Richelieu : Or, The Conspiracy. A Play in Five Acts, to which are Added, Historical Odes on the Last Days of Elizabeth, Cromwell's Dream, The Death of Nelson

Harper, 1839 - 153 sider
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Side 30 - I found France rent asunder, — The rich men despots, and the poor banditti; — Sloth in the mart, and schism within the temple; Brawls festering to Rebellion; and weak Laws Rotting away with rust in antique sheaths. — I have re-created France; and, from the ashes Of the old feudal and decrepit carcase, Civilization on her luminous wings Soars, phoenix-like, to Jove!
Side 148 - with a feeling that I should never rise in my profession. My mind was staggered with a view of the difficulties I had to surmount, and the little interest I possessed. I could discover no means of reaching the object of my ambition. After a long and gloomy reverie, in which I almost wished myself overboard, a sudden glow of patriotism was kindled within me, and presented my king and country as my patron.
Side 131 - Few words she uttered; and they were all expressive of some inward grief which she cared not to reveal: but sighs and groans were the chief vent which she gave to her despondency, and which, though they discovered her sorrows, were never able to ease or assuage them.
Side 150 - A long swell was setting into the bay of Cadiz ; our ships, crowding all sail, moved majestically before it, with light winds from the south-west. The sun shone on the sails of the enemy ; and their well-formed line, with their numerous three-deckers, made an appearance which any other assailants would have thought formidable ; but the...
Side 103 - Ay, is it so ? — Then wakes the power which in the age of iron Burst forth to curb the great, and raise the low. Mark where she stands!— around her form I draw The awful circle of our solemn Church...
Side 65 - And yet the Nile is fretted. by the weeds Its rising roots not up ; but never yet Did one least barrier by a ripple vex My onward tide, unswept in sport away. Am I so ruthless, then, that I do hate Them who hate trie ? Tush, tush ! I do not hate ; Nay, I forgive.
Side 55 - In the lexicon of youth, which Fate reserves For a bright manhood, there is no such word As — fail ! — (You will instruct him further, Mnrion) Follow her — but at distance; — speak not to her, Till you are housed.
Side 134 - I am not well," and then discoursed with me of her indisposition, and that her heart had been sad and heavy for ten or twelve days, and in her discourse she fetched not so few as forty or fifty great sighs. I was grieved at the first to see her in this plight ; for in all my lifetime before I never knew her fetch a sigh, but when the Queen of Scots was beheaded.

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