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minds, where theirrecords show two hundred ages of their apes have not had, an idea pass through their minds above their imitations of apes, having no more power to reason during all that time from effect to cause, or things... Neither have they during all that time been able to see that in every direction the facts, stared them in the face, that a mind in coming time anchored all men in connection with his mind into the earth through his senses, so that these men, so connecting into his mind, would come into life again through him, and feel, think, act and reflect with him at the scenes in the earth, showing a mind is in senses in the earth that has reflected its ideas, inventions, substances and knowledge as daguerreotypes on minds so far from his senses, that it dwarfs beyond annihilation the great men, minds and judges the people, bring in and tell him to stand back to these apes, where I will bring in the highest demonstration ever was or will be in the earth, showing it is the Messiah they order, to stand back before these great men, and that God must be sundered, the Messiah, the man speaking out of God through the prophets, recording under his mesmeris impressions, making him the God of the prophets, and the author of the Bible ; and all the God men ever did or can have any conception or knowledge of, or that they ever had or this man now in sonses in the earth must create every prophetic scene and all the prophetic knowledge converting them from prophecies on his senses into history, and ending them as prophecies, as he showed the prophets he would on his senses in the earth, where I have shown no man can invent or create anything unless a model of that thing is created by God in his mind, so that he can draw that model out of his mind'on to his senses, and hold it there till he creates it into substances and knowledge, ghosts and shadows of which substances and knowledge a mind has been reflecting forward out of God for ages, and showing the prophe. ets he would create them on the senses, as they now appear before us, so that we may take it for granted that mind is creating them literally on his senses, and must continue on creating them till he finishes on his senses every propbetic scene, or the policy on his life out of the oflice of the God of leaven, as recorded in these prophecies, must be sundered, and with it God created into the man, as he has for ages shown.

As no one man can invent or create a new thing unless God has in his mind created a model of that new thing he is going to create, which he can draw forward out of his mind on to his senses, and hold that model on his senses till he converts it into a substance of the new thing, it follows that no man describe any new thing, substance, idea or knowledge unless he have in his mind a model idea conception of these new things, which he can draw forward out of nis mind on to his senses and conceive and describe, showing all the new prophetic things, substances, scenes and knowledge I have described exist as models in my mind, that I draw forward out of my mind and conceive and describe them, so conceived on my senses, so that models of all of these are created by God in my mind, or I could not draw them out of my mind and describe them on my senses, demonstrating all these models, facts, ideas, substances and knowledge exist as truths and stubborn facts in God now, or he would not have created my mind and brain, containing models of them, so that I could conceive and describe them, had they not existed as admitted truth in him; neither can be permit man to describe a thing, substance, truth, that might exist, when its truth could not exist, as there could not be a description written of a thing that could not exist as a created substance in God; as when it was conceived and described, there would be nothing left but to create the substance of that description, I so demonstrating my descriptions may exist as created substances in God.

As none can conceive, invent and create, but the one that can draw a.


model of the thing to be created on to their senses out of their minds, and hold it there to conceive and create by, it follows that no mind can conceive, describe, invent or create the prophetic scenos now things and knowledge but the man created out of the mind reflecing them, as none other can have any conception or understanding of them while they will be part of him, so that he acting and describing and creating by instinct will ever be endeavoring to create them.

That the prophecies are the substances and the knowledge of the man created out of the mind reflecting them, and that he will understand them as part of himself, and act on them by instinct, is shown by that no other person over conceived the prophecies to be ghosts and shadows of substances and knowledge a mind showed it would as a man create on his senses in the earth, and no other person but that man could so conceive and understand them; as they were mine to create into substances and knowledge, and no other had any conception of them, so assigned to me by God for my creation.

I am the first man who ever wrote the living prophets, and the living man were in connection till the living secretions and thoughts were passing from the one to the other, so that the prophets were but the living man's biogra. phers and historians recording them in advance, as the man now recording from the inner recesses of his mind would record them, though thousands of years had intervened between these men so in connexion standing in life. No man but the one who knew that was true from his own sensations, could have written it.

The Revelations xiii. 15, says the Messiah showed the prophet he would teach the Messiah was created out of the prophetic ghost, shadow that existed from all time, the same as the Messiah will exist, on his senses in the earth, and so the prophets could connect into that ghost, shadow then exist-, ing as a man in God, and have the same sensations out of him, the man would have created out of the ghost in the earth, on his senses. So that the Messiah and his thoughts, scenes, acts, reflections, purposes, creations and knowledge have existed in God for ages, to men in connection with him through his mind, as the scenes, thoughts, acts, reflections, inventions, creations and knowledge exist to his senses at them now in the earth---so that the prophets then lived with and were the Messiah at these earthly scenes, as the Messiah now at the scenes is the prophets. " Jordan is a hard road to travel," but the Messiah played on a harp of a thousand strings, bringing the living men to him, and making them on that scene, though the men were dead and rotten in the earth thousands of years before the Messiah created on his senses, the scene, the prophets, in connection with him through his mind, would be the Messiah, at that scene. Or the Messiah went forward to the prophets, through his mind the prophet had connected into and converted the prophet into the Messiah, thousands of years before the Messiah would reach and create that prophetic scene on his senses in the earth. Mahomet concluded as, the mountain would not come to him, to go to the mountain ; so I will leave it to the aping people and their donkey ape leaders, to ascertaiu whether the Messiah went to the prophets, or the prophets went to the Messiah. “ Jordan is a hard road to travel," but the Messiah played on a harp of a thousand strings, though he was astonished to see the forging wisdom the judges of the Superior Court poured out of their functions for the want of having the legal, constitutional and judicial slack hauled up in the arse of their trousers, conceiving they and their satellites owned every: thing here, and all minds were to receive their skithering wisdom as daguerreotypes from their minds, and reflect them back to those judicial appointed luminaries. But I am the first man that disclosed this law in God, that Lord

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Morpeth said, in his recent Plymouth speech, England, astounded the youngest, showing mind operates upon mind through sympathy, throughout the earth ; as I am the man who showed that minds reflected forward, and impressed on other minds, models and substances of the uncreated wisdom and knowledge of God as daguerreotypes, the reflecting mind operating on the minds receiving the impression, as the mirror does to reflect a shadow of the substance before it, and as the battery transmits the news along the wire..

I have shown no mind could even show this law, did it not exist as a ty to the mind showing it. This law so disclosed, shows that a great many men have been, and are pouring the wisdom out of the functions in the arse of their trowsers, whose knowledge is dwarfed, slunk in God, being born without brains above the imitative, idiotic powers of monkeys. Yet they are astonished to find all men have not received as deguerreotypes, the idiotic wisdom they have skithered out of the functions in the arse of their trowsers, though God has been showing men through a mind showing it would concentrate itself into and create a man—that he would through that man annihilate all their idiotic wisdom and knowledge, supplanting them with the new things and knowledge shown in the mind he was going to create into a man, to create these new things and knowledge.

Here are most of the new things and knowledge staring us in the face, created by that man literally as his mind showed them to be created by him out of God ages since, and so many of them that their old wisdom and knowledge is not worth a rat's dinner to the laws of life compared with the new created things and knowledge ; still these old idiots are astonished, that any one should question their wisdom, where they should see, on the decrees of God, they and all their wisdom and knowledge must move out of the earth, on the life of the man creating these new things and knowledge, or the policy out of the office of the God of Heaven on his life as underwritten in these prophesies, concentrating the earth in one empire, and locating bis palace between the seas, at the isthmus where I have seen it, must be sundered, as these prophesies were all reflected forward by one mind, and are an unit on the senses of that one mind created into a man, who must, on creating one of them, create themall, or God will be sundered on the Messiah failing to carry out the decrees of God, from all time, as shown and recorded in these prophesies, where I will show he has written years since he would, using the prophetic means the Messiah showed all the prophets he would use, attain all the prophetic ends the Mes. siah showed the prophets he would attain, and for the very same purpose the Messiah showed he would attain them, on his senses in the earth.

Every one of them were attaine he man wrote he would, and through the means and as the Messiah showed, being the leading signs with the religionists that were to evidence the presence of the Messiah in the earth on his senses, as a world knows) that a man wrote he would, using the prophetic means, attain every leading sign that was to evidence the presence of the Messiah in the earth on his senses; yet not a religionist, finding this so, who were incessantly praying the Messiah to come, “ever say turkey to him,” while they all say they are in the fulness of time, the time of the end, the time when the Messiah creates, on his senses, into substances and knowledge, that men can conceive and understand these prophetic ghosts, types and shadows reflected out of God that men never were to conceive or understand, till he so created them, converting them from prophesies into history, and ending them as prophesies. This time they all admit has come down upon them "like a thousand of bricks,” which causes them to see there is no escape for them but to be submerged in the blood of Jesus, who has been dead so long that his blood has gone through so many evaporations in God, who never committed so cruel or so silly an act as to


send his son down here'ages since to have him murdered by men, that they might through his inocent blood make attonement to God for their sins, and for all the unborn generations of men.

The history of all time never devised so silly or so cruel a fable, or one so fraught with iniquity, being devised by men whose minds were filled with more iniquity than has ever been attributed to the Devil in hell, while it makes God an old stupid donkey, that men headed as they pleased, attoning for all the wrongs they had committed against him, or that they could commit against God, for all generations of them to be born, by murdering his own son. Did men ever make another such atonement, or' for such another consideration ? and how could such a god control here for an instant, where we see everything in God is order, till there is not a mistake about it, as we saw when the comet come rushing upon us on a demonstration made for ages, driving it through the earth on a named year, month, day and hour, and it come up and passed us at that time, yet seen rushing at us three months before it passed no man dare risk his reputation on a demonstration contradicting the one driving it through the earth, still the entire minds, in the earth rode calmly up to this apparent annihilation. The master mind reflecting on to and inpressing all other minds in the earth with God is order, and the earth will not be annihilared, though till that mind calmed itself, whole provinces would not sow what they never could gather. This mind thought the prophesies are consummating on the senses of a man in life, and there can be no prophetic scene reflected forward after the man created out of the mind reflecting them ceases to have senses to create and reflect them, any more than there can be news transmitted out of a telegraphic office after it has been annihilated ; and all the prophetic scenes cannot be created and consummated on that man's senses till after the comet passes us, so that the earth' must give way to the comet, and the comet to the earth, and each continue on repelling each other through their atmospheres, till each floating in space, as the balloon floats bounded round by the will desire of God, give way and continue on till the comet finds its space to float in among these worlds, God has sustaining each other on their atmospheres, bounded in through his desire will sustaining them, so annihilating the Newtonian theory and all the knowledge of the world absorbed into it, on this God of order, and demonstrating my theory of the prophesies is correct, as it shows God is far seeing, and as it should show he is hard to beat, though we have such learned astronomers and mathematicians, Christians who headed him by the murder of his son, that it makes the people open their mouths and stare at their vast capacities and research founded in stolid stupidity. It shows the men, who devised the fable of men's murdering the son of this God, and through that murder made attonement for all the wrongs they had committed on this God, and for the wrongs all the unborn generations of them could commit, had not a distinct conception of this God, or they would not have conceived this story, so stultifying him, where I have shown him to be so accurate and so foreseeing, as is again shown by the accuracy with which the prophesies are creating, as shown by God some years since by a mind, as he was going to create them in the senses of a man, and as they are now creating

This entire fable was got up to substitute Christ for the Messiah, and to carry it out they had to kill God's elect, the man to be created out of the mind of God, and having in him that mind so heading God, as the stupid donkeys headed themselves, when they invented this fable stating they had murdered God's son, and through it had made attonement for all the wrongs they had committed on God, and for all the wrongs all after unborn ages of them could 'commit.on him. The Yankees used to tell of a remarkably adroit man the • Indians came after, coming upon him splitting rails, when he agreed to go

with them as soon as he split the log his wedges were in, and to expedite this he requested them to put their hands into the split and draw the pieces apart which they doing, he drove the wedges out of the split, and the log come together and held all the Indians by their hands, so trapping them all; but his adroitness is dwarfed compared with the trap the people got God into in this fabled murder of his son. They have already got so much through this fabled tenure from God, that they ought to be ashamed to enforce it farther, obtained through so gross a fraud and wicked murder. Were it not that I am riding down on the highest demonstration man ever produced, showing ages of the people know nothing, but to imitate each other as apes, all having minds that were but reflections and daguerreotypes of other equally stupid minds, and that all their accumulated knowledge and wisdom for ages were to so remain till they were supplanted by the new knowledge, as the mind of the Messiah showed that he would do it on his senses in the earth. This stupid fable could not have been credited for so many ages, and have resisted the many minds that tried to overset it, had it not been a daguerreotype for ages from the stupid minds that created it, and retained as such by the stupid minds it was reflected on to, where all minds were doomed to remain on that daguerreotype, and reflections of the minds of that age, till the man created out of the mind of the Deity brought in the new knowledge and things.

It is amusing to see and hear these doomed, brazen faced idiots tell of the great research, vast capacities, and knowledge of their doomed idiots, that have all been supplanted by the new things and knowledge of one man, that a world says we cannot reason against him an instant, or sustain any of our revered knowledge, religion, learning or institutions against him, who never attacks one of them till he holds in the other hand a better thing to supplant them with, which that proud man has no veneration for. Age, and those other things which awe all other men, find no respect or sympathy in that proud man, who will receive no man's theory or opinion till he has tested it, and found it right for himself.

While, says Europe, that man is so proud that from he has put his foot on the earth, no man can show where he admitted there was anything impossible for bim to do ; he is not like Archimedes who could raise the world if he could find a prop to rest his lever on; feeling this want of the prop would be an admission by him there were things he could not do, who has never yet presented his lever without bringing the prop along to rest it on, and he never has taken bis leverage without bringing about the result he predicted, making every institution and structure of society revered for ages, give way to his will, who seems determined to tumble down all these old things and knowledge, and to supplant them with his new created things and knowledge.

It never enters into the noddles of a world, that the man annihilating these old things, wisdom, and knowledge, and supplanting them with his new, has all the people, and respectibility "prospering and practising" with their old things, concentrated against the man annihilating them, and their learning, research, institutions, knowledge and respectibility out of the earth, till their fall on the decrees of God will be greater through the Messiah, than the fall of Babylon, as there will be no further use for them and their vast research, wis

n, knowledge, understanding and institutions with the Messiah, who will supplant them all on the decrees of God as shown in the prophesies with his new and better things, which they know and are struggling for life to here hold themselves in against the will of the God of Heaven, where they admit the time has come to its full, on the prophesies, for this change," so admitting the transgressors have come to the full, when a king of fierce countenance and

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