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Treasurer's Report.

In presenting his Nineteenth Report, the Treasurer desires to decline a re-election, as he would have done some years since, had it not been for a desire to see the treasury once more overflowing, after having been so deeply drained by the Law and by over-publication. But as the time when this can be accomplished seems yet too far in the dim distance, he is constrained to forego that gratification for himself. Not that much has not been already accomplished in this direction, and that a consummation will not ere long be effected. It might now be at hand, had it not been for a change in circumstances. We have already liquidated $2,811.42, with the interest, of the debt incurred by the notable lawsuit, and only one thousand remains to be paid; and have reduced the balance due the Treasurer about $1,100; and no new or extraordinary liabilities have been incurred, excepting a fee for counsel in the matter of the military draft. The present liabilities of the Society may be safely stated at $2,500, against $3,700 last year. Two circumstances have already modified, and will continue to modify our income, viz., the absence of not less than one hundred and fifty of our members in the army and navy; and the tax of one per cent. on our funded capital, which reduces our income, from that source, from $1,123 to $1,021 per annum. Add to this the additional price of eighty dollars which we are now obliged to pay for Braithwaite's Retrospect, and it will make a difference in receipts and expenditures of about $500 per


It is hoped that the measures recommended by the Committee on Delinquencies may help to replenish largely the treasury.

It is now nineteen years that your Treasurer has been successively elected to his office; and he was more or less engaged with preceding Treasurers for ten years beforewell nigh thirty years. At the time he entered upon the office, the receipts were $1,662, and the expenditures $774. Now the annual receipts and expenditures are each about $6,000. The invested fund was then $11,252; now it is $30.420. As to the amount of labor and vexation involved in the collection and disbursement of such an amount, derived in very small sums from such numerous and widespread sources, he will leave it for his successor to testify.


There was no report from the Committee on the Library, but the Treasurer made a verbal report on the subject of the Publications.

The Committee on Membership and Resignations reported as follows:

The following persons, having arrived at the age of sixty, and having paid their dues, desire to become Retired Members, and it is recommended that their request be granted,

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Dr. E. J. Davenport, having been disabled by illness for several years, and not expecting again to resume practice, desires to have his dues remitted and to resign his membership.

It is recommended that his request be granted.

June 16th, 1863.

For the Committee.

The report was accepted, and the recommendations of the Committee were adopted.

The Committee appointed at the last meeting to act in the matter of a report by the Committee on Membership and Resignations, made the following report:—

The Committee on Finance, who, with the Treasurer, were appointed a Special Committee, with full powers, to act in the matter of a report by the Committee on Membership and Resignations, concerning the disposition of delinquent members, ask leave to report,

That they have examined the list of delinquents, and have distributed them under the following heads, viz. :

1. Those who are far advanced in age, but who have neglected to make the requisite application to become Retired Members.

It is recommended that their dues be remitted, and that they be considered as Retired Members.

2. Those who are believed to be abundantly able to pay, but who, from neglect or disinclination, have failed to do so. Some, indeed, have never paid an assessment since entrance.

It is recommended that those who owe five assessments, and less than ten, be immediately sued for the same; and that those who are delinquent for ten assessments be informed that unless their dues are satisfactorily adjusted within a specified time, their names will be stricken from the list of members.

3. Those who deny membership, or appear to have been enrolled without their knowledge or consent.

It is recommended that their names be erased from our Catalogue.

4. Those who have not been heard from for many years, and who are believed to have left the State.

It is recommended that such persons be marked as Removed, that their accounts be discontinued on the Treasurer's books, and a mere list of such dues be entered on the books, for future reference.

A list of names selected to be placed under the several heads is herewith submitted, by


The report was accepted and adopted.

For the Committee.

On motion of Dr. Martin, of Worcester, it was

Voted, "That the next Annual Meeting of the Society be held in Boston."

The Chair appointed the following Committees:

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On Membership and Resignations.

Drs. A. A. Gould,

James Ayer, Francis Minot.

The Committee on Nominations reported the following

list of officers:

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And they were duly elected by ballot.

The same Committee reported the following nominations :

For Orator, Dr. J. MASON WARREN, Boston.

For Anniversary Chairman, Dr. H. J. BIGELOW, Boston.

For Committee of Arrangements, Drs. W. E. Coale, Ezra Palmer, W. E. Townsend, Francis Minot, of Boston; Dr. Anson Hooker, of East Cambridge.

And they were duly elected.

The Chair appointed Drs. John Homans and Charles E. Ware, of Boston, a Committee to transfer the Treasurer's books and accounts to his successor.

On motion of Dr. Jarvis, of Dorchester, it was

Voted, "That the thanks of the Society be tendered to Dr. A. A. Gould, for his long, faithful and valuable services as Treasurer."

The Chair appointed Drs. Cutter, of Woburn, Watson, of Boston, and Cotting, of Roxbury, a Committee to report what tribute, if any, the Society ought to furnish to Dr. Copland, of London, the author of the Dictionary of Practical Medicine, who is stated to be largely a loser, pecuniarily, by the publication of the American edition of his work.

At 10 o'clock the Councillors adjourned.


Recording Secretary.

Massachusetts Medical Society.



JUNE 17, 1863.

THE Annual Meeting of the Society was held in the Berkshire Medical College, Pittsfield, on Wednesday, June 17th, 1863, at 10 o'clock, A.M.

The President, Dr. JOSIAH BARTLETT, in the Chair.

The Secretary read the record of the preceding meeting, and laid before the Society the record of the Councillors for the preceding year.

The Secretary read the names of those who have become. Fellows since the last Annual Meeting, and the Fellows

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