The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation: How to Achieve Your Money Goals Sooner and Safer in Good Times and Bad

John Girouard, 11. jan. 2007 - 185 sider
This back-to-basics guide by investment guru John E. Girouard reveals how investment industry sales people give shoddy advice and sell poorly-designed investment "products" aimed at enriching themselves and their firms at customers' expense. "The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation is not a recipe for getting rich, but an honest look at the common mistakes many make in thier financial lives, and how readers can unlock the natural money-growing opportunities that those selling investment "products" never talk about. Girouard explains how income is often taxed multiple times, how financial choices can minimize those taxes, and how those saved dollars can add up and grow wealth. Girouard shows how simple, common sense choices can help readers reach their money goals sooner and safer, in good times and bad.

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Wealth Creation Boot CampSetting Goals and Strategies
Stocks and Stats Myth vs Reality
The Good Bad and Ugly of Real Estate
Making Good Mortgage Choices
Unlocking Hidden Wealth in Real Estate
The Mortgage vs Insurance MatchUp
Mortgage Types and How to Use Them
All Insurance Is Not Created Equal
A Brief Guide to Life Insurance
The Life Insurance Purchase You Never See
Taxes Are an AfterTax Payment
Discipline SingleDecision Solutions

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John E. Girouard has been President and CEO of CAPITAL Asset Management Group, based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, since 1984 and is the founder of the Institute for Financial Independence, which offers educational programs and other resources to individuals and corporations about financial goal-setting, planning, and investment. He is a frequent speaker at industry and association meetings, and conducts classes at financial learning centers in Maryland and Delaware. He has earned numerous industry awards and certifications. He earned his BA in Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park and has been a member of the Board of the school's College Park Foundation. He has also been active with the National Children's Center, Inc., a Washington, DC-based nonprofit providing services and opportunities to people with developmental disabilities.

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