C. Wiley, 1823 - 396 sider

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Side 319 - The fan-coral sweeps through the clear deep sea, And the yellow and scarlet tufts of ocean Are bending like corn on the upland lea ; And life in rare and beautiful forms Is sporting amid those bowers of stone, And is safe when the wrathful spirit of storms Has made the top of the waves his own...
Side 318 - There with its waving blade of green, The sea-flag streams through the silent water, And the crimson leaf of the dulse is seen To blush, like a banner bathed in slaughter: There with a light and easy motion, The fan-coral sweeps through the clear, deep sea: And the yellow and scarlet tufts of ocean Are bending like corn on the upland lea...
Side 191 - And mantled with its beauty; and the walls. That close the universe, with crystal, in, Are eloquent with voices, that proclaim The unseen glories of immensity, In harmonies, too perfect, and too high, For aught but beings of celestial mould, And speak to man in one eternal hymn, Unfading beauty, and unyielding power.
Side 318 - DEEP in the wave is a coral grove, Where the purple mullet, and gold-fish rove, Where the sea-flower spreads its leaves of blue, That never are wet with falling dew, But in bright and changeful beauty shine, Far down in the green and glassy brine.
Side 139 - These are thy trophies, and thou bendst thy arch, The sign of triumph, in a seven-fold twine, Where the spent storm is hasting on its march; And there the glories of thy light combine, And form with perfect curve a lifted line, Striding the earth and air; — man looks and tells How Peace and Mercy in its beauty shine, And how the heavenly messenger impels Her glad wings on the path, that thus in ether swells. The ocean is thy vassal ; thou dost sway His waves to thy dominion, and they go, Where...
Side 359 - On thy fair bosom, silver lake, The wild swan spreads his snowy sail, And round his breast the ripples break, As down he bears before the gale.
Side 140 - In thee, first light, the bounding ocean smiles, When the quick winds uprear it in a swell, That rolls in glittering green around the isles, Where ever-springing fruits and blossoms dwell.
Side 310 - His gold-hiked sword At his bright belt is hung, His mantle of silk On his shoulder is flung, And high waves the feather, That dances and plays On his cap where the buckle And rosary blaze. The maid from her lattice Looks down on the lake, To see the foam sparkle, The bright billow break, And to hear in his boat, Where he shines like a star, Her lover so tenderly Touch his Guitar.
Side 312 - There is a sweetness in woman's decay, When the light of beauty is fading away, When the bright enchantment of youth is gone, And the tint that...
Side 137 - Rich waves of gold to wreath with fairer light the fair. The vales are thine ; and when the touch of Spring Thrills them, and gives them gladness, In thy light They glitter, as the glancing swallow's wing Dashes the water in his winding flight, And leaves behind a wave, that crinkles bright, And widens outward to the pebbled shore — The...

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