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1897 - 71 sider

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Side 45 - A. MEMOIR OF SEBASTIAN CABOT, with a Review of the History of Maritime Discovery...
Side 41 - The History of Trauayle in the West and East Indies, and other countreys lying eyther way, towardes the fruitfull and ryche Molluccaes. As Moscouia, Persia, Arabia, Syria, Aegypte, Ethiopia, Guinea, China in Cathayo, and Giapan: With a discourse of the Northwest passage.
Side 62 - Remarkable Life and Discoveries of Sebastian Cabot, of Bristol, the Founder of Great Britain's Maritime Power, Discoverer of America and its First Colonizer. By JF Nicholls. City Librarian, Bristol. Square crown 8vo.
Side 68 - Historical View of the Progress of Discovery on the more Northern Coasts of America, from the earliest period to the present time.
Side 43 - I HAVE formed the design of writing a History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent to the present time.
Side 24 - Divers voyages touching the discouerie of America, and the Hands adiacent vnto the same, made first of all by our Englishmen, and afterward by the Frenchmen and Britons : And certaine notes of aduertisements for obseruations, necessarie for such as shall heereafter make the like attempt.
Side 12 - Ordinances, Instructions, and Advertisements of, and for the direction of the intended voyage for Cathay, compiled, made, and delivered by the right worshipful M. Sebastian Cabota, Esq.
Side 21 - GALVANO, Gouernour of Ternate, the chiefe Island of the Malucos : Corrected, quoted, and now published in English by Richard Hakluyt, sometimes student of Christchurch in Oxford. LONDINI, Impensis G. Bishop . 1601 . Sm.
Side 53 - ... with an essay on the early cartography of the New world, including descriptions of two hundred and fifty maps or globes existing or lost, constructed before the year 1536; to which are added a chronology of one hundred voyages westward, projected, attempted, or accomplished between 1431 and 1504; biographical accounts of the three hundred pilots who first crossed the Atlantic; and a copious list of the original names of American regions, caciqueships, mountains, islands, capes, gulfs, rivers,...
Side 42 - Issued for 1861. . 27. —HENRY HUDSON THE NAVIGATOR. The Original Documents in which his career is recorded. Collected, partly Translated, and Annotated, with an Introduction by George Asher, IJL.D. Jssuedfor 1861. 28. — THE EXPEDITION OF URSUA AND AGUIRRE, In search of El Dorado and Omagua, AD 1560-61. Translated from the " Sexta Noticia Historialo

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