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A Stated Meeting of the Councillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society was held on Wednesday, February 5, 1862, at 11, A.M., at No. 12 Temple Place.

The President in the Chair.

The following Councillors were present:—

[blocks in formation]

The Secretary read the records of the last meeting.

The President nominated the following Committees:

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The Chair also nominated Dr. Benjamin Cutter, of Woburn, a member of the Committee on Scientific Communications, vice Dr. Geo. Choate, resigned, and he was chosen.

The Chair stated that the following Fellows had been appointed a Committee to petition the Legislature in aid of the petition of the Boston Sanitary Association for the estab

lishment of a State Sanitary Commission, viz. :-Drs. J. C. Dalton, H. I. Bowditch, G. C. Shattuck, M. Wyman and H. G. Clark.

The Meeting dissolved.


Recording Secretary.


The Annual Meeting of the Councillors of the Massachu setts Medical Society was held in their room, No. 12 Temple Place, Boston, on Tuesday evening, May 27th, 1862, at 71 o'clock.

The following Councillors were present:-

[blocks in formation]

The President, Dr. JOHN HOMANS, in the Chair.

[In consequence of the death of the Recording Secretary, the duties of the office devolved upon the Corresponding Secretary.-By-Law XXVI.]

The records of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

The Corresponding Secretary reported that Dr. Roeser, of Athens, Greece, had accepted Honorary Membership. He also read the names of Fellows admitted and of Fellows deceased during the year.

The Treasurer read his Annual Report, and the President stated that, in the absence of the members of the Auditing Committee, he had audited the account and found it properly kept and duly vouched; whereupon the Report was accepted.

The Committee on Registration reported that the following Fellows, having passed the age of sixty years, and having paid all dues, had requested to become Retired Members, viz. :

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That Dr. Thomas M. Brewer, having retired from the practice of Medicine, desired to resign Fellowship-and that

Dr. Henry Russell, who resigned Fellowship in 1848, on leaving the State, having returned to practice in New Bedford, desires to be restored to Fellowship-and

They recommend that these several requests be granted. Voted, "That the requests be granted as recommended by the Committee."

The Treasurer read a list of those delinquent in paying assessments.

On motion, the President appointed a Committee of one from each District to nominate a list of candidates for the offices of the Society for the coming year.

[blocks in formation]

These several nominees were thereupon elected by ballot.

In response to an invitation from Drs. J. L. Miller and H. H. Childs, in behalf of the Berkshire Medical Society, it was

Voted, "That the next Annual Meeting be held in Pittsfield, on the third Wednesday of June, 1863."

The Nominating Committee were requested to nominate an Orator, Anniversary Chairman and Committee of Arrangements. They reported for Orator, Dr. Morrill Wyman, of Cambridge, and for Anniversary Chairman, Dr. Timothy Childs, of Pittsfield; and they were appointed by the Council.

Voted, "That the appointment of Committee of Arrangements be referred to the Berkshire District Medical Society, with powers."

On motion of Dr. John Jeffries, of Boston, it was

Voted, "That the Council recommend to the Society to pass the following Preamble and Resolutions:

"Whereas, a number of the members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, actuated by deep loyalty and high patriotic motives, have, in their individual capacity, voluntarily, or at official call, rendered their professional services to the military and naval forces of the Union, it is therefore

Resolved, "That the Massachusetts Medical Society hereby expresses its cordial approbation of this act of some of its members, its deep sympathy with the spirit which has sent them forth, and offers to them its sincere thanks for this expression of loyalty, of love of country, of humanity, and of medical integrity which so truly represents the feelings, the wishes, and the ardent patriotism of the Medical Profession of this Commonwealth.

Resolved, "That the Massachusetts Medical Society will, in its corporated capacity, render to the Commonwealth and to the United States of America, every aid within its power for the maintenance of the Government, the integrity of the Constitution, the establishment of the laws, and for the entire suppression of this unnecessary and iniquitous, although gigantic rebellion.”

The following was received from the Rhode Island Medical Society :

"PROVIDENCE, May 24, 1862. "At a regular meeting, Dec. 18, 1861, the following vote was unanimously passed :

Whereas, It is desirable to cultivate friendly relations with other State Medical Societies, particularly those of New England-therefore

"Resolved, That this Society do appoint, at each semiannual meeting, two delegates for each of the New England States, who shall be desired to attend the annual meetings of the Medical Societies of these States, as accredited.

"Under this Resolution, Joseph Mauran, M.D., and Sylvanus Clapp, M.D., have been appointed delegates to attend the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society, for the year 1862.



"B. LINCOLN RAY, Rec. Sec."

Voted, "That the Corresponding Secretary acknowledge the receipt of the letter, and inform the Rhode Island Society of our readiness to reciprocate; that their delegates will be warmly welcomed to the meetings of our Society, and that delegates will be appointed from the Massachusetts Society to attend the meeting in Providence.

Voted, "That the President be empowered to appoint two delegates to attend the annual meetings of each of the State Medical Societies in New England."

The President appointed Drs. Foster Hooper of Fall River, and D. H. Storer of Boston, to attend the Rhode Island Society; Drs. E. Hoyt of Framingham, and C. A. Savery of Lowell, to attend the New Hampshire Society; Drs. A. A. Gould of Boston, and B. E. Cotting of Roxbury, to attend the Vermont Society; and Drs. George H. Nichols and A. A. Gould of Boston, to attend the Maine Society.

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