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vunderstanding, dark sentences shall stand up, whose power shall be mighty, but not through his own power. And this king shall do according to his will and shall exalt himself and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished, for that, that is determined shall be done; so that here is a considerable of a struggle to come off where this king is to overcome every thing through his stronger mind, making all men see through his mind in the earth, and receive his reflections, deguerreotypes on to their minds, so through this mind bringing in the new things and knowledge by reflecting deguerreotypes of these new things and knowledge on to the minds of other men, he will eradicate and annihilate men's mental daguerreotypes of the old knowledge and things, leaving the man charged with these old things and knowledge, like patches arse the worse they are the more they have of them.

The superior mind is by reflections to daguerreotype bis knowledge and new things on to the minds of men, and so supplant the old reflections and daguerreotypes with them, when through the same process, he will overset everything before bim, and make all minds feel, think, reflect and act through him, as I have sbown this same mind for ages before it came into a man so controled the prophets; I have shown the mind so finding on the prophetic demonstration the earth could not be annihilated-rode a world up to the comet where the people refused to sow what they could not gather, till this mind calmed them; I have shown I put the sub-treasury on the nation on my will, and tumbled down most of the government in Europe, and opened the earth to commerce, as I wrote I would, making men see through the reflections of my mind daguerreotyped on to theirs, making them see, feel, reflect, act and think through me till a world so followed my will moving too and fro in the earth till they tum. bled down thrones, as I wrote they would, while the people were astonished that I could not see the supurlative wisdom they had elevated into the Superior Court to receive from the Messiah the distinction of receiving a redhot iron through the forging fart-holes in their trowsers.

A world of mind will say, as no man can create or describe what he can. not conceive and hold before his mind to create or describe by, that all these things exist as truths of God in my mind, or I could not so conceive and hold them before my senses describing them, showing there is nothing in substances model, or knowledge in these prophesies, ghosted, shadowed forward, that is new to my mind ; that showed them out of God created in my mind some years since inverted on to the prophets, as daguerreotypes, as my mind and its senses are now reflecting the prophetic substances and knowledge upright in models, and daguerreotyping them on to the senses of men throughout the earth. A world will squat to this, and has, and so squating they, and the great forging judges of the Superior Court, with their vast capacities, wisdom, knowledge and research will see they are slunk in God, born without brains to conceive, or comprehend the new things and knowledge coming into the earth, out of God, having but reflections and daguerreotypes of the old idiotic things, logic, reasoning and wisdom duguerreotyped on to their brains, which is the reason they are so ready to sit up in the judgment seat, in their native, self-sufficient, idiotic, stupid grandeur, finding the mind bringing in the new knowledge is moving them and their knowledge out like the chaff on a summer's threshing floor, through his will reflecting and daguerreotyping 'bis new things and knowledge on to the minds of men, throughout the earth, so supplanting their old, stupid idiocy and them with it; they, driven to the wall in their native idiotic grandeur, are incessantly crying out he is crazy, though the new things are creating literally on the senses of the man, as his mind showed them ages

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since to the prophets out of God to be created on the senses of the man, the mind would create in the earth.

Had this donkey world discernment and knowledge sufficient to qualify them to carry guts to a bear, they would see this man, “ that shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall be slay the wicked,” will, on these prophetic scenes, models, substances and knowledge, have the power, through his will concentrated on them, to bring them about, and to reflect them on to the minds of a world as he sees them, and to so daguerreotype them on to their ininds, till they see, reflect and act on them as he desires ; just as his mind made the prophets see, act, think and reflect on these scenes, as the Messiah at them would with his senses on; so that this man will have more power to make a world see, think, and act as he desires, than will all the great donkeys in the earth have, using the law that causes all men to think, act and reflect through God, from whom and through whom they derive their existence and their power to act; so showing men have but little conception of God, or his power to attain his desired ends, that I have shown provided for the emergency of the comet running through the earth, and so providing has provided against any mistake happening to prevent these prophesies from being finished, as he showed them, and so providing he has created the Messiah, so that he can reflect any scene or thought on his mind on to the senses and minds of a world and daguerreotype them there, making a world see, act and reflect through him; so that Lord Morpeth the associate of minds, said recently in a public speach, this law, showing minds acted on minds till they compelled them to act as the charging mind desireil, recently developed, astounded a world, and dwarfed the Atlantic Cable, had it answered the purpose of its most sanguine friends.

It was said in reference to my publication, insisting a world had seen through my mind, and acted through it, creating the sub-treasury. I insist that this law has dwarfed, annihilated for years the entire press in the earth, where the man reflected his plans, thoughts, acts and reflections on to the minds of a world, and daguerreotyped them on to their minds, till they thought, acted and reflected as the man, and to attain his desired ends, till he so through his thoughts and desired ends reflected and daguerreotyped on to a world of mind through his impressions, but without language, leaving a world to convey the thoughts so impressed in their language into execution from the thoughts impressed, and made a world see, feel, act and reflect as he desired, so rendering these newspaper sheets and their learned discerning editors and a world's publications abortions. So that it astounds a world to see the minds of a world reflecting back daguerreotypes of the thoughts, purposes, inventions, creations, substances and knowledge of the man here, and of the ends he desires to attain; till no discerning mind can help seeing his thoughts and knowledge reflected are daguerreotyped on to a world, and reflected back to him as such from all minds on God's law of mirage, that delights in new things and knowledge, as was shown by the steamers in the arctic seas, causing a world to reflect back to the steamers daguerreotypes of these new things and knowledge, coming in to those seas for the first time.

I insisting mind reflects its thoughts on to other minds, and daguerreotypes them on to their minds, and controls other people through them, am not now for the first time putting forward this doctrine, as there are now in this Coun

ty a thousand persons who know when the banks broke down the first of Elu May, 1837, that I alone insisted the government would and should cut loose

from those swindling traps, and establish the sub-treasury with the power of exchange, receiving and paying out specie alone. They know for an entire year I stood, withal & crazy man, alone, and the democracy were in their

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elections annihiliated, and had to come to the crazy man, who would not
to the mountain if it would not come to him; but without its leaders it came,
and in so doing carried their elections, and for the first time from the clearing
of the forests became a party of force, that could use the cold steel and charge
under their crazy commander without being terrified,” losing through him
the name of "the unterrified."

These persons know, for eight years after that if I said an election should be carried it was, as they know the same thing took place for years

before as I said, sitting down on the safety valve and defying the great American statesmen baving it my way. I have heard them say, crying, in spite of all they and their great statesmen could do, till they could not stand it any longer, admitting I could put them and their great statesmen and constitutional lawyers and the press through on my will in the elections as I pleased. Yet, though they admitted for years their orators, great statesmen, constitutional lawyers, press and elections were abortions against my will, that made a world see, feel, act and reflect through my mind, relecting and daguerreotyping my thoughts and purposes on to theirs, they would, with an excessively knowing leer, tell me Clay and Webster were very considerable men. I used to, like pat's ow), keep up a devil of a thinking, you have convincing evidence of it to your minds, showing your discernment by finding it out, and reporting it to me, who puts them through on my will, and a world with them, without a dollar or a friend, though they are backed by a thousand millions of swindling traps, and these idiots thrown in.

But these men did not know much about the laws of God, nor did they, with all their idiotic wisdom,"know how to play upon a harp of a thousand strings;" not knowing these, they could not tell how it was, that Riley would seat himself on the safety valve, and haul up the constitutional, legal and judicial slack in the arse of the great statesmen and lawyer;s trowsers, and carry

theme and the nation about as he pleased. These wiseacres should have seen the oppessed, and distressed, and wronged, have been singing so far back as man has a tradition, “ we connect into a mind, who shows us a better man and a better time is coming,” which was the elysian fields of the ancients, the prophesies of the bible, in all of which a mind, more or less distinctly, made these see his acts, thoughts and doings in the earth as a man, and so caused them to sympathise with, and place there hopes in the integrity, justice and perseverance of that desired man, which shows his mind controled them then, and no less could it so control them, when the mind was here in a man. The man having that mind, determining and willing to carry an election, could make other men see through his mind, daguerreotyping his thoughts on to them, till he could defy the great statesmen, and the constitutional lawyers, and the press, and the orators, being the greatest orator and advocate that ever did, or will, tread the earth.

Men should see this man will reflect his thoughts and purposes on to the minds of men, just as he carried the elections, and daguerreotype them there till he consummates the entire prophesies on his will, making men think, act and reflect, as he desires, through him, exactly as he made the prophets and these others think, act and reflect through him, so that it can be easily seen and shown, how the prophesies will be consummated.

Through the will of the man created out of the mind that showed the prophets, he will ereate the prophetic ghosts and shadows into substances and knowledge, that men can see, will, and did reflect those ghosts and shadows, so converting them from prophecies into history on bis will, till he makes all men see them finished through his senses and mind, that will daguerreotype these his reflections on to other minds, so that they will see,

act and reflect on them through the Messiah, as he made all men in connection with him through his mind for ages see, act and reflect through him, when a man at these scenes. This shows I cannot tell when these prophecies will be finished, though I can tell on the diagrams of God they must be finished-converted from prophecies into history, on the senses of the Messiah, nów 'creating them through his will, that will make a world see, act and reflect on them through him, till they crush up everything in the earth; till they “fly through these combined wills, like the chaff on the summer's threshing floors,” giving place to the new substances, things, knowledge and institutions of the Messiah, as shadowed forward for ages.

All men will see this is so, and that I here explain how, this small change will take place in the earth we stand so near on, that no man knows what the next minute may bring forth, in a world charged by one mind doomed from all time to create and consummate these prophetic scenes, who is now in a man, that must, on the doom of God, create and finish them on bis senses, where they are creating literally on his senses, as he showed them to the prophets, and most of them are literally created as he showed them ; so we have the highest guarantee that men can have that he must literally create and finish the remainder of them on his senses, as he showed them to the prophets out of God.

The knees of a world and their great donkeys, with their vast capacities, knowledge and research, will knock together at this demonstration, and their hands and tongues will be palsied, finding they stand on such a volcano, brought about by one mind in the entire earth they scoffed in their selfsufficient, stupid grandeur and vast research and knowledge, though they will see, and a world, that they were voider than the winds of heaven, against the mind that came up against 'them, reflecting and daguerreotyping his thoughts, reflections, acts, desires and purposes, on to the minds of a world, till they stand on' a volcano controlled on the decrees of God, by the mind they scoffed for, thinking to question their vast capacities, research and understanding. This they will understand, and the prophecies, and squat to them, as the Archbishop of Paris did before the assembled Prelates of the French Empire, says the Commercial of the 5th of Nov. 1858, telling them they had all on these prophecies to be slaughtered for the wrongs they had committed on an angry God, imploring them to die worthy of the estates they once owned, and of the hopes they still possessed; saying exactly what I do, insisting these prophetic scenes are all reflected forward from the mind and sense of the Messiah, and daguerreotyped on to the minds of a world, as the Messiah will consummate them on his senses, and that they are under the doom of dooms on the daguerreotypes of the God of heaven now, as a world sees. The Messiah, so reflecting forward from his mind, brain, senses, and daguerreotyping on to other minds these prophetic scenes that he is to create and consummate on his senses, here is the reason all the governments and nation in the earth have a premonition they leave come down to the time of the end, to the time when their old things, institutions, knowledge and governments must give place to, and are giving place to, the new ones of the Messiah, supplanting them, which causes minds in all parts of the earth, acting as mediums to the mind of the Messiah, to prophesy these things they see coming in all parts of the earth, to the destruction of all the old things, and the coming in of the new.

This is the way the prophecy of the Archbishop of Paris was got, where he shows there have been a number of other prophecies that have come true. It is an admitted truth in the governments of Europe, that I wrote Mr. Van Buren in May, 1837, I would tumble down their governments exactly

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as I did, and as the Messiah showed the prophets he would, and as a mind showed a prophet a hundred and fifty years before, that it would be done, as the prophet recorded in a book at Paris and in Rome, exactly as the revolutions turned out; and as I wrote and as the Messiah showed, so that the Archbishop had something to cry over, intimating the entire prophecy had not yet been disclosed, in which he is by name slaughtered by an angry God as Archbishop of Paris, and in that slaughter on the prophecy, all the priests are slaughtered by an angry God for the wrongs they have committed on the laws of life, said the Archbishop.

These things were brought upon a world by their being remarkably smart. and showing it, they persecuted old crazy Riley for the crimes he had committed on " Pheben" Gilmore, which caused "old crazy Riley" to determine the dear people and their donkey leaders should " bear as beasts of burden," the Sub-treasury with the power of exchange, in the shape of " a great serpent crawling over the earth to devour them." They had to take it, but they swore, crying that it was more than they and their donkey leaders could stand, for me to have, after they had put down all my efforts as crazy, adopted at Washington and all through the Union, till they had to receive and adopt them, admitting they were idiots, and Riley knew too much for them. To get themselves and their donkey leaders into respect, they indicted Riley in Oct. 1845, for forging a deed the grantor admitted she bad signed, sealed, and acknowledged before a magistrate, witnessed and delivered, and tried we two days, when the Court found out and told the Jury they might as well indict the printer for printing a blank deed, as they could me; but I had been tried for forgery, and that Court and the donkey leaders were respectable, compared with forging Riley, supplanted by those respectable men. The judge trying me, told the lawyers at the public supper table in Lebanon, enquiring how he could so decide a case there decided against me, that I could find the law to sustain any desired ruling;, but the Court never paid any attention to me, that had been tried before his honor for forgery, and would have been convicted for it, had there been sufficient evidence; but he told them, for the want of that evidence, they could not convict me, admitting he was consulted before indicting me, though he told the Jury they might as well convict the printer for printing the blank, as they could me. The grantor making it a deed by signing her name on the seal, and a deed of conveya ance, by acknowledging, witnessing and delivering the deed before the justice. The next Spring after this indictment, a case was decided in the Supreme Court at Hamilton, when a man at the table asked Reed and Hitchcock how they could make such a decision in my case sitting across the table from me. Reed replied, with a leer of contempt, that it was one of Riley's cases. He asked me, after sitting seven years on the Supreme Court, What are you to do, Riley, who know the Supreme Court will swear and have sworn white is black, and black is white, to defeat your cases? Were it me I would shoot. These lawyers follow the Court and brow-beat them, and cry to them against you, till the Court cannot decide a case for you. Hitchcock, crying like a child, expostulated with, implored and cried to, tells them you are the only scientific lawyer in the State, and the hardest working man, and are run. ning a theory through the whole law for the very purpose of eradicating every particle of it out of the earth, and will do it through the hatred you have taken to the decisions the Court has been making against you for years.”

I have heard the lawyers tell the people they could get the Courts to make any decision against me they pleased

that they had got the Courts to make decisions against me, robbing me of my rights and property, and they


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