

Somerville. N. Becket. Charlestown. Milton. Boston. Pittsfield. Woburn. Royalston. Boston. Boston. S. Boston. Lowell. Salem. U. S. N. Boston. Boston. U. S. A. Hatfield. Westfield. Taunton. Saxonville. Salem. W. Stockbridge. Concord. Worcester. Boston. Lawrence. Brookfield. Pepperell. Jamaica Plain. Springfield. Beverly. Boston. Boston. Waltham. New Bedford. East Hampton.

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Honorary Member,

Dixi Crosby,

Hanover, N. H.

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Fellows deceased since June, 1863.


Date of Decease. Age. 1844 ALANSON ABBE


April 14, 1864 | 69 1839 Jason H. ARCHER. Wrentham

Jan. 22, 1864 69 1830 * FRANCIS BOOTT

London, Eng. Dec, 25, 1863 72 1849 BENJ. F. BURGESS. Wareham

Jan. 5, 1864 40 1841 ERASTUS H. CLAPP Wrentham

Aug. 7,

1863 49 1845 Moses CLARK

East Cambridge.. March 27, 1864 46 1829 AARON CORNISH

New Bedford .. April 10, 1864 : 74 1851 ARIAL I. CUMMINGS. Roxbury..

Sept. 9, 1863 40 1831 BENJAMIN CUTTER. Woburn

March 9, 1864 61 1823 John C. DALTON.. Boston.

Jan. 8,

1864 68 1862 CHARLES Epson Davis.. Ashburnham

1864 41 1821 TIMOTHY Fiske..


Dec. 16,

1863 85 1829 Joshua B. FLINT.. Louisville, Ky.

Mar. 19, 1861 62 1852 LEMUEL FULLER

North Weymouth

1864 51 1862 CHARLES H. HASKELL.. South Abington.. Nov. 10, 1863 31 1816 GEORGE HAYWARD. Boston..

Oct. 7, 1863 73 1837 *S. P. HILDRETH

Marietta, 0. July 24, 1863 80 1840 C. G. HOLBROOK.

South Abington.. Sept. 21, 1863 57 1822 VINCENT HOLCOMB W. Granville Sept. 16, 1863 68 1839 Selden JENNINGS. Richmond. April 15, 1864 50 1855 SAMUEL H. KEEP


Sept. 30, 1863 30 1844 S. D. King ...

Lunenburg October, 1863 76 1817 M. A. MOORE...


Mar. 30,

1861 39 1837 CHARLEY MCALLISTER.. Stockbridge

1864 | 70 1859 J. H. MANNING


1863 1826 John NELSON..


Mar. 22,

1864 1839 Otis PERHAM.


1863 50 1856 D. C. PERKINS.

South Danvers. Nov. 3, 1863 39 1861 H. S. PLYMPTON

Cambridge Sept. 25, 1863 25 1863 EUGENE P. ROBBINS.


Nov. 27,

1863 1860 M. T. ROBINSON

Jamaica Plain.

Mar. 13,

1864 51 1815 DEAN ROBINSON

West Newbury Aug. 22, 1863 75 1854 DAVID ROBERTS.


Aug. 15, 1863, 36 1836 John STEVENS .


July 10, 1863 74 1847 JAMES W. STONE.


Aug. 22, 1863 40 1846 John A. TARBELL. Boston

Jan. 21,

1864 1838 THOMAS K. THOMAS. S. Beddington, Me Nov. 7, 1863 1820 JOHN WARE.

April 29, 1864 68 1853 Ira WARREN


May 20, 1861 59 1826 CHARLES WILD


1864, 69 1826 ABEL WILDER


1863 1853 R. H. WHEATLAND


Dec. 21,

1863 33 1826 JAMES M. WHITTEMORE. Brighton.

Dec. 7,

1863 68 1851 ISAAC P. Willis. Royalston

1863 | 56 * Honorary Members.


The Secretary announced the name of Dr. John Ordronaux, of New York, as an accredited delegate from the New York State Medical Society, to this meeting.

The President, Dr. Gould, having now arrived and taken the Chair, introduced Dr. Ordronaux to the Society, who

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