Modern Critical Theory and Classical Literature

Irene J. F. De Jong, J. John Patrick Sullivan
BRILL, 1994 - 292 sider
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In recent decades the study of literature in Europe and the Americas has been profoundly influenced by modern critical theory in its various forms, whether Structuralism or Deconstructionism, Hermeneutics, Reader-Response Theory or Rezeptionsasthetik, Semiotics or Narratology, Marxist, feminist, neo-historical, psychoanalytical or other perspectives. Whilst the value and validity of such approaches to literature is still a matter of some dispute, not least among classical scholars, they have had a substantial impact on the study both of classical literatures and of the mentalite of Greece and Rome.
In an attempt to clarify issues in the debate, the eleven contributors to this volume were asked to produce a representative collection of essays to illustrate the applicability of some of the new approaches to Greek and Latin authors or literary forms and problems.
The scope of the volume was deliberately limited to literary investigation, broadly construed, of Greek and Roman authors. Broader areas of the history and culture of the ancient world impinge in the essays, but are not their central focus.
The volume also contains a separate bibliography, offering for the first time a complete bibliography of classical studies which incorporate modern critical theory.

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Hidden Thoughts in the Odyssey
The Failure of Exemplarity
a Psychoanalytic Study
Sophokles into Opera
Simonides Ode to Scopas in Contexts
Intertextuality and Theocritus 13
Speech Act Theory and the Plays of Plautus
Postmodernism Romantic Irony and Classical Closure
General Bibliography

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Om forfatteren (1994)

Irene de Jong holds a senior research fellowship of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in the Classics Department of the University of Amsterdam. J.P. Sullivan was Professor of Classics at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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