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The Secretary stated that he had been delegated by the Suffolk District Medical Society to bring this matter before the Councillors for such action as they should see fit.

Dr. H. J. Bigelow, of Boston, offered the following Resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, "That a Committee of three be appointed by the Chair, to consider the subject of the military draft of members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, with power to consult legal counsel, and to take such further action as they may see fit.'

The Chair appointed Drs. H. J. Bigelow, A. A. Gould and J. Mason Warren, of Boston, as the Committee.

Dr. John Homans, of Boston, was appointed one of the Committee on Finance, in place of Dr. John Ware, resigned.

The meeting adjourned at 12

o'clock, P.M.

Recording Secretary.



A Stated Meeting of the Councillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society was held at the Room in Temple Place, Boston, on Wednesday, February 4th, at 11 o'clock, A.M. The President, Dr. JOSIAH BARTLETT, in the Chair.

The following Councillors were present:

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The record of the preceding meeting was read and accepted.

Drs. Gould and H. J. Bigelow, of the Committee appointed at the last meeting to consider the subject of the liability of the members of the Massachusetts Medical Society to military draft, made a verbal report of their doings.

On motion of Dr. Bowditch, the subject was again referred to the same Committee, with full powers.

Dr. Gould, of the Committee on Membership and Resignations, made the following report:

BOSTON, FEBRUARY 4th, 1863. The Committee on Membership and Resignations report, that the following Fellows, having arrived at the age of sixty, and having paid all dues, desire to become Retired Members.

Dr. John C. Hayden,
"Danforth P. Wight,


Dr. Charles W. Wilder, of Fitchburg, having relinquished practice as a physician, desires to resign fellowship.

It is recommended that these several requests be granted. In conformity with the instructions of the Council, the Committee has examined the list of Delinquents, and find a large number whose cases require special attention. They may be classified as follows:

1. Those who have not been heard from for many years, and who are believed to have left the State. These should be marked on the Catalogue as removed from the State, and their names cancelled on the ledger.

2. Those who are far advanced in age, but who have neglected to make the requisite application to become Retired Members. It is recommended that their dues be remitted, and that they be marked as Retired Members.

3. Those who are known to be in such circumstances as to render it too burdensome to pay in full. It has been usual for the Treasurer to compromise with such persons at discretion.

4. Those who are known or believed to be abundantly able to pay, but who are neglectful or contumacious.

5. Certain persons who have never paid an assessment, and this for a period of many years; or who deny membership; or who, from a fancied inability to avail themselves of the privileges of the Society, contend that there are no privileges, and from other causes refuse to pay. These persons, it is believed, are subjects for expulsion, or to have their names stricken from the list of members.

It is recommended that these cases be given in charge to a special Committee, with full powers to act in the first four categories, and, after investigation, to present those of the fifth to the Council for action.

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On motion of Dr. Flint, the report was accepted and adopted.

The Chair appointed the Committee on Finance and the Treasurer, as a special Committee to act in the matter, with full powers.

Dr. Wakefield, of Reading, in behalf of the Middlesex East District Society, offered the following amendment to the By-Laws:

"No Board of Censors shall admit to membership any individual who is a resident of another District, unless he presents a satisfactory certificate of standing, from the President, or at least two of the Censors of the District where he resides."

After discussion, Dr. Wakefield withdrew his amendment.

Dr. Cotting then offered the following Resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, "That the Censors at Large are hereby instructed not to admit into the Society any person who is a resident, or in practice, in any District except their own."

Dr. Jeffries offered the following Resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, "That the Councillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society memorialize the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, in aid of the memorial of the Boston Sanitary Association, for the establishment of a Board of Health and Vital Statistics."

Resolved, "That the President, and six others appointed by the Chair, constitute the Committee to draw the Memorial and appear before the Special Committee of the Legislature, and show cause why the prayer of the petitioners should be granted."

The Chair appointed Drs. Jarvis, J. Ware, Jeffries, Perkins and Alden, to constitute, with the President, the Committee.

The Corresponding Secretary presented his annual report, which was accepted.

On motion of Dr. Watson, it was

Voted, "That the next Annual Meeting of the Councillors be held at Pittsfield, on the evening preceding the Annual Meeting of the Society, at 7 o'clock."

The President appointed the following Committees:

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The Annual Meeting was held at the Berkshire House, Pittsfield, on Tuesday evening, June 16th, 1863, at 71 o'clock.

The President, Dr. JOSIAH BARTLETT, in the Chair.

The following Councillors were present:—

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The Secretary read the record of the preceding meeting.

Dr. Childs, of Berkshire District, welcomed the Council and Society to Pittsfield.

The Secretary read the names of the Fellows admitted, and of the Fellows deceased, during the year.

The Corresponding Secretary made a verbal report of his official doings during the year.

The Treasurer read his annual Report, and the report of the Auditing Committee, which were severally accepted and ordered to be placed on file.

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